On last night’s episode of Basketball Wives, Shaunie O’Neal gets the ladies together in NYC for some bonding and some peer mediation – but leaves instigator Meeka Claxton out of the loop! Jennifer Williams goes on a blind date with a new Eric, Suzie Ketcham and Royce Reed stay behind in Miami and therefore stay out of the drama, and Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozado make amends without coming to blows!

Things start off with Suzie meeting up with Meeka to discuss the argument at the Polo Match. Suzie is taking Meeka’s side, probably thinking that is the side Evelyn will be on so she can impress the mean girls with her ability to quickly ditch Royce. Meeka admits she probably should not have gotten involved in all the dramz and that her and Tami do not mesh. Taking an Evelyn like attitude about people not mattering if she doesn’t want them to, Meeka advises Tami to keep a move on. She also advises Suzie to stay out of things! Um, pot meet kettle!


Shaunie and Evelyn go shopping and since Tami will also be in NY – coincidentally – that same weekend she wants everyone to “sync up” and try to work things out. Oh Shaunie… you know you just want to stir some drama. In New York, Shaunie, Jen, and Evelyn are shopping AGAIN and inevitably the topic of conversation is guess what?! Tami vs. Meeka! Jen, surprisingly and honestly, represents that Meeka started things and Evelyn pleads the fifth – like: “Who, me? I didn’t have anything to do with it” (except stirring the witches brew behind everyone’s backs!) Shaunie, rightfully looks shocked that Meeka came out swinging at Tami and warns her – Tami might crush a Coors can on your forehead if you mess with her! Really though, thank goodness we have Tami to keep all these girls in check! Shaunie issues a decree deciding Evelyn and Tami actually like each other (they do?) and they should work out the T-shirt thing and “love each other.” But what about the whole getting dirty with Tami’s not quite ex-husband thing?

Meeka wants to set Jen up on date and Jen is weirded out since Meeka really doesn’t even know her but is kind of obsessed with her. After finding out he is a model and not a whore, Jen is game if they can go on a double date. On the date, Jen is feeling awkward and over-whelmed about the whole dating thing and making things even worse – her date’s name is Eric! When he shows up he is wearing a Mardi (man-cardi) that actually matches Jen’s! Taking things up a notch- Meeka orders shots and pounds them back! This coming from the girl who accused Tami of being drunk! Jen only does half a shot because she doesn’t like a lot of stuff in her mouth! Jen admits she had fun, despite not expecting much.

Evelyn is looking at schools in NYC for Shaniece. The tour guide tries to convince Shaniece that she will be near good shopping districts in an effort to sell her on the campus because Evelyn has bribed him. Shaniece, of course, doesn’t like the school because guess what – it’s in lame, pathetic NYC instead of California! After visiting some schools, they visit Evelyn’s NY family and they discuss why it would be a good idea for Shaniece to attend college on the east coast. Shanice ultimately stands up to her mom, and decides she will be going to a college in Cali no matter what! Talk turns to Evelyn’s dad who she has an inconsistent relationship with – and things become very emotional about how his absence affected her life. Evelyn decides she will get together with her father to find closure.

Tami gets together with Shaunie and Jen to rehash the polo match and admits she has a history of setting things off, but this time she wasn’t responsible because Meeka is a mess! All of the sudden everyone is turning on Meeka and girl better watch out or she is going to be forced to hang out with Team Loser aka Royce and Suzie. Tami labels her a fraud, and accuses her of trying to reel in the popular girls albeit unsuccessfully due to her drunken antics. Tami reiterates that Meeka is trying to BE Evelyn and speaking of Evelyn, Shaunie pitches an idea to get them to reunite and put T-Shirt-Gate behind them! Tami is ummm… less than willing to forgive and forget, after the lovin’ Evelyn gave Tami’s hubby – and she is not taking “blood money.” She wants Evelyn to pull her next phrase out of the box and move on and make money elsewhere. The idea of Evelyn abandoning a buck does not seem likely! Tami agrees she can be cordial with Evelyn, or with anyone, really (she can?) except Meeka! Oh Meeka – watch out – one Coors can headed your way! Pun intended!

Tami, assuming the role of momager, is taking daughters Lyric and Jazz into the studio to cut a record. Their requirements for a single? It better be hot! And the girls need to be involved in the creative process. The girls want Tami out of the process – and have hired someone else to manage them behind her back! Tami, who can get along with everyone, starts a fight with the new manager and one of the girl’s godmothers, because nobody – NOBODY – makes a decision without talking to Tami! Afterward, Tami explains to her daughters why she was her hurt for being fired abruptly and they explain Tami’s temper and drama queen tendencies played a role in their decision. Tami’s mother, Nadine, agrees with the girls, that their mom puts too much pressure on the situation and advises her to lighten up and stay in the role of mom, not momager.

After gathering all the ladies for drinks on a rooftop bar Shaunie has schemed to arrange for Ike & Tina Turner Tami and Evelyn to both be there so they can find some middle ground over the T-Shirt issue and speaking of the devil – here she comes –it’s Tami, rockin’ a little attitude but still smiling! Tami says she is over the shirt thing and they should just move on and get a new muthaf*ckin factor to worry about (like how much they all hate Meeka!) Evelyn reveals she has only made about 500 shirts and Tami feels she should sell the existing t-shirts and not make more. After Tami sweet talks Evelyn about how popular and beloved she is, she suggests she choose a new “Evelyn-ism” to market; Evelyn, seeing her favorite signs of all – DOLLAR SIGNS –agrees! And another thing they agree on – Meeka needs to be shut down! Everyone is shocked because they were waiting for a glass to be thrown or something and all they got was civil conversation! I wonder how Royce will feel about Evelyn and Tami rekindling their friendship?

Speaking of reuniting, the show ends with Evelyn getting together with her estranged father. Evelyn admits she has made many poor choices with men because her father was not available to love her. Evelyn’s father apologizes and tells her how much he cares about her. Evelyn accepts his apology and hopefully it is a new day for them moving forward. It was nice to see such a gentle and emotional side of Evelyn for a change. Things end on a positive note, but don’t worry – much more drama to come next week!

Next Week – More drama, of course as Meeka gets confronted!

So, were you surprised to see Tami and Evelyn work out things so maturely? Do you think Shaunie was looking for a fight when she arranged the meeting? What did you think of Jen’s date?

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