Last night’s Teen Mom 2 doubled the depressing. Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry both battled issues with their distant mothers, while Leah Messer-Simms and Chelsea Houska spent twice the time in the hospital.

Leah is taking time off work to spend time with the twins. She can’t get over her anxiety about Ali’s impending brain MRI. Leah tells her friend that while her daughters are her world, her life would be very different — and probably much easier — if she had waited to have children.

Kailyn is signing the lease on Isaac’s and her new digs. She found the apartment through a non-profit group and she’s keeping the news secret from her mother after getting an ugly note from her mom’s live-in boyfriend. Kailyn is excited to share the news with her boyfriend Jordan and has already decided to turn the laundry room into a small nursery for Isaac since she doesn’t have a washer and dryer.  Jordan seems excited about the prospect of being able to visit Kailyn and Isaac without having to deal with her mom or Jo… although it’s hard to tell, as he’s almost as monotone as his girlfriend.


True luv, y’all!  Chelsea has decided to get back together with Adam. She has to have surgery on her ACL and is hopeful that Adam will stay with her and Aubree while she recuperates. Her mother is out of town tending to a sick relative, and her father has to work. Her father questions Chelsea about her thoughts on Adam’s skills as a parent. Chelsea whines that she wants to rely on him, but her dad’s comments are making her doubt Adam’s abilities. Yeah, it’s definitely your dad’s statements that make Adam less than stellar.

After being kicked out of her mom’s house for spending time with Kieffer, Jenelle has been living in her car. In an ironic turn of events, she is now living in her vehicle alone after having to kick Kieffer out of their close quarters after yet another violent altercation. Maybe she’s more like Barbara than she’d like to admit. With nowhere to turn, she calls her mother and a shockingly calm (and dare I say, not totally, horribly negative) Barbara hopes her daughter will press charges against Kieffer. Jenelle wants to come home, but her mother isn’t ready to let all of her drama back in the house. However, she offers to meet Jenelle for dinner to discuss their situation.

After getting done with class, Kailyn’s friends come over to help her move before her mother’s boyfriend gets home from work. Her friends seem to be a bit confused that she hasn’t mentioned the move to her mom… and she’s taking a room’s worth of furniture out of her house. No worries, Kailyn plans to call her mom once she gets settled in her new place. After seeing how flighty her mother is on past episodes, she may not even notice Kailyn and Isaac are gone.

Chelsea seems super excited to have surgery because it means that Adam will be forced into the role of loving boyfriend and father as he diligently cares for his ailing girlfriend while playing super-dad to Aubree. Girlfriend has some pretty lofty aspirations if you ask me!  Adam arrives and expresses her concerns about Adam’s ability to watch their daughter alone. Worries, schmorries. It’s not like he immediately drops his daughter on her head or anything. Oh, wait… Chelsea ramps up her baby voice while talking to Adam as she comforts a crying Aubree. There has to be some kind of mathematical equation that likens the probability of heightened baby voice to greater douchebaggery. Any math majors reading this blog post?

Corey has taken off work to accompany Leah to Ali’s MRI. They are leaving Aleeah with Corey’s dad before making the early morning trek to the hospital. They really do have the tag-teaming down when it comes to taking care of the twins. Corey seems like a very hands-on dad. Leah is incredibly nervous and it’s more than obvious that an overly stoic Corey is trying to hide his concerns from his wife. It breaks my heart.

Chelsea’s happy family also heads to the hospital for her ACL surgery. A drugged up Chelsea and a fussy Aubree are sure to make for an impatient Adam — but hopefully he’ll prove me wrong.

After much thought, Jenelle decides to press charges against Kieffer. After filling out the necessary paperwork the magistrate asks Jenelle if Kieffer has a criminal record. Jenelle replies that he has no record, just a lot of pending charges. Um, that’s a record… at least according to this no-nonsense magistrate. Does Kieffer have any sort of history of domestic violence? Jenelle explains that there is no history of domestic violence between them — he’s never hit her. He’s just forcibly restrained her and forcefully thrown her into a car.  Again the magistrate tells Jenelle that yes, that would be considered domestic violence. I so wish I was watching this show without knowing the outcome in these situations, because the part of me that’s trying to forget all the stuff about to happen is feeling pretty proud of Jenelle right now.

After successfully vacating her mom’s house, Kailyn’s friends get her somewhat situated in her new apartment. It’s time for her to make The Phone Call. After telling her mom she’s moved out, there is a long pause. A do what? Her mom wishes she’d be let in on this major life plan… and she wants Kailyn to bring back the television stat. Priorities. Her friends are kind enough (and Kailyn is kind enough — I would have at least borrowed the TV for a few extra days — it’s not like her mom knows where she lives! #robberywhat?) to return the flat screen to her likewise monotone mother.

Adam is actually fending well for Aubree and himself while Chelsea is in surgery. Once it’s finished, Chelsea is crying and in a lot of pain.  Adam endearingly (sure, that’s the word) calls his fussy daughter a “little bastard” as she pulls on Chelsea’s hospital apparatus. Chelsea calls her dad, wanting some sympathy for her dire situation with no one but Adam to watch out for her, but thankfully she’s met with a blatant “I told you so” with her dad promising to check on her the following day. A kind nurse helps Adam soothe Aubree with a fun wagon ride. Meanwhile, at another hospital, Leah and Corey take Ali to her appointment. Leah discusses Ali’s issues with the nurse while Corey remains mute.

Jenelle meets up with an old friend to vent and get advice about her current situation. After revealing she’s pressing charges against Kieffer, her friend wants to know if that means they have broken up for good. Of course it doesn’t. As far as Jenelle is concerned, currently the couple is done. Currently. This scripted conversation between two long lost pals would be better suited for actual actresses. This exchange is neither sincere or believable.

Kailyn picks up Isaac from Jo’s house and tells him of her new apartment. This pair is doing a seemingly decent job getting along for the sake of their son. Kailyn’s friend comes over to celebrate Kailyn and Isaac’s first night in their new place with pizza and girl talk. Kailyn gets a text from her mother chastising her for forgetting to return the television’s remote control. Aww… at least she texted, right?

Corey seems to be having a hard time keeping it together as Leah tries to calm Ali while she’s being sedated. Did I say I was heartbroken before? This time I really am. Leah manages to hold her tears until she leaves the room, but collapses on Corey once they get to the hallway. Someone please remind me again why I watch this show??

Adam successfully gets Chelsea and Aubree home in one piece. Adam bathes his daughter and puts her to bed before having some lovey time with a baby talking Chelsea. Enough already!

Barbara meets her daughter for dinner and once again seems very concerned for Jenelle. Barbara wants the pair to make an agreement and wants Jenelle to spend more time with Jace. Her mother is offering an olive branch (and I’m not one to be Team Barbara), and Jenelle needs to be a bit more receptive to her mother’s gesture. Jenelle’s words agree with her mother, but her face is just sour and defiant. Speaking of moms, Kailyn meets her mother to return the dreaded remote. Her mother is hurt and they get into a fight. Kailyn is upset that her mother seems to have chosen her boyfriend over her, and mom is mad that Kailyn didn’t discuss the move with her. They are arguing in circles.

Leah and Corey are waiting impatiently for Ali’s MRI to be over. Corey does a great job comforting his wife.

On the next episode, Kailyn and Jordan discuss birth control, while Adam takes off with AubreeLeah and Corey get the results of Ali’s MRI, and what are you thinking?? Jenelle tells Kieffer she’s not sure they are done as a couple before he turns himself into police.


Photo Credit: MTV