On last night’s episode of Basketball Wives, Meeka Claxton crosses Tami Roman, Suzie Ketcham crosses Royce Reed, Eric Williams crosses Jen Williams, Evelyn Lozado has some family issues, and Shaunie O’Neal is absent!

The episode starts out with Royce meeting Ashley and Suzie for breakfast to fill Ashley in on the ‘altercation’ she got into with Evelyn because Royce isn’t ghetto but she is hood. Suzie is suddenly seeing things from Evelyn and Jen’s perspective and encourages Royce to stop causing drama because she wants everyone to hold hands and skip through rainbows and just be friends! My have the tables turned from last season… Royce reveals exactly why she is sick of Evelyn – and it has to do with, ahem, how Evelyn being a ho… allegedly of course.

Evelyn and Jen have a relaxing spa day where using their ‘we’re so classy’ hush-hush voices they talk about how ho-ish Royce is and complain about her tweeting Eric. The conversation rapidly escalates into why Royce has a different boyfriend every other month. Wait – so dating is wrong according to these two? Evelyn decides Royce can’t call her a ho because she is one too – so, HA!


At Evelyn’s house she has a talk with her daughter about throwing a fabulous over-the-top graduation party to celebrate herself Shaniece’s big day. Shockingly Evelyn shoots down Shaniece’s idea to have the party in a club but does go on and on about what a hot outfit her teenage daughter needs to wear. Shaniece reveals she is planning to invite Antoine! And her father! And Ocho! Evelyn sort of panics about the prospect of all (All? Try again!) her men being in the same room and the conversation is suddenly all about her and how she is going to deal with seeing Antoine. Later Evelyn expresses concern about Shaniece going away to college in California because she wants her to be close to family in New York, just in case.

Suzie and Meeka grab a drink to talk about Meeka being in the middle JUST LIKE SUZIE! OMG – twins! Suzie, who suddenly loves Evelyn again because she wants to be in the popular clique to meet another rich basketball player, turns on Royce for not being in love with Evelyn too as she expresses her frustration about people not getting along. Suzie invites Meeka to a polo event with her, Royce, and Tami; but Meeka doesn’t want to be seen with Royce and Tami, so she tells Suzie she will be going with the Queen Bees, instead. Meeka also thanks Suzie for “filling her in” on what’s going on so she can run back and report to Evelyn and Jen.

Suzie and Jen meet up at the local wine store to get their “prescriptions” and Suzie discloses that Eric has suddenly been reaching out to her about some mysterious business venture. Jen and Suzie decide they are going to set Eric up and Suzie will meet with him to find out what is going on. Later Jen divulges she is headed to NY to finalize her divorce and reveals she saw Eric and found out that they live in buildings next to each other. Awkward, much?

And speaking of seeing Eric, Suzie who has now officially defected and is now on team EveJenShaun meets with him to “investigate” this new business venture – and it turns out no one wants Suzie’s business savvy – they just want her lady bits! Eric’s new venture is movie producer and he wants Suzie to star in a movie with no clothes on! But it’s not a porno (It’s not?). It turns out they also want Royce involved, which may explain the Twitterlationship between Royce and Eric. The movie is all about ladies who rob men for retaliation – Eric and his partner think Suzie will be perfect for the role since she has a lot of experience with that sort of thing. Um… was that supposed to be a compliment? Out of nowhere Suzie brings up Jennifer and Eric totally calls her out ,wanting to know if they are talking about business why bring up his ex!? Suzie lets us know she has no intention of “starring” in this movie. When she fills Jen in – Jen is furious (but wants her 50% of the profits)!

Suzie and Royce, run into Ashley poolside– and- she is engaged! Ashley promises that Royce will be invited to the wedding but maybe not Suzie. Also not invited are the “haters” (i.e. Evelyn and Jen) – which upsets Suzie who wants everyone to be besties. Royce and Ashley want to know why Suzie is so forgiving of Evelyn and warn her about getting close to them again. Suzie gets defensive and says she could also say the same thing about Ashley choosing to marry Rafer and argument ensues. What an great way to celebrate your friend’s engagement – by yelling at her about the guy she is marrying!

Meeka, showing her true colors, calls up Jen and lets her know that Suzie invited her to the Polo Event, but wants to go with Jen and Evelyn instead and essentially invites herself to tag along, even though she got her ticket from Suzie! Sh-sh-sh-shaaady! Jen says she will go with Meeka but she has no intention of getting roped up in the drama! Evelyn is completely empathetic about Meeka not wanting to go with Royce and Tami. Meeka spends the afternoon complaining about Tami getting in her face to defend Royce. Evelyn reveals if she sees Tami and Royce she doesn’t want to have a “conversation” about drama at such an upscale event. Meeka smiles and nods as if she agrees…

At the polo tournament, Suzie is dressed like a hippie flower child (complete with headband!) to encourage peace, but things get “rah-rah”as soon as Royce lets Tami know about the fight she had with Evelyn. Tami –oh how I missed you last episode – is pissed she missed the drama and wants to know all the details about how Royce leapt up “like a ninja” and swiped at Evelyn. Royce reveals she no longer feels she can rely on Suzie to have her back after the incident with Evelyn where Suzie stood there and did nothing to defend her. Tami calls Suzie out on reuniting with Evelyn after all the sh*t she did, even though she knows Royce is a true friend to her. Did I mention I love Tami?

At the spectator’s tent, when Tami walks in she is disappointed that the first things she sees are not hottie polo players, but Meeka, Jen, and Evelyn. Tami decides to go talk to Jen about having a peaceful day with no drama and Meeka, desperate to impress her new friends and get some camera time, jumps in and asks if Tami is drunk? This girl does not know Tami! Meeka, who I think WAS drunk starts an argument with Tami, about she doesn’t even know what, and then stands up to get all “rah-rah” in Tami’s face. And then Tami stands up to shut it down! Royce and Jen have to hold each of their respective “friends” back (even though Jen doesn’t know why Meeka thinks she is buddy-buddy with her). Tami lets Meeka know exactly where she stands: “You’re only relevant b*itch, because I’m talking to you!” and that she will never ever be Evelyn or be in the “circle!” Jen issues the warning – that Meeka has no idea what it’s like to be on Tami’s bad side. Isn’t THAT the truth!

Next week: Evelyn and Tami meet to discuss T-shirt gate. Jen goes on a date? And Tami has some family drama.

So do you think Meeka and Suzie are two-faced? Would you want to be on Tami’s bad side?