Love & Hip Hop Recap: Physchotic B*tches and Flaming Hair!

Last night’s Love & Hip Hop was filled with everything it should have been: a family feud between Jim Jones’ loud lady and rapping mother, Fab’s exes getting slightly friendly and, of course, Kimbella’s hair getting up close and personal with a candle wick. Priceless!

The episode begins with Chrissy Lampkin and Jim Jones discussing her chat with Yandy Smith over the ladies’ recent blow-up. Chrissy tells Jim that she feels like she could be a better manager for Jim than Yandy is. Poor Jim. He can barely get through his interview without looking like a kid off of his ADD meds… the last thing he needs is for his lady and manager to be feuding. He offers to let Chrissy help him design some coats for his collection instead. Chrissy’s on board until they pair gets in a tiff over her cut of the check. Jim laughs, saying that Chrissy is “[messing] up his concentration.” What did I just say about ADD? Those who have it can certainly spot it!


Emily Bustamante and the woman her ex was sleeping with while Emily was pregnant with his son Kimbella Vanderhee meet to rehash Emily’s off-color toast at Kimbella’s party. You remember, the one where Emily jokingly referenced Kimbella’s paramours… including Emily’s Fabolous. Kimbella starts off saying she wasn’t expecting to be so disrespected at her own shindig. Emily doesn’t really think she said anything horribly wrong, and besides, she had no clue it was Kimbella’s party. She even reveals that she had some pent up frustrations toward every other groupie her former man was with which she took out on the sole known offender.

Kimbella is concerned that she is getting the blame for a slew of jump-offs and Emily is the first to admit that Fabolous deserves equal blame as well. Kimbella is upset that Emily made such a toast at a night that involved her family and friends. Emily reminds her that she only toasted in front of the ladies who knew the situation… not like Kimbella who confessed her sins to Emily in front of a large group of her close friends. Emily wants to move on — she can’t be mad at Kimbella or else she feels she hanging onto a situation she no longer wants to hold on to, which seems pretty noble. The women go from bickering to laughing about the possibility of one day being friends (Emily isn’t ready for that) in about 2.5 seconds.

Olivia and her manager Rich are discussing her music career. Rich can’t understand why Olivia isn’t getting signed, and he’s scared. Olivia is defensive. Neither of them wants to take the independent route, although Rich is much more realistic about what goes into going it alone. Olivia feels like she’s already going it alone.

Kimbella and Somaya Reece meet up to work out together. Somaya can relate to being on the outskirts with the lady, but she doesn’t want to be put in the middle of things. Kimbella wants to plan a girls’ night out in hopes to make up for ruining Emily’s independence party with her whole “I slept with your man while you were pregnant… didn’t know he had a girlfriend, my bad!” confession. Somaya isn’t thrilled about being the middle (wo)man, but she agrees to invite Emily, though she warns Kimbella it won’t be so easy to get back in with the ladies. It will take her a while to earn their respect.

Olivia meets with record executive Wayne Williams. He is brutally honest about how poorly her record is doing, but he seems to have faith in her ability and talent. He wants a song that defines Olivia, one that resonates with personal emotion, not just some random track. Olivia sings for Wayne and he seems impressed, yet concerned as she’s already had two shots to make it big. Olivia is equal parts frustrated and angry that he doesn’t realize how much work she’s been putting into her career to make it a reality.

Jim is driving and rapping down the street. I am guessing that VH1 had to clear the streets due to his stellar driving ability. Wait a second… is this a video? Oh, nevermind, he’s just driving and rapping all the way to his mother’s house while the VH1 cameras take advantage of empty roads, amazing lip synching and funky camera angles. Once he arrives at Mama Jones’ house, I realize while it was no video, it was one kick a$$ hilarious scene. Mama Jones realizes that the tension between Chrissy and her is weighing on her son, and she wants to make it right. He isn’t very eager to ignore the mean rap his mother did about his lady (seriously, is this for real?). Mama Jones tries to say she wasn’t dissing Chrissy.

It appears that Jim is less concerned with her disrespecting his lady than the fact that his grown mother was rapping. I can totally see his side on this. Moms don’t rap, right? Jim doesn’t need an apology from his mother… he wants Chrissy to get an apology from her. He’s crying because his mother and his lady have such beef. Wait, did I just type that? I’m loving some Jim yet I’m equally baffled by him. As he leaves, I am secretly hoping he raps his way back down the street. No such luck.

Emily is getting her art gallery on and Somaya meets up with her to extend an invitation to Kimbella’s party. Emily just seems exhausted with the entire situation. She isn’t mad at Kimbella as she genuinely believes that Kimbella didn’t know about her while hooking up with Fab. Emily accepts the invitation, only to prove she’s not as prudish granny panties as her friends think she is.

Mama Jones meets Chrissy to discuss the status of their relationship. While Chrissy is hesitant, she seems to warm up to Mama pretty quickly and the women seem to mend fences relatively quickly. Chrissy jokingly points out that Mama Jones’ infamous “Psychotic B*tch” t-shirts are misspelled. They actually read “Phsychotic B*tch.” No worries, as Mama has made that her own word, defining it as the mental state one is in immediately before becoming “psychotic.” You can’t argue with that!

After meeting with Wayne, Olivia wants Yandy’s input on her career path. She admits to getting defensive at several of Wayne’s comments. Yandy thinks that if Wayne is talking he’s not doing it just to hear himself speak. Olivia needs to swallow her pride and heed his advice. Olivia tears up discussing her dysfunctional relationship with her mom. Yandy tells her that is exactly the kind of information Olivia needs to share with her fans. In Yandy’s expert opinion, people need to see that Olivia is human.

Jim surprises Chrissy with a romantic Moroccan dinner date. Chrissy is calling him out on all of his attempts. She finally gets him to admit he had his mother’s help planning the evening. Good Lord, I get dizzy every time Jim has his talking head interview. Stand still, man!

Kimbella’s party is stripperlicious. I bet this will be a wonderful way to get granny panties Emily on Kimbella’s good side. All of the strippers and sex toys are not Emily’s cup of tea, but she’s flattered that Kimbella has tables of drinks in her honor. The women begin discussing some freakish stories of why they don’t want stripper boy parts in their faces. I may never eat crab again. Olivia is getting a lap dance when Somaya starts to smell something burning. Oh, it’s nothing… it’s just KIMBELLA’S HAIR HAS CAUGHT FIRE!!! The stripper heroically puts out the flames in a clueless Kimbella’s tresses, and the poor woman then pulls out a chunk of charred hair from her scalp. Not like that’s going to ruin the party!

The male strippers appear to embarrass an already extremely uncomfortable Emily. Wouldn’t you know Chrissy selects this time to arrive? Kimbella approaches Chrissy in search of an apology for her beat down. Chrissy is way over having to explain herself. Really? Emily doesn’t want the tension to continue and Kimbella is shocked that Chrissy has the gaul to continue talking about her to Somaya and Emily at a party she’s hosting. The nerve! Kimbella interrupts the pow-wow. Chrissy has little respect for a woman who still wants to be her friend after Chrissy whooped her behind.

Next week, Kimbella is still hoping for an apology from Chrissy and asks for such via Facebook message. Um… Elsewhere Chrissy is upset with her friend for jamming out to Mama Jones‘ rap about her, and Emily styles a runway show which Fab will attend.