Couples and Engagements Spoilers for Bachelor in Paradise Season 9

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Summer is slowly winding down, which means that Bachelor In Paradise Season 9 will be back before we know it. Season 9 is already shaping up to be one of the most dramatic summers yet, and Reality Steve has filled curious viewers in on everything he knows about it so far. There have already been multiple relationships confirmed, and possibly even two engagements revealed in the Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 spoilers.

Kat Izzo & John Henry Spurlock Are Reportedly Engaged

(Reality Steve/Twitter)

Reality Steve indicated that he was almost certain two couples get engaged at the end of Season 9. The first is Kat Izzo and John Henry Spurlock. Kat was eliminated before hometowns on The Bachelor Season 27, led by Zach Shallcross, where she was briefly considered a season villain. On the other hand, John Henry was eliminated during the second rose ceremony of The Bachelorette Season 20, led by Charity Lawson.

Kat and John Henry appear to be the most solid couple from Bachelor In Paradise Season 9. They have recently been spotted together post filming. Reality Steve reported that the couple was seen in Virginia Beach, where they were being physically affectionate and made it clear that they were together.

Aaron Bryant & Eliza Isichei Might Have Gotten Engaged, But Definitely Left As A Couple

(Reality Steve/Twitter)

The other couple who Reality Steve is certain left Mexico together are Aaron Bryant and Eliza Isichei, which may be a shock to some fans. Aaron is a current front runner on Charity’s season, so we now know that he is definitely not her final rose recipient. This will be Eliza’s second season of Bachelor In Paradise, after she was stuck in a love triangle with Rodney Matthews and Justin Glaze during Season 8.

Reality Steve came across a video of the production team in Mexico. It clearly shows Aaron and Eliza sitting together and talking to the filming crew. The two appear to be a couple, and seemed giddy with one another. However, Reality Steve reports that Eliza has since returned to Germany, which leaves him unsure of where she and Aaron currently stand.

Jess Girod & Blake Moynes Were Together At Some Point

(Blake Moynes/Instagram)

While Reality Steve only knows of two couples who left Paradise so far, he did know of several others who broke up before the summer ended. One of these couples is Blake Moynes and Jess Girod, which may surprise some fans. Blake was the winner of The Bachelorette Season 17, where he briefly became engaged to Katie Thurston before breaking up. Jess, on the other hand, was a contestant on Zach’s season.

Reality Steve indicates that Blake and Jess hit it off, but that Blake later ended up self eliminating for an unknown reason. It is clear that Blake was not sent home during a rose ceremony.

Rachel Recchia Gets Involved With Tanner Courtad

(Rachel Recchia/Instagram)

Another rumored couple in Paradise consists of former Bachelorette Rachel Recchia, and franchise newcomer Tanner Courtad. Rachel became engaged to Tino Franco on The Bachelorette Season 19, although they later split after Tino cheated on her. Tanner is currently a contestant on Charity’s season, where he has made it to the top six, despite having little screen time.

Reality Steve reports that Rachel and Tanner briefly become involved with one another on the beach. However, their relationship ends when Rachel self eliminates. Similarly to Blake, it is confirmed that Rachel does not go home at a rose ceremony.

Aven Jones & Kylee Russell Definitely Start Off As A Couple

(Aven Jones/Instagram)

Finally, the last couple confirmed by Reality Steve consists of Aven Jones and Kylee Russell. However, he is unsure where they currently stand. Aven was the runner up on Rachel’s season, where he became a fan favorite. On the other hand, Kylee was recently featured on Zach’s season, where she was eliminated during week five.

Reality Steve is certain that Aven and Kylee began Paradise together. They perhaps even became one of the “it” couples on the beach. Since filming concluded, Aven and Kylee have been spotted by fans partying together, but it is unclear if they are still a couple.