The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: The Nene Is Back!

Following her huge popularity on the 1st season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, fan favorite Nene Leakes saw her popularity take a huge hit when she showed her true colors on the second season. However with her marriage on the rocks in addition to the backlash she received last year, Nene seemed a bit more humbled when the 3rd season of the RHOA began. Fans, I included, started to like Nene again. But I must say after last night’s episode and watching her on WWHL, I am no longer Team Nene but more on this later.

On to the recap. The 11th episode this season begins with Sheree Whitfield paying her hair stylist/BFF Lawrence a visit at the hair salon he works at. We find out Lawrence stayed late to service Sheree’s two toned weave, well because Sheree made certain to let us know. “I am Lawrence’s best and favorite client so I certainly expect him to stay after hours just for me,” she said. The topic of Kim’s lesbian lover DJ Tracy Young is brought up and Lawrence makes a joke as he wonders if Kim’s kids call her “Daddy.” How dare Lawrence make such an inappropriate funny politically incorrect joke? As I hold my head down in shame from laughing, Sheree receives a phone call and learns she has been accepted into the People Store talent agency. For once, Sheree actually seems excited about her acting passion. Nene reads my mind as she states in her interview that Sheree getting an agent isn’t much of a big deal as most agents would accept her because of her “name.” Actually booking paying jobs on the other hand should be an interesting task for She by Sheree.


Kim meets up with a choreographer to prepare for her upcoming promotional tour with Kandi. While talking to the choreographer, Kim reveals she has been dancing for 16 years. And no, not the type of dancing you’re thinking of but rather “jazz, ballet, tap, everything” according to Kim. “I’m probably a better dancer than I am a singer,” then proclaims Kim. Perhaps someone should inform Kim she’s a better anything than a singer. A better mistress, a better gold digger, a better bad example for her daughters etc. After being taught some basic steps, we see the lazy Kim laying down on the floor. Kim states in her interview that she prefers to do her own thing when performing. Can’t wait to see this “performance” on the tour.

Cynthia is with her sister as she continues her wedding planning. It is now 5 1/2 weeks before her wedding, you know, as the wedding date has to coincide with the timing of Bravo’s filming. To my knowledge, Cynthia’s wedding will air as the final episode of the season. As Cynthia mentions wanting to go on a solo vacation to get away from her crazy fiance and friend, Peter walks in right on cue. Cynthia looks stressed as the Nene/Peter drama is obviously still on her mind. Oh poor Cynthia, if she only knew her good friend Nene is not worth going to bat for or picking a fight with her fiance. She brings it up and reveals in her interview that she feels stuck in the middle. Peter tries to defend himself stating his bad attitude has more to do with other stress factors in his life and not Nene. Cynthia reveals she wants Peter to work things out with Nene. Nice to see Cynthia not being a pushover in this scene and actually standing up for herself.

It’s Phaedra time! We see Willy Wonka pay the new mommy a visit and he comes bearing gifts, bringing flowers for Queen Phaedra and Prince Adonis. But we quickly discover Dwight’s real reason for paying Phaedra a visit as the messy Stunt Queen proceeds to inform Phaedra about Kim and Cynthia’s comments regarding her 7-month full term baby. Must say Phaedra had some funny comebacks or comments in this scene. After Dwight refers to Kim as a “head nurse,” Phaedra wonders if Kim got one of those mail order degrees for $59, you know, similar to the one Doctor Tiy-E Muhammad got for his “PhD.” Phaedra then makes the funniest quote of the scene when she states that “Kim need to get a hobby honey, besides ho’ing.” This scene reminded me of the Phaedra I liked very early on this season.

We see Sheree at her rented home as Kandi pays her a visit to help her go over her three “acting lines.” Kandi makes certain to let us know in her interview that she is getting tired of always helping others with their craft as she also needs time to work on her own craft. Perhaps someone needs to inform Kandi that without helping Kim, Lawrence and Sheree with their craft, she would have no storyline this season. Sheree and Kandi begin reading the lines and Sheree actually does a decent job with her few lines. The topic turns to child support and Sheree reveals she gets no child support payments from her NFL ex-hubby Bob Whitfield.

Kim decides to hold some kind of fat zapping event for she, Sheree, Nene and Cynthia. Sheree is the first one to arrive and the gossip fest begins right away. Both Kim and Sheree feel Cynthia is a bit obsessed with Nene and Sheree even makes a funny when she compares Cynthia to a “tick” in her interview. The other ladies arrive and we find out Kim will be the only pig, oops I mean guinea pig going under the fat zapper aka the other ladies would rather not sport a bikini on national television.

As Kim leaves the room, Cynthia approaches Nene politely and asks if they could both step away for a minute to talk. Nene says “no.” Really? No? At first I think Nene is joking but she isn’t as she says no again to Cynthia’s request before eventually stepping out of the room with her. The two talk things out and Cynthia presents Nene with a candle gift. Things are going great until Cynthia springs out the “friend contract.” Feel free to cue up the horror music. “Nene is actually one of my best friends in Atlanta,” says Cynthia trying to explain away the friend contract. As Nene walks back to the room, she explains in her interview that she decided not to bring up Cynthia’s contract to the other ladies as not to embarrass her, meaning she is waiting for some one on one time with Kim before she can begin trashing Cynthia.

