Holly and Blake

While the Bachelor Pad 2 finale won’t air until Monday night on ABC, the finale was actually taped earlier this week with the winners chosen.

Bachelor insider Reality Steve did it again, by revealing the spoilers and most importantly the winning couple. Those spoilers are below!

In other Bachelor Pad news, new couple Holly Durst and Blake Julian are now engaged!

PEOPLE magazine confirms the couple, both age 28, are planning to tie the knot after only dating a few months. Reality Steve first broke the news, stating the engagement will be revealed during the Bachelor Pad finale.

According to RS, Blake proposed about a week ago. Holly’s ex-fiance and her partner on the show, Michael Stagliano, was reportedly unaware of the engagement and had to find out during the finale taping this week. Yikes.

ABC will air the super-sized 3-hour Bachelor Pad finale Monday night at 8/7c.


The final two couples left standing were Michael and Holly alongside Michelle and Graham.

WINNERS Michael and Holly are the winners! They received the most votes from the other 14 contestants winning by an overwhelming majority of 10-4.

Similar to last year, the couple was separated and had to decide whether they wanted to keep the $250,000 prize for themselves or share it with their partner.

-If one chose “Keep” and the other chose “Share”, the one who chose keep gets all 250k.
-If they both chose “Share”, they split the 250k.
-If they both chose “Keep”, neither gets anything, and the remaining 14 contestants split the 250k.

Ultimately, they both chose to share!

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