Alexis Bellino And Gretchen Rossi At War Over FoxFive News Job! Both Accuse The Other Of Lying! Plus PHOTO: Tamra Wears Michael Costello!

Well, well… the blondes of Real Housewives of Orange County are separating faster than tanning oil and water—and the blow-ups are about to get bigger than Alexis Bellino‘s twins. The pair always exploding out of her blouses!

Last week the writing was on the wall (can these ladies read?) for Alexis and former BFFL Gretchen Rossi when Gretch not only insulted one of Lex’s part-time careers—the newscastering one—but she claimed Alexis was the producers second choice. And who was the first choice? None other than Gretchen, herself! Some girls have all the luck – she’s part of a world renowned dance troupe, she’s dating Slave Slimey, and Fox5 thinks she’s news worthy! #jealous

Upon learning that she was Gretch’s sloppy seconds, Alexis was hurt, and offended. Hey, who wouldn’t be? I mean they are supposed to be friends, right? So Lex decided to do what all good newscasters do—a little investigative journalism! “The minute Gretchen left my home I called my Fox Five producer to confirm if this was true, and she said it was absolutely not true,” Alexis reports in her Bravo Blog. “They were only asking Gretchen to do one segment as a co-host with me, and had no plans ever of giving Gretchen her own correspondent position.”


And because she’s, like, a way, way better friend Alexis insists she would never tell somebody they were her sloppy seconds. This ‘everybody’s left-overs’ is sort of a thing with her, isn’t it? First, Peggy Tanous, now Gretch! “I have had similar things happen where I have been asked to host an appearance and I had to say no because I was already booked, then Gretchen would end up doing it and I never once felt I should call her and tell her that. What for? What good does it do? It’s a slap in the face, and not very supportive.”

“It was like Gretchen had to say that to make herself feel better because she couldn’t be truly happy for my success,” Alexis continues. “The truth is, I have felt a disconnect with Gretchen that started months ago.”

And apparently, this is one friendship that will not survive the season! Fairweather, indeed! “The saddest part is that it only gets worse throughout the upcoming episodes,” Alexis reveals. “In an upcoming episode, something occurs between Gretchen and I that absolutely crushes me, and I know you will all see the true colors of all the women by the end of the season. There is an accumulation of several things that are very eye opening.”

Of course, since this is Housewives and no one has heard of a phone that does not operate on speaker whilst cameras are rolling, Gretchen is responding in her own Bravo blog. She claims that, of course, she would never lie! Like, she’s the most honest person ever and Alexis is full of silicone baloney!

“It’s true that I got offered the same job and wasn’t able to do it because I had too much going on at the time,” Gretchen protests. “For her to challenge that and say I am lying is ridiculous. What good reason would I have to lie about that? I guess I should have brought the e-mails to prove it to her.”

“It’s funny to me that she would accuse me of lying about that when after all she is the one that was lying about being a news anchor!” Ouch! And really, lying and these two… Botox meet Restylane!

Gretchen continues:

“The harsh truth is that I found myself in an awkward situation because they continued to ask if I still had interest in the job after they had already hired her. They can deny it all they want to Alexis. It makes sense that they would, because why would they burn that bridge in case they couldn’t find anyone else, but unfortunately that is the truth.

I felt bad I knew this and wanted to find a nice way to let my friend know because I thought it sucked for her. I knew I needed to be honest with her and was looking for the right time to tell her.

I believed I was being a good friend by not reconsidering taking the job and trying to find a way to kindly tell her what was going on. Unfortunately lesson learned with her and next time I will just blurt it out that they alluded they weren’t happy with her performance at the time, so that way I am not accused of trying to steal her thunder or not being happy for her.”

Um… wow. So I’m guessing these two have had a major falling out. Something tells me Tamra Barney isn’t completely to blame!

Gretchen echos: “As this season unfolds, you will start to see her take heat for being fake and phony and not telling the truth even when necessary at times.” Does anyone think the real reason Gretch is so spiteful is because Alexis Couture is selling better than Gretchen Christine? I joke, I joke – I know neither of those “fashion lines” are flying off the shelves!

And finally, Tamra has been supporting a fellow reality star! In the recent episode Tamra was sporting Project Runway All Stars‘ alum Michael Costello‘s lame silver mini dress. “Thank you Michael Costello,” Tamra tweeted, including some Facebook photos wearing the dress with the girls while in Vegas! Photos of Tamra wearing Michael’s dress are below!


Vicki, Heather, and Tamra in Vegas from last week’s episode. Tamra’s dress is by Michael Costello! [Photo Credit: Tamra’s Facebook]

Tamra and Eddie in Vegas. Another shot of the dress. Cute, no? [Photo Credit: Tamra’s Facebook]