The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Just Another Spa Day

Episode 12 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta brought us spa confrontations, Kim singing, and Nene snagging a huge/astronomical celebrity interview but the best part of Sunday night might have just been Phaedra Parks and her husband Apollo Nida’s appearance on WWHL, during which Apollo claimed he was 4 years younger than Phaedra. In this recap, I set the record straight on that while touching on whether or not Big Poppa aka Lee Najjar is broke and in foreclosure. Will also briefly touch which Bravo housewives I strongly dislike. They are now 5 by the way. Would also like to know which housewives you all despise dislike the most. With that said, let’s get right to the recap!

The episode begins with Kandi Burruss (who’s album Kandi Koated is in stores now – a nice album) rehearsing for her upcoming promo tour, which is a week away. The best part of this rehearsal is when Kim shows up to show Kandi what her performance will look like. Once again, Kim whines, complains before showing off her lazy performance routine to go along with the bad singing. Here’s a tip for Kandi – have her lip sync. Kandi is not too pleased with Kim’s laziness but doesn’t have time to dedicate to Kim as she also has to focus on her own performances. Kandi wants Kim “to pull it together.”


Sheree and her eldest daughter Tierra decide to go furniture shopping for Tierra’s new apartment. Sheree, who owes her attorneys over $100,000, takes Tierra to a rather expensive furniture store. “Tierra has very expensive taste. She’s used to nice things. It runs in the family,” says Sheree in her interview. Let’s hope foreclosures, irresponsible spending, and high debt doesn’t run in the family as well. Sheree states she is rewarding her daughter for doing the right things in her life. Once Tierra leaves the store, Sheree decides to purchase some items for her. The total comes to $7,400 even and Sheree springs out a debit card, I kid I kid, a credit card of course! As I hold my breath to see if this credit card will be declined or accepted, the card gets accepted and Sheree’s debt continues to grow.

It’s 4 weeks until Cynthia‘s wedding so she takes her good/loyal friend Nene to look at her wedding venue, which included a lot of odd dinosaurs. “This is all very silly to me. She’s almost like a child,” Nene says about her good friend Cynthia in her interview. The two head outside to chat and Nene asks Cynthia if she was serious about her friendship contract, you know, the one that required a notarization and a signature from the President. Cynthia reaffirms that it was a joke and Nene reveals she showed it to Kim, who thought Cynthia was crazy. Seriously, what reaction did Nene expect from Kim in showing her the contract? Other than to have a good ol laugh at Cynthia’s expense.

“Now Kim‘s looking at it and it becomes a joke between you guys. It’s offensive to me,” says Cynthia. “You can’t be taking it all personal,” says Nene adding that Cynthia is being mean to her. Is she serious? Cynthia shouldn’t take it personal??? Cynthia is being mean???? I was livid in watching this scene. Instead of apologizing, Nene makes herself a victim and puts all the blame on Cynthia, who is unfortunately a push over and doesn’t rip into her friend Nene like she should have. Cynthia makes it clear that she is not in love with Nene and the two laugh as they walk away.

It’s back to the studio with Kandi and Phaedra gives her a call. Kandi invites Cynthia to a spa day with the other ladies and Phaedra accepts. Kandi then opens up about her personal life while working on a song dedicated to AJ, her deceased ex-fiance. We find out things didn’t work out with NFL Player Willis Mcgahee because they live far from each other. Kandi heads into the booth and sings her heart out. No auto-tune needed.

Nene is at home trying to book “a really big interview” for her new job as a entertainment correspondent for her local station. “Now that my marriage might be coming to an end, I need to support my kids,” states Nene. And by kids she means 10 year-old Brent and 20-year-old adult/father to be Bryson. Nene starts making calls and things are not looking too good. Nene’s adorable son Brent shows up with his friend and Nene brings the funny when she asks Brent’s friend if he knows Justin Bieber. The kids leave the room and Nene finally catches a break when she gets a hold of ultra mega superstar Jermaine Dupri’s publicist. The publicist promises to try to get her an interview with the music producer and Nene is pleased.

Next, Kandi decides to pay Phaedra, her baby and her side ponytail a visit at her home. Phaedra takes Kandi up to baby Ayden’s nursery and the two catch up on some gossip. Phaedra informs Kandi about her convo with Cynthia at Sheree’s play. Phaedra claims Cynthia walked up to her rolling her neck though I don’t recall it going down that way at all. Kandi, in what seems like an attempt to defend Cynthia, inadvertently throws Kim under the bus when she states Kim was the one inquiring the most about her due date.

“You need to be worried about getting your life straight cause honey you might be on your way to hell,” says Phaedra about Kim. Kandi states that is kind of “hard” though I found it to be quite funny. The insults didn’t end there as Phaedra refers to Kim as “some crazy slut from the Cheetah club.” And no, this is not in reference to the Disney channel’s Cheetah girls but rather a popular strip club in Atlanta. Phaedra once again goes off on a tangent about having a husband and blah blah blah. To hear Phaedra always bragging about her ex-con hubby is quite hilarious. I guess in Phaedra’s book, anything is better than nothing. What’s also great about this scene is that Phaedra fails to realize that Kandi had her daughter out of wedlock while continually bragging about having hers in wedlock. Guess that whole getting knocked up before marriage thingy doesn’t really matter. Phaedra states she plans to confront Kim the next time she sees her.

While Kim‘s not home, her shoe stylists and fashion stylists arrive at her house to help her get styled for the upcoming tour. And I can’t help but wonder who is footing the bill for this? “I don’t mind messing up any of the choreography. But a wardrobe malfunction? I can’t have that,” says Kim. The stylists show the trash box some trashy attires and Kim appears very pleased.

Sheree is at her daughter’s apartment putting the finishing touches on the surprise re-design as well as the surprise housewarming party. Sheree’s daughter Tierra arrives along with her boyfriend, and they both seem very happy with the design. Sheree states that her daughter was very surprised though I have my doubts as Tierra’s make-up looks professionally done and ready for the Bravo cameras.

My favorite part of the show comes in the form of Kandi rehearsing with a wig on. As she rehearses, the wig falls off and Kandi runs out of the room in embarrassment. Very funny scene. Kandi shows her sense of humor in her interview when she praises Kim for always being able to keep her wig on her head at all times, especially when Sheree “tugged on it” last season.

It’s the spa day, and when it comes to Bravo housewives, no days are off limit when it comes to drama. Kandi and Phaedra arrive and we see that Kim and Phaedra don’t even acknowledge each other. Cynthia arrives and Kim compliments her, calling her a beautiful model. “Kim’s funny because one minute I’m a beautiful model, the next minute, I’m a raging psychopath,” says Cynthia in her interview. Well Cynthia, one can actually be both, but really you have your good friend Nene to thank for having the other ladies think of you as a crazy stalking psychopath who’s in love with her

Things are going great at first as Kim reveals she is dating “Tight-ass” aka Kroy Biermann whom she is now pregnant for. The ladies also plan a trip to Miami to watch Kandi and Kim’s concert and throw Cynthia a bachelorette party. We find out Southern Belle/Preacher’s Daughter Phaedra has a database of male strippers in Miami, including one that can perform oral sex on himself. How this is even remotely sexy and not vomit inducing is beyond me. It’s now a few minutes into spa day and things are still shockingly going well, that is until Sheree brings up the friend contract. Kim tells Cynthia she thought she was crazy upon reading it and was “weirded out” by it. Cynthia proceeds to defend herself, stating it was a joke and meant for Nene’s eyes only.

This then brings us to the best quote of the episode. “Let’s talk about being weirded out. Okay Kim, I’m weirded out that you think you can sing. I’m weirded out that you wear a wig, and I’m also weirded out that you had a full on relationship with a married man,” says Cynthia in her interview. Must say my favorite thing about Cynthia is her humor. I tweeted a few weeks ago, before the friendship contract episode even aired, that I wished Bravo would show more of her humorous side. Not sure why she appears boring on the show but her bravo blogs are a hoot!

“When I watch Kim and Cynthia argue about my friendship, it’s hilarious to me,” says Nene. No words. Kim then adds that she’s very protective of her good friend Nene, you know, the same Nene that was choking her out in public last year, and the same Nene she had to call the cops on. “You need to just protect yourself honey,” highlariously states Kandi in her interview. This whole exchange was just ridiculous.

It’s now Phaedra and Kim’s turn to argue as Phaedra confronts Kim about the comments she made about her baby. In Kim’s defense, she wasn’t the only one who made jokes about Phaedra’s pregnancy. They all did. Kim makes a good point when she states in her interview that Cynthia decided to confront her and not Sheree or Nene, because she finds them intimidating. I agree with this. And I don’t know why Dwight went back and exaggerated the comments made by Kim. I don’t think Kim was insulting Phaedra’s baby but rather just insulting the lying mother who kept saying her 7-month-old baby was fully developed.

Kim defends herself and states once again she is a nurse. “A registered nurse honey,” says Kim. So is she a RN or LPN? Phaedra doesn’t believe Kim and wants to see papers. I will say that Kim is/was indeed a nurse. I have seen her nursing license online. Kim has however failed to renew it since it expired years ago. Can you blame her? She’s been too busy spending Big Poppa’s money. But yeah, Kim is/was indeed a nurse.

The words of exchange continue as Phaedra alleges Big Poppa’s in foreclosure. There have been some reports inquiring about Big Poppa’s financial state after it was reported a few months ago that the Union Station Mall in GA, owned by Big Poppa aka Lee Najjar, was shut down due to his failure to pay the electric bill for months. It doesn’t end there as city officials also revealed Big Poppa’s company is three years behind on property taxes. “They owe us about $290,000 as of today,” city manager Steve Rapson told WSBTV. And finally, Big Poppa also put his GA mansion on the market earlier this year for $25 million. Was this a means to prevent foreclosure? Is Big Poppa really broke? Could this be the reason Kim finally decided to cut ties with him? While no one knows for sure if Big Poppa’s broke, all of the above does seem to be pointing to some form of financial difficulty.

Watch What Happens Live – Had to do a recap for this as the guests were Phaedra and her hubby Apollo. A very interesting episode. It did not disappoint. First I must say Phaedra and Apollo were very pleasant on the show and quite funny. Matter of fact, Phaedra is very funny and likable when she’s not busy lying or trying to be a fabulous Southern Belle.

The lies – Andy asked Phaedra about the due date lies. Phaedra sidetracked the questions and rambled on and on about her pregnancy complications, failing to admit she lied or even reveal the reason she lied. Once again, Andy Cohen showed us why he sucks at his job as he failed to press her on the issue. Perhaps he’s saving that for the reunion show. Lie #2 came from Apollo as he claimed he was only 4 years younger than Phaedra seconds after revealing they first dated while he was still in High school and Phaedra was in Law School. Simple math shows that’s pretty much impossible. Apollo stated that he lied about his age when they first met.

To set the record straight. Apollo was born in 1978 (says so on one of his arrest records) so Apollo is now 32. Meanwhile, Phaedra is 38. An October, 2010 article from UsWeekly had her age listed as 38. So tell me folks, how does 38 – 32 equal 4? Even worse is the fact that Apollo must have recently turned 32 as the UsWeekly article had him as 31 in October meaning these two liars have a 6-7 year age difference between them.

The lies are just stupid and unnecessary. While I didn’t think Phaedra would admit she lied on WWHL, I was surprised that all she did was ramble after having had months to come up with at least a decent excuse or something. Surely she knew Andy would ask her about this. What kind of attorney doesn’t know how to lie? Minus the lies, the two were funny, pleasant and likable. Things however got a bit awkward towards the end of the show when Andy proceeded to ask Apollo if he had ever swam in the men pond. Apollo answered no while looking a bit taken back. I thought the question was tacky and unnecessary, considering the insinuation behind it.

I blogged last week that while I don’t really hate any of the Bravo housewives, there were 4 that I strongly dislike, except now that list has grown to 5. Some of you inquired about it so here we go – Kelly Bensimon, Jill Zarin, Michaele Salahi and Camille Grammer of course. I had to add Nene Leakes to the list as I’m just simply over her. Like the other ladies, I just don’t think she’s a good person at all. Yes she’s funny, but I refuse to over look the nastiness that she has shown repeatedly over the seasons.