Teen Mom Recap: Dads Making Amends, Grandparents Making Demands, & Toddlers Making Messes

On last night’s episode of Teen Mom, “The Last Straw,” Maci finally convinces Kyle and Ryan to meet, Farrah battles Social Security, Tyler springs his dad/Catelynn’s step-dad from the slammer, and Amber and Gary take a time machine back to last season when they hated each other’s guts.

After missing Sophia so much while at her hair show, Farrah has decided to put modeling on hold and focus on honing her culinary skills. While perfecting a risotto recipe, Farrah puts Sophia on the toilet and leaves her in the bathroom alone. Sophia proceeds to unroll the entire roll of toilet tissue, although I think that’s probably the least bad thing that could happen to a two year old left alone in a bathroom.

Catelynn and Tyler are excited about starting school, but there is drama as Tyler’s dad/Catelynn’s step-dad Butch is getting out of prison after eight months. Because of prior domestic issues (are you listening Amber and Gary?) Butch and Catelynn’s mom April have a no-contact order from the court. April wants to pick him up even though she is legally prohibited from seeing him. April loves Butch and wants to see him, but agrees to let Tyler pick him up….you know, so he won’t immediately get sent back to jail.


Kyle is moving in with Maci, and she really, really wants him to meet Ryan. It’s not for his sake, it’s for Bentley’s, but Kyle is slow to draw this conclusion (yes, I went there). He is only convinced when Maci tells him that he’s been more a dad to Bentley than Ryan.

Amber and Gary return from that fun trip to the water park and find out that the police want to question them about Amber’s beat down on Gary from last season. Gary tries to convince Amber to get an attorney, but it seems she’d rather have the jail time than pay for a lawyer. When Gary goes so far as to say he thinks Amber should have to pay for the attorney, as he is the one who pays the rent alone, Amber goes ballistic and I’m concerned it’s going to be Gary Beat Down round two. “It’s not about you, it’s about me!” Yes, which is why YOU should pay for YOUR attorney. Of course Leah is a witness to this blow up disagreement, but what else is new?

Farrah hasn’t heard from Social Security regarding Sophia’s benefits from her late father Derek, but she has reconnected with Derek’s dad Jerry and step-mother Debbie. They meet for lunch, and Farrah takes her mom as support. Derek’s sister was hard to pin down for the DNA test, and Farrah is playing the waiting game. His dad says he would have been happy to do a DNA test. They offer pictures from Derek’s childhood for Sophia to have, and tell Farrah how much their son loved her. The couple hopes that Farrah will bring Sophia to visit where Derek is laid to rest. It’s touching to know that Derek’s dad and step-mom are so open to having a relationship with Farrah, when there was such a rocky start to their communication.

Gary’s mom calls him to let him know that Child Protective Services has been looking for him, in addition to the police. Amber is upset, and Gary tries to be supportive, saying he wishes this mess would all just go away. Is this the same Gary who on the water park road trip threatened to have Leah taken from Amber?

Maci meets with Ryan to discuss Bentley’s birthday and the Ryan/Kyle Summit. Ryan had thought each family would have separate birthday parties for Bentley but Maci believes the reason he needs to get along with Kyle is so they can all celebrate these milestones jointly. Makes sense.

It’s the crack of dawn and Tyler and his sister pick up Butch from jail. He proceeds to kiss the ground once he’s out of the clink. Tyler’s sister reveals that she’s pregnant with her third child, and Butch makes a dig about her giving the baby up for adoption like her brother did. Nice, dad. Butch also misses his wife April. Tyler is the voice of reason with his dad, urging him to wait it out with April so things will be better–and legal–when they see each other again.

Farrah gets a letter from Social Security saying that Sophia isn’t eligible to receive benefits. The office says that there is no proof that Derek believed Sophia was his daughter, and it looks like his mother has struck again. As has Farrah’s mother, who is quick to remind her daughter that since she caught her having sex with Derek in her house, she is pretty sure he’s Sophia’s father.

Before checking into the halfway house, Butch comes by Catelynn and Tyler’s new apartment to visit and see his step-daughter and toddler step-son/Catelynn’s brother. This family tree is lacking some branches. They show him pictures of Carly and again discuss how important it is that he waits until the court order is lifted before seeing April.

Farrah consults her attorney about the denial of benefits, and he believes that this is a ploy by Derek’s mother to get visitation. Farrah’s mother just wants Derek’s mother to go away, but Farrah thinks she can handle this herself.

Now that CPS is dancing with the police on the domestic violence matter, Amber finally agrees with Gary that she needs an attorney. They cab it over to Bob the Attorney’s office for a consultation. Yes, cab it. Mother and Father of the Year have both lost their licenses due to unpaid tickets. Bob also (rightfully) scares the couple by saying that if CPS thinks the home situation is serious enough, it will take Leah away from them.

Tyler and Catelynn are scared that Butch and April will break the no-contact order, and while Tyler tries to relate it to the choices he made for Carly, it’s not working. Butch is a male and he needs female contact, hopefully with his wife. I wish I could fast forward through this scene. Tyler gives good advice and begs for his dad to be patient so things can work out with April in the free world.

Ryan’s mom talks to her son about the possibility of meeting Kyle. She seems to be an added voice of reason as to why both guys should at least be cordial for Bentley’s sake. Meanwhile, Maci vents her frustrations to a friend about how awkward this necessary meeting will be. She is very nervous about it.

The police knock on Farrah’s door, and woohoo! She’s the respondent in a law suit brought by Derek’s mother for grandparental visitation rights. Farrah’s parents come over to look at the pleadings. Her mother urges her to get a lawyer (she’s clearly been hanging out with Gary), and Farrah is convinced she can handle this herself. She yells at her mom who is worried that she needs legal representation if there is any slight chance Derek’s mom could win the petition (silly mom!). Farrah, I realize you and your mom have an icky past, but listen to her on this one, sweetie.

Butch goes to the halfway house without violating the no-contact order. Tyler is still making good decisions. He tells Catelynn that he gets to choose who is in his life, and if his father makes bad choices, he may not be welcome anymore. Why aren’t these kids doing some kind of motivational/positive decision-type speeches? They really have good heads on their shoulders which is made even more evident by the situations and family members they are bombarded with constantly.

Farrah goes to see her counselor since she and her mom can’t see eye-to-eye regarding the petition. Farrah reveals that she doesn’t have anyone, friends or family, she can rely on in these situations. She says she is used to feeling this way, which is pretty sad.

Amber talks to Gary and when Gary tries to be supportive, Amber tells him “I’m speaking” and calls him disrespectful. Gary tells her he’s here for her and she tells him to be quiet. Amber basically tries to get Gary to admit he provoked her into hitting him and that’s why they are in this mess. When Gary bites back, Amber decides she hates him and storms out of the house. They both need some serious help, and WHY is poor Leah always present during these fights? Shame on you, MTV. Amber heads back to stay with her friend Kim at the scene of the crime her old apartment. Amber says she tried to explain to Gary that she was so hurt by the investigation and Gary couldn’t care less. Oh, is that how things happened? I’ll agree that Gary always hits below the belt and plays the martyr when provoked, but talk about totally recreating a moment in time.

Finally, Kyle is headed to meet his future biffle Ryan. It’s Charger versus Wrangler if this were Transformer Moms. The meeting is drama free and, dare I say, slightly friendly? Kyle hugs and plays with Bentley in front of Ryan. Ryan seems half sad to see his son make a connection with someone else and half happy that his son has another guy who seems to care so much about him. I’d say it was a mature and positive situation all around.

Next week, Catelynn confronts her mother, Farrah’s law suit is heating up, and Amber and Gary must face Child Protective Services and each other. Maci wants to move home, but Kyle isn’t sure he wants to join her.