On last night’s episode of Basketball Wives, the drama between Evelyn Lozada and Royce Reed explodes, Meeka interviews both sides to see which one she’d rather be on and tries to get into Shaunie‘s good graces, Evelyn starts the IVF process, and Suzie attempts to be the peacemaker!

The show starts out with Royce and Suzie playing tennis – Royce obviously forgetting that tennis doesn’t involve a pool or a beach shows up practically wearing a bikini. She and Suzie talk about all the drama with Meeka, Evelyn, and Jen; Suzie – trying not to be involved suggests they all have a sit down so Royce can play 20 Questions and ask everyone who said: what? when? where? why? about her.


Evelyn and Ocho are planning to get IVF so they can have twin boys. Evelyn has decided they will definitely be having twins and they will definitely be having boys– only boys. After talking to Shaunie about returning to mommy-mode again, Shaunie echos what I was thinking about the always perfect looking Evelyn running around in a sweat suit with her hair all a mess juggling babies – but hey that’s what nannies are for – so you can do your hair while they change the diapers. Later Chad and Evelyn talk about the things that will change if they have babies – such as no marathon shopping trips or spur of the moment vacations and we learn that Chad apparently didn’t know his FIANCE was 35, but you know details! Later the future Ocho’s head to the fertility clinic and learn how IVF works and Chad makes his “deposit.”

Royce has a pool party reminiscent of MTV springbreak circa 1999 and Royce is still talking about how Evelyn is a ho. We meet Royce’s new boyfriend, Brian, who later buys her a new puppy to replace JJ. Papa Royce comes over to discuss her relationship with Brian and her father is concerned about how fast things are moving and basically tells her to be careful. Royce admits she doesn’t like being alone.

Shaunie and Meeka meet for drinks to talk about Royce and Tami. Going back to High School 101, Shaunie explains to Meeka how the telephone game works. The longer the rumor spreads the more twisted the words become! Then proving that she definitely did not absorb anything Shaunie told her, Meeka meets up with Suzie to discuss Royce and what Meeka apparently said about Royce or to Royce when she may or may not have been drunk and how during the conversation Royce was hiding behind her bodyguard, Tami.

Suzie learning from last seasons’ mistakes is trying to stay neural but later admits that since Royce is her only friend on the show she’ll have her back. Suzie reveals to Royce that she recently had a sit down with Jen and Evelyn and you could see the thunder roll over Royce’s eyes. She does not want her friend conversing with the enemies! Suzie reveals that Jen is divorcing (and keeping the dog!) and that they like Meeka – which also doesn’t sit well with Royce who thinks Meeka views Evelyn and Jen as glamorous and living the lifestyle (which I agree with).

Royce reveals that although her and Jen are no longer friends she would have a conversation with her to “squash” any drama. Let’s call that editor’s foreshadowing and it can only mean good bad things! Suzie once again suggests that Royce sit down with the ladies and work things out – but Royce claims she doesn’t care. Um… I call a liar! You spent this whole episode talking about how these women are talking about you. Royce agrees she’ll go but is bringing her brass knuckles.

Meeka and Royce get together to try to hash everything out, specifically how Tami the Pitt Bull attacked Meeka. Newbie Meeka is stuck in a tug of war between the different factions: The TamSuRoyce side vs. The EveJenShaun side and everyone wants Meeka on their team to make the other side mad.

The night finally arrives where the Suzie, Royce, Evelyn, and Jen are meeting to work out their differences, except things start on a bad note before Suzie and Royce even arrive because Jen reveals that Royce is friends with her ex Eric on Twitter and that is not ok with her. She also claims that Royce has been gossiping about her on Twitter. Oh Twitter – destroying z-list celebrity lives daily!

Immediately upon sitting down Royce says she doesn’t like Evelyn and brings up Jen’s nekkid pictures again. Then Eveyln calls Royce a “bum” and Royce calls her a “ho” and they have a fight about who f*cked more guys. Um… seriously? Girls… really? Somebody needs Class With The Countess! Then Royce tells Evelyn to shut up and then Evelyn chucks her glass at Royce’s face before they jump up and start swinging at each other over the table until security grabs them both! Security hauls a still thrashing Royce out of the restaurant with both women screaming insults at each other and poor Suzie just standing there looking dejected – clearly her plans of working as a UN diplomat have been dashed. If I were an innocent diner I would definitely be asking for a refund! Things end with Royce issuing a warning threat – next time she won’t miss!

Next week: Meeka chooses the popular girls and Tami is not happy. Ashley returns and she is engaged! Uh oh!

So who’s side are you on? TamSuRoyce or EveJenShaun?

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