On Tuesday’s episode of Real Housewives of Orange County, viewers were reminded of how delusional Alexis Bellino is with her Katie Kourig-ing, and why they don’t like Jim Bellino one bit! Well, now the Bible thumping couple is speaking out in defense of their marriage and insisting they’re right with each other and the teachings of Jesus.

Taking to his own blog, created purely to dispel the myth of Bravo editing (which is why he supposedly stopped appearing on the show in the first place), Jim explains that his marriage is actually very balanced and supportive.

“This dinner was more than two hours long, but what viewers will see is a two-minute segment put together for TV that doesn’t really show you the in-depth conversation and the detailed discourse that was had,” Jim begins. Adding that while he is “no theologian” the bible evokes that “a husband and wife shall be like-minded in life’s journey.”

“As the head of the household, I know that ultimately it is my responsibility to ensure that balance is always a priority, and that’s exactly what I was thinking about during my dinner with Alexis.” (Bolded By Jim for dramatic effect!). And Jim says his scrutiny over Alexis’ schedule was purely out of concern for her happiness.

“If you looked up one morning to find that your wife had three jobs and was running two companies, would you not want to address it with her, out of concern that she may become overwhelmed?;” he wonders. “Alexis is her own person, and I am not married to her to decide what challenges she takes up—I am here as her partner in marriage and in life to remind her of the big picture, just as she does for me.”


“Part of making my family the best family it can be is to challenge both Alexis and myself to always keep the balance. But because I need to fill the role of the chauvinist, bigoted, crazy Christian, the information is not delivered to you that way,” Jim insists.

“Instead what you see are disjointed snippets of a long and very nuanced conversation that make it seem as though I am calling Alexis’ ability and judgment into question, which is not the case at all,” he continues. “When I said a woman’s place is in the home, I had been cracking very dry jokes throughout the conversation.”

“In my mind, when this show is over, I will still be the breadwinner for my family. What Alexis brings to the table with her various careers and businesses is exceptional, and I am very proud of her.” Fair enough!

Alexis also speaks out and maintains that she and Jim see eye-to-eye on family roles. “My family dynamic has definitely changed over the past two years. When I first began with the Housewives, I never pictured my career being what it is today,” she explains in her Bravo Blog. “You all know that Jim and I have always agreed that we have very different roles in our household. I was the caretaker inside the home, and he was the caretaker outside the home.”

“However, with my career where it is currently, that is simply impossible. I happened to change my role mid-marriage and Jim jumped on board immediately. I am very thankful for this.” Alexis insists that despite how it appears, Jim is entirely supportive of her goals and her career. “I love that man and I value his advice! He has always truly been 100 percent supportive of my career and 100 percent honest with me. I would not have married him otherwise.”

Moving on, Alexis also talks about her so-called horrendous and unprofessional appearance on her latest Fox5 news segment. Alexis explains that she was just very passionate about the subject and that in actuality she did a great job. “Here is my actual Fox5 interview. It went amazing!” she tweeted.

Alexis also took issue with the way Bravo portrayed her newscastering, Tweeting: “If they saw the REAL segment everyone would vote I did great! That was a crock what you guys did to me! :-(” She added, “it went smoothly & everyone spoke equally!XO” And you can see for yourself – a clip of Alexis in the real segment is below. It’s much improved from the Dr. Booty episode. Yikes!

In other Alexis news, she announced that she would be making a cameo appearance on the soap opera, General Hospital! “I just arrived on set of ‘General Hospital’ for my 1st cameo appearance! Exciting!” She added, “My episode airs May 9th, so be sure to tune in to see what my role is!” I wonder if Jim approves of that?

Tamra Barney is speaking out about cast drama and her recent cervical cancer scare. In a recent interview with WetPaint, Tamra admitted that most of the ladies don’t really like each other at all! “It’s all a crock of sh*t,” Tamra said emphatically.

“You know, for us, this is a business,” she continued. “When we’re together in a situation like this, we can be cordial and nice. But when the cameras are on and it’s time to go to work, we have to keep it real.” The ladies of RHOC appeared together on The Dr. Oz show yesterday.

Co-star, Gretchen Rossi, agreed that things aren’t always as they appear, and that the reunion will get very fiesty! “There’s a lot of stuff that transpired this season. There was a lot of BS and people who didn’t step up.” And even though she is still working on her friendship with Tamra, it hasn’t been smooth sailing. “We’re getting along a lot better now, but believe me, Tamra and I definitely will have something to say to each other.”

Finally, days after announcing she had a cervical cancer scare, Tamra is talking about how it will affect her upcoming marriage to Eddie Judge and how her new boobs are holding up! Tamra tells Ology: “Life is so busy and we haven’t even actually started to plan where we are going to get married. We are talking about something next year. We are talking maybe destination wedding. There’s just so much to discuss.”

As for children, the couple is considering expanding their family. “I think if we do decide we’re talking about adoption. He was adopted so we’d really like to give another child an opportunity,” she shares. “He has no children and I still have three small children in the house so we just recently moved in together. He’s kind of wrapping his brain around that and we’re still taking baby steps and getting used to that.” Wow – best of luck to the couple!

And finally, she is discussing her recent implant removal! Tamra reveals that her doctors warned her that she had to have surgery immediately. “They said, ‘It’s bad, it’s stage-four cancer cells,'”reveals to Life & Style. “[When they explained it], I remember thinking, Wait a minute! It’s like all of a sudden, What?”

“I was freaked out that cancer would be behind the implants, so I took them out altogether,” she discloses. And despite his initial worry, Eddie is completely happy with her newest set of titties! “He likes them a lot better!” she confesses. “I think being in your 40s, there’s a whole different outlook on life: You get a little more confident, giving up that part of you where you care too much what people think. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”


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