It was only a matter of time before text book frenemies Nene Leakes and Kim Zolciak got into it again. Matter of fact, the two ladies have gotten into major blowouts on each of the previous 2 seasons of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. This season wasn’t going to be any different.

But boy o boy were we close to making it a whole season without a bitchfest between the two. So close that they made it to just a week before the finale. Following the latest melee, both ladies have once again declared they are “done” with each other. But could they be really done this time? As Nene revealed the two have not spoken since the July incident on last night’s WWHL, with the exception of the recent reunion taping of course. Another Nene fact? She revealed in a recent interview that she will never forgive Kim for this fight, you know, being that she was the victim and all.

Moving right along to the new over-sized episode which begins with the continuation of the tour bus from hell as Kim continues to berate and abuse her long suffering assistant Sweetie. Sweetie’s latest offense is having her cell phone alarm wake Kim up. It’s now a brand new day and Kim is ready for her healthy breakfast. As the bus driver pulls over, Kim and Sweetie almost run over each other as they struggle to get to the bus door to smoke. In watching this, I can’t help but wonder if Sweetie picked up the smoking habit from her boss.


“Kim and Sweetie are getting on my nerves. It’s like they never calm down. Everything is at a 10 level at all times. I can’t take it,” complains Kandi, rightfully so. Following their morning smoke, it’s now time for Sweetie to inject her bus with a B-12 shot. For some odd reason, Kim continues to claim this shot is due to her low vitamin levels and not for the weight loss benefits. Who is she fooling?

It is now time for Nene to present her interview with Jermaine Dupri on her local morning news show. But Bravo cuts back to the tour bus as Sweetie brings her laptop to Kim so they can all watch the news segment. Of course, Nene’s joke at the expense of Kim made the final cut much to the dismay of Kim, who brings up an excellent point by stating the 40 something year old Nene also tried to jump start her music career by appearing on TFTP. Kim wants to call up Nene to confront her right away but decides to do it in person. And just as I stated last week, I don’t think Nene should have made a joke at the expense of her friend, Kim. I continue to see a trend here with Nene and how she mistreats her friends.

Next, Cynthia and Sheree decide to visit the black Martha Stewart and the ladies want to know how she manages being a new mom, an attorney, a chef, a Southern belle, a boughetto party planner, and an all around homemaker. Phaedra reveals it’s not as easy as it looks and adds that she is feeling overwhelmed.

Back to the tour bus as the group makes a pit stop in some country part of Georgia to get something to eat. While I attempt to figure out Derek J’s cup size and why he’s wearing a smedium top, we discover it’s only day 2 of the tour though it feels more like day 10. The eatery is a place that specializes in meat and barbecue. Kim is disappointed and steps out to smoke as she reveals she doesn’t eat meat. Drinking, smoking, sleeping with married men is a-okay but evidently eating meat is where Kim draws the line.

As the group joins Kim in front of the tour bus, Sweetie is also smoking and Kandi complains of the smoke. “Oh my gosh Kandi, are you serious? We’re outside,” snaps Sweetie. “Then walk away,” later adds Sweetie. Whoa, so now she has a voice. Wondering where all this gusto is when Kim spends 24 hours a day berating her. Interesting that she chooses to snap at Kandi, whom she knows is more of a pushover.

It is now two weeks until their weeding and we see Peter and Cynthia at home as Cynthia reveals she just got fitted for her wedding dress. However, Peter has some bad news and tells Cynthia he has officially closed his restaurant Uptown. Cynthia appears shocked and awed as she realizes she just said bye bye to all the money she invested in the business. And I’m a bit confused at this scene because wasn’t Cynthia the one convincing Peter to sell/shut down the restaurant 2 episodes ago?

But the bad news doesn’t end there as Cynthia then realizes her dream wedding is in serious jeopardy because $20,000 is still needed for their wedding. “We can barely pay our own bills at this point and we were depending on money from the restaurant to pay for the wedding,” says Cynthia. Peter then tells Cynthia their dream wedding will probably not be taking place anymore but seconds later tells her not to worry and that he’s got everything under control. Uh what? The wedding is in two weeks! And being filmed for a popular reality show at that. Why would she not be worried?

“This is the last time I’m telling you anything cause you can’t deal with stuff like this,” states Peter before adding, “Look where you went with it.” Um, where exactly was she supposed to go with this information? She went where any rational human being would go with it. Cynthia reveals she is devastated by the news and eventually starts crying. Peter consoles her and tells her everything will be okay.

Back to the tour bus as Kim continues to bus Sweetie around. “I don’t know how Sweetie deals with being talked to like that all day long. That check must be gooood!” says Kandi in her interview. It is now day 3 of the tour, and Kim is ready to take a smoke break as she contemplates going outside of the bus barefoot. Sweetie contemplates doing the same and Derek J makes a joke that she has been “hanging around white people” too much. So at this rate, we can basically expect Kim to be barefoot and eating out of a canned food sometime during next week’s finale.

Sweetie steps out and relays this information to Kim who peeps her head back into the bus and makes a comment about it. Kandi has reached her breaking point and steps out to confront Kim? No, of course not, she confronts Sweetie instead. The two get into a shouting match and once again I’m surprised Sweetie has a “voice.”