In her interview, Nene refers to the contract as silly. Okay, I’ll give her that. It is a little silly and juvenile. Nene then proceeds to refer to her good friend Cynthia as a crazy stalker. “This is definitely some single black female sh*t,” adds Nene. With friends like Nene, who needs enemies? I just don’t get the whole saying extremely mean things about your “friends” on national television thingy. I felt Nene was definitely mean and out of line with her comments about Cynthia, who continues to defend her and is even picking a fight with her fiance on her behalf. But as we are about to find out, it only gets worse with Nene.

Kim is shown in her bikini munching on some pizza and chicken fingers while also getting her fat lasered away. Must say Kim is the Queen of oxymorons. This scene is another example of Kim always wanting to take the easy and lazy route in life. Instead of getting her own husband, she sleeps with someone else’s. Instead of working on her voice, she’d rather use autotune. And instead of waiting for her beau to propose to her on his own accord, she’d rather get pregnant and attempt to trap him. And I’m not even going to touch her ridiculous comments about flying to Los Angeles to get her real hair colored.

Following a highlarious scene showing Phaedra and her mother having foodgasms, it is now time for Sheree‘s play. Sheree and her ego make certain to let us know this is good for her as Tyler Perry also got his start in “theater.” Cynthia arrives with Peter and hopes Peter will smooth things out with Nene. While talking to Lawrence backstage, Sheree brings up Nene and Peter’s argument. Lawrence thinks it might be some sexual tension between the two and feels they should just get it on and get it over with. While I think Nene would be more than happy to do some sexy times with Peter, me thinks Peter doesn’t share the same sentiment.

As the play goes on Nene is getting impatient waiting for Sheree’s part. Sheree finally emerges on stage and we find out the very few lines she rehearsed with Kandi were pretty much her only lines in the play. Sheree however sees this role as ground breaking stating in her interview that she is ready to move into “film.” Though I think Cynthia had it right when she stated Sheree “did okay, but you know, it’s a long way from the chitlin circuit to Broadway.” Good one.

Outside of the theater, Cynthia says hello to Phaedra and Cynthia brings up the fact that Phaedra’s baby was actually full term. Knowing the gig is up, Phaedra now feels her due date or full term baby is nobody’s business. Perhaps she should have taken that stance before choosing to lie repeatedly about her due date. Phaedra then proceeds to confront Cynthia about her supposed comments about her baby (Kim was the one who made the comments and not Cynthia). Cynthia defends herself and holds her own well, and Phaedra seems to back down.

Peter then decides to pull Nene to the side to clear the air. Oddly enough, Nene doesn’t say no to Peter like she did with Cynthia earlier. She appears more than happy to head to a corner with Peter. Peter actually apologizes to Nene though I really don’t think he owed her one. Nene relishes being a victim and issues no apology for her role in the phone argument. Nene, who might or might not be in love with Peter, is very pleased with his apology and declares she and Peter “are back in love.”

Next, on-again off-again friends Kim and Nene decide to meet up for some gossip lunch. Upon arriving, Nene makes it clear she is very prepared to “talk sh*t.” Unfortunately for Cynthia, she is the topic of this sh*tty conversation. Not only does Nene bring up the friend contract so that she and Kim can point and laugh at Cynthia, she actually made certain to bring the contract wtih her. Kim refers to Cynthia as weird and crazy while Nene sits there laughing away before attempting to defend Cynthia by stating she’s not crazy. The two ladies head outside so that Kim can smoke and the gossip fest continues. Nene brings up Peter and for the 100th time this season, Kim proceeds to bring up Big Poppa as if to compare the two situations. Nene whines about her marriage, she wants to date a white guy, Kim brings up Corey Kroy, yaddi yaddi yadda and the episode ends.

Following this episode, Nene also appeared on WWHL with Anderson Cooper, and pretty much acted like a douche the entire episode. She just seemed arrogant and full of herself. A caller called at beginning of the show to inquire about the status of Nene’s marriage with Gregg. “My relationship with my husband is totally personal at this point. But thank you for asking” was Nene’s reply. Even more rude and ridiculous considering the fact she has given multiple interviews in the past week alone addressing this exact question. The nerve of that caller to ask about the biggest story line of the season. Nene definitely showed her true awful colors in this episode. She hasn’t changed a bit and if Cynthia had any sense in her, she would realize Nene is not her friend. Nene also seemed completely un-remorseful for the comments she made about Cynthia. Nice to see the Bitch Nene is back.

Cynthia also tweeted last night that the friend contract was a joke. “It was supposed to be a joke! Anyway, anyone out there want to be my friend? Have plenty of friendship contracts left. Lol,” she wrote.  Must say this episode was a great one and the only thing better is what is to come next week. Based on the previews, Phaedra will be confronting Kim regarding the comments she made about her baby.