Aloha Basketball Wives L.A.! The ladies head to paradise and drama was not far behind. Jackie encourages Imani to confront Laura…but when she does, I’m guessing Jackie wishes she had kept her mouth shut. There’s about to be a coup amongst the group — after a successful surfing lesson.

The sisters Govan are shopping for swimwear to take on their upcoming trip to Hawaii. Laura quickly runs down her take on the ladies. She thinks after her talk with Jackie, things are straight between them. Her friendship with “Iman” has gone from a ten to a cool two, and don’t even get her started on Draya. Gloria hopes they can all have a lighthearted good time. Good luck with that.

Across town, Imani is hiring movers to rid her garage of all of Laura’s belongings. Imani had agreed to let her store some things when she moved back to Los Angeles, but now that she’s heard that Laura has been talking smack about her she’s no longer going to be her free storage unit.


The ladies arrive in Hawaii and everyone seems to be getting along famously. The women are laughing at one another about each one’s particular “catch phrase.” Malaysia laughs when she’s called out for always saying “What had happened was…” and Imani is first to admit she constantly starts off sentences with “Let me explain something…” Everyone is laughing until they start teasing Jackie and she gets her feelings hurt. Even after the conversation moves on to other topics Jackie can’t get over the comments made about her. I’d repeat that comment here, but honestly, as it was bleeped out so many times, I’m not quite sure what it was!

Once they arrive at the hotel the women share a toast. Imani is very much looking forward to a relaxing time. And Bwahahahaha! I am so sure that will happen. The girls waste no time enjoying themselves, and they head out to a private luau. Jackie can barely sit in her seat before she starts talking about how “funny” it is that Laura and Malaysia are so buddy-buddy after having a giant brawl at the start of the season. Jackie and Imani are like the Richards sisters of the Basketball Wives world. Laura thinks they are beyond immature and she decides to have a dance off with the hula dancers to lighten the mood.

All of the other women join suit before being entertained by a fire juggler. Malaysia quickly moves farther away to spare her weave. Draya comments to Gloria about how delicious the pork is, and Jackie, even though there is a dead pig sitting on the banquet table, is shocked that it wasn’t chicken she’s been eating. She doesn’t eat pork! Jackie immediately starts crying. Is she allergic to pork? Does she avoid it due to religious reasons? I am confused.

The following morning Jackie and Imani are at breakfast, while Jackie prods Imani about confronting Laura. Laura and Malaysia join them and Jackie apologizes for her pork meltdown. The ladies then head out to soak up some rays, meeting up with an already sunbathing Draya. Imani thinks Draya is “so cute, it’s disgusting.” It seems Imani has forgotten she was the first lady to have issues with Draya. Jackie asks Draya how she feels about Laura and she suggests that Draya confront Laura about their tension. Jackie believes that Draya is going to lay the smack down on Laura, which confuses Draya, who truly seems to care less about the situation. Jackie, a self-proclaimed psychic, predicts that someone is going to get their a$$ handed to them on a silver platter.

Hang ten! The girls are going surfing, even Malaysia who can’t swim and Imani who has never been in the ocean. Is this Basketball Wives: Nebraska? They live within spitting distance of the Pacific! Regardless, it’s cool to see everyone stepping out of their comfort zone to try something new. Gloria is a tad embarrassed that Jackie insists on wearing a shower cap. Surprisingly, all of the women do a really great job — even non-swimmer Malaysia.

Even though there is still a bit of tension the women head out for a picnic on the beach, and they are joined by a giant sea turtle. They may need to check to see if the big guy is alive. The ladies have a photo shoot with the poor animal before it sulks back into the ocean. Laura pulls Imani aside to see if they can’t hash out their differences. Imani tells Laura that other people have told her she’s been talking badly about her. Imani has heard that Laura has said Imani needs to be wearing a bra right now is triflin’ and isn’t a good person. Laura is adamant she never said these things and Imani relays that she has one loyal friend who has kept her informed of Laura’s gossip. As the women discuss the rumors, I can almost see a light bulb go off over both of their heads. Who in the group using “triflin'” like it’s going out of style?

Back on the beach, a certain lady seems very concerned that the Laura-Imani summit is taking so long. Jackie believes that everything should be discussed out in the open, thus Laura and Imani don’t need to be excluding the group during this conversation. Gloria wonders why Jackie is so worried about their pow-wow. Light bulb! On the beach, Laura is telling Imani the slew of lies she’d heard that Imani said, but Laura maintains that she never believed them, as she knew Imani would never say that. Someone is starting to feel badly about moving someone else’s boxes, but I won’t say who…Laura laughs when she hears that Imani has moved her stuff — she says she would have done the exact same thing. The pair decides to keep their conversation to themselves when they rejoin the group. Even Draya thinks that Jackie seems paranoid about something.

Jackie and Draya head out for drinks. Jackie has no clue what Imani and Laura “conversated” about but she does know that the ladies have been going back and forth, and now they seem to be throwing her under the bus. Imani and Laura have clearly put her in the middle, now it’s Imani who has been talking behind Jackie’s back. Draya encourages Jackie to ignore it and take the high road, but Jackie insists on getting things out in the open. Jackie has grand plans for her and Draya to confront the the pair tonight. Draya looks like she is suffering from a major headache…and she is clearly not feeling her role as Jackie’s sidekick.

Laura, Imani and Malaysia convene to compare the things that they have heard about the others from Jackie. Malaysia admits she didn’t think the other women liked her because of what Jackie has said to her in the past. Imani now believes Laura 100% and all the anger she felt towards Laura is redirected at Jackie. Laura thinks Jackie’s actions stem from insecurity. Imani is seeing a “common thread.” She believes Jackie wants everyone to love her while hating each other. The trio decides to leave their discovery amongst the three of them until they decide how to approach Jackie.

Next week, Jackie goes off on Laura and confides in Draya how much she despises Imani and Laura. The women decide to confront Jackie…I’ll be curious to see how Draya handles it. While I feel like she keeps it real in her talking head interviews, she is Jackie’s main lackey confidante.