Cynthia meets up with Nene and her younger sister Malorie to discuss the latest issues going on with she and Peter. After Cynthia brings the ladies up to date on the issues concerning money and the wedding, Nene and Malorie actually give her some excellent advice. “It’s a red flag that Peter won’t tell Cynthia anything about his money situation. That is no way to start a marriage. I know because I had to learn the hard way,” says Nene.

Malorie then adds the if she was in Cynthia’s shoes, she would postpone the wedding. Cynthia does not want to take that advice as she feels the wedding is one of the few things she is doing for herself in a long while. Things “are not going to change after you get married. It’s just going to get worse actually,” rightfully states Malorie. Though I can’t help but wonder if Malorie’s advice is solely based on the financial issues concerning the wedding or if it might also be related to her true feelings about Peter. For some reason, I’m thinking she’s not a big fan of her sister marrying Peter.

In a cute scene with Sheree and her kids, we see her helping her daughter pack. Sheree’s kids are preparing to leave for California to see their dad whom Sheree believes will “probably send them to his Mom’s.” There’s that ex bashing we’ve all grown to know and love. Sheree’s son Kairo, who just gets more handsome by the day, steps into the room to reveal he’s all packed. Sheree wants to know if Kairo will miss her, “Uh yeah,” is his reply, sounding like a true teenager. And is it just me or has Sheree had very little camera time and not much of a story line since the demise of her fake doctor beau? She needs to be thanking Doctor Tiy-E for giving her a key storyline this season.

We see Phaedra and Apollo at home as Phaedra complains to her hubby about the difficulty of taking care of baby Ayden. Apollo’s defense is that he doesn’t have breasts and would help out more if Phaedra gave him a chance to. Phaedra informs him about the upcoming Miami trip and challenges Apollo to take care of Ayden for the entire weekend. “It’s not that difficult,” says Apollo of the challenge. But as soon as Apollo exits the room, we see Phaedra calling her mother to come assist her husband over the weekend. Perhaps Phaedra’s motherly instincts are starting to kick in after all.

It’s still day 3 of the tour and Kandi is GLAD to get a break from all the madness as she and Kim will get to stay in a hotel for the day. Kim reveals Nene will be joining her at the hotel and that she plans on confronting her about the comments she made in her interview with JD. “I always told Kim that Hello? Why are yall being friends again?” gloats says Kandi in her interview on predicting how the Kim/Nene friendship would end. Derek J arrives and Kim brings up his previous comments about race. Kim states she doesn’t see race in anything but Derek J makes a good point when he reveals while she might not, some other people do.

Nene arrives and low and behold, she and Kim even have on the same Gucci shoes. Two peas in a pod I tell ya! Or is it birds of the same feather rather? Nene seems to be in a good mood as she and Kim laugh and joke around. In her interview, Nene feels Kim invited her on the tour to prove to her that she can sing. Allrighty. Kim tries on some trashy outfits, Nene roles her eyes and all is well with this friendship for the time being.

Though back on the bus, on the way to the performance, the Nene begins her hater shtick by making fun of Kim right to her face. “This is my tour, my tour bus, my show, my fans. Why is it starting to feel like the Kim and Nene show, complains Kandi in her interview, doing what she does best which is voicing her opinion in her interviews but not to the others. Kim does her performance and Nene compares it to a talent show performance.

Following the show, the group heads back to the bus and Nene continues to make fun of Kim right to her face and in front of others as Kim wonders why she is acting crazy. And I wonder why Kim is surprised by Nene’s behavior? I know I’m not and I’ve only “known” Nene for 2.5 years.

It is now day 4 of the tour and Kandi & the others await the arrival of Nene and Kim. Nene is the first to arrive out of the two and she immediately begins talking about her friend Kim, telling the others of the complaints Kim made to her in private the earlier day. Eventually, Kim joins the others and the bus takes off for Miami.

And so the fight begins. Kim is on the phone with her friend Thomas, though I wonder if Thomas is code for Big Poppa #2. We find out Thomas’s house is where she and the other ladies will be staying at during the Miami trip. Kim tries to tell Thomas to keep rooms available for both Sweetie and Don Juan which causes Nene to blow a fuse. The reason? Sweetie and Don Juan are NFI – Not F*cking Invited because it’s supposed to be a weekend just for the ladies. Though as we see in next week’s previews, Sheree brought along her hair stylist Lawrence. And I wonder if Nene would have spoken to Sheree the same way she spoke to Kim about not bringing Lawrence.

Kim disagrees with Nene, who immediately loses her sh*t and starts insulting Kim over her song, letting her know she wouldn’t be anything without Kandi’s help. “You better be glad Kandi helped you with that song cause if she hadn’t helped, your ass would not even have a beat going,” says Nene. “I’m not jumping in the middle of this,” states Kandi in her interview on warning Kim that rekindling a friendship with Nene was a bad idea.

“Shut up,” replies Kim causing Nene to lose her sh*t even further. Nene then brings race into it, letting Kim know she is not her slave and that “your slave is behind you.” The look on Sweetie’s face and the other people on the bus seems to be one of shock. Kim appears outraged and defends herself. “I’m not nobody’s slave,” eventually states Sweetie.

In her interview, Nene reveals that the way Kim treats Sweetie is absurd and not okay. I agree. While in Kim’s interview, she reveals that the real reason for Nene’s flare up is because the tour isn’t about her and Nene cannot stand when something or an event is not about her. I agree even more.

Okay, so I think Nene is full of crap, crap and more crap. This fight had nothing to do with the way Kim treats Sweetie. This fight was all about Nene and her jealousy/ego. Bringing the Sweetie situation into it was only a punk move and cowardice excuse. Bringing up Sweetie was simply a way to validate picking this fight. Nene does not give a damn about Sweetie and if she did genuinely care about Sweetie and the awful way Kim treats her, she would pull Kim to the side to talk to her about it, or better yet, not add insult to Sweetie’s injury by calling her a slave on national television, which is arguably the ultimate disrespect and a worse insult than anything Kim could ever say to her. This fight was all about Nene’s ego and jealousy towards Kim. Jealousy that she wasn’t on TFTP and jealousy that TFTP because a success and made Kim at least $100,000. Remember Nene said last season that TFTP wouldn’t do well without her on it?

The insults continue between the ladies and Kim refers to Nene as an intern at a local news station. “That’s my show,” is Nene’s retort. Um, no it’s not. Kim wants to know why Nene had to resort to talking about her on “her show.” Nene’s reply is “I wasn’t talking about you.” Um, yes you were.

Nene calls Kim a dumb blonde, and Kim has the audacity to call Nene a dumb bitch which causes Nene to lift her finger. And if there’s one thing we know about our Bravo housewives, it is that once a finger goes up during a fight, all bets are off!

Meanwhile, the other ladies have arrive in Miami for Cynthia‘s bachelorette weekend. Cynthia, who is wearing some strange batwoman shades for reasons unknown, reveals things are really bad with she and Peter but she is still moving ahead with the wedding plans. A bit sad that Cynthia is more concerned with her wedding than her marriage. Cynthia also mentioned earlier on during the episode that she believes things will get better between she and Peter once they get married, which only further proves her naiveté. “This is going to be a peaceful weekend,” are the famous last words of Sheree.

It’s now back to the tour bus madness. Kim wants Nene to get her finger out of her f*cking face, and evidently those are fighting words as the bully Nene decides to get up as if she was planning to attack Kim. “What are you going to do? Strangle me?” asks Kim. “Don’t talk to me like that or I will,” is Nene’s reply, someone who claims to have been a victim of domestic violence. “Never again,” states Kim on the prospect of a friendship with Kim. Who is she kidding? I predict these two will be breaking bread and sipping Moscatos come next season of the show.

Final Thoughts – I have said it all season long and will say it again. The way Kim treats Sweetie is disgusting, absurd and all kinds of wrong. I don’t understand why Sweetie takes the abuse as in my opinion, there isn’t enough money in the world to allow another human being to treat you that poorly. Kim has also stated on twitter that Sweetie has been working for her for 11 years. With that said, I don’t believe Kim is racist nor do I believe she treats Sweetie badly due to her race. Not at all. I believe if Sweetie was white, Kim would be treating her just as poorly. Kim strikes me as the type to treat people as badly as they allow her to. I noticed she was also trying to treat and talk to her ex-girlfriend DJ Tracy Young the same way when she appeared on the show.

For this reason, I think Nene‘s race and slave comments were completely out of line. Nene’s is nothing but a bully. Even worse, she’s one who enjoys bullying others and then playing victim. She started this fight just like every other fight she has been in. She started with the sly comments, the jokes and everything else. This fight had nothing to do with Sweetie and Nene just threw that in there as a last minute Hail Mary. If you notice, she also tried to pull Kandi into the fight by stating Kim is second place to her and that Kandi is actually working while Kim isn’t. I guess this was her pathetic effort at rallying the others around her but based on Kandi’s interview comments, she was far from being Team Nene.

Quite frankly, I’m done with Nene. I actually had some sympathy for her early on this season and was even ready to be Team Nene again two weeks ago when I thought this tour bus fight was solely about her standing up for Sweetie. And to my surprise, it was actually Nene preventing Kim from trying to get Sweetie and Don Juan rooms to stay in during the Miami trip. Nene is not only a bully in need of anger management but also a loud mouth. It’s okay for her to treat Kim like crap, but how dare Kim actually defend herself and stick up for herself. Nene needs to stick to the likes of Cynthia, someone who is a pushover and will continue to be her friend despite calling her a crazy stalker on national television.

With that said, I would like to see Nene return next season. What can I say? She makes a good villain. And despite her recent comments on not being interested in returning , I predict she will. Why? She needs the money. Most of the housewives do.

“Who tweets & ask 4 votes but still lost? Hahahahaha LOL! So High School!” tweeted Nene last night on winning a WWHL poll, garnering 52% of the votes over Kim’s 48% when it came to who’s side viewers were on during the fight. Very high school indeed though Nene’s tweet itself could be considered very elementary considering it came from a 42-year-old woman.