PHOTOS – Meet The 25 Bachelors of Emily Maynard’s The Bachelorette Season!


With just three weeks until the premiere of The Bachelorette Season 8, ABC has released the photos of the 25 contestants vying for for Emily Maynard‘s heart!

Emily will traverse the globe looking for love, but her journey will begin in her hometown of Charlotte, NC. Emily will experience her share of ups and downs – namely juggling the show and being a single mom.

According to the ABC press release, Emily is hoping the third times a charm and she will meet the man to spend the rest of her life with! As for what she’s looking for in a man, her requests are simple. “She is looking for someone who makes her laugh, doesn’t take himself too seriously and can be her best friend.”

“Emily feels incredibly grateful to have found her first love when she was very young, and despite not having dated a lot, knows what it’s like to be truly in love. In the past seven years, she has been looking for someone with the same spark she has for life, and she believes that she will find her soul mate on ‘The Bachelorette.'”

The Bachelorette premieres May 19th at 8:30/9:30c on ABC.

[Photo Credits: ABC]



Travis Pope, Age: 30, Occupation: Advertising Sales Rep, Hometown: Madison, MS

Aaron Martell, Age: 36, Occupation: Biology Teacher, Hometown: North Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

Alejandro Velez, Age: 25, Occupation: Mushroom Farmer, Hometown: Medellin, Colombia

Alessandro, Age: 30, Occupation: Grain Merchant, Hometown: Uberlandia, Brazil


Arie Luyendyk, Jr., Age: 30, Occupation: Race Car Driver, Hometown: Den Bosch, Netherlands

Brent, Age: 41, Occupation: Technology Salesman, Hometown: Midland, TX

Charlie Grogan, Age: 31, Occupation: Recruiter, Hometown: Worchester, MA

Chris Bukowski, Age: 25, Occupation: Corporate Sales Director, Hometown: Bartlett, IL

David, Age: 33, Occupation: Singer/Songwriter, Hometown: Charlottesville, VA

Doug Clerget, Age: 33, Occupation: Real Estate Agent, Hometown: Seattle, WA

Jackson, Age: 29, Occupation: Fitness Model, Hometown: Chicago, IL

Jean-Paul, Age: 35, Occupation: Marine Biologist, Hometown: Moraga, CA

Jef Holm, Age: 27, Occupation: Entrepreneur, Hometown: St. George, UT

Joe Gendreau, Age: 27, Occupation: Field Energy Advisor, Hometown: Orlando, FL

John Wolfner, Age, 30, Occupation: Data Destruction Specialist, Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Kalon McMahon, Age: 27, Occupation: Luxury Brand Consultant, Hometown: Houston, TX

Kyle Dillon, Age: 29, Occupation: Financial Advisor, Hometown: Longbeach, CA

Lerone, Age: 29, Occupation: Real Estate Consultant, Hometown: Laguna Beach, CA

Michael Nance, Age: 26, Occupation: Rehab Consultant, Hometown: Tahoka, TX

Nate Baake, Age: 25, Occupation: Accountant, Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ

Randy, Age: 30, Occupation: Marketing Manager, Hometown: Oak Creek, WI

Ryan Bowers, Age: 31, Occupation: Pro Sports Trainer, Hometown: Augusta, GA

Sean Lowe, Age: 28, Occupation: Insurance Agent, Hometown: Dallas, TX

Stevie, Age: 26, Occupation: Party MC, Hometown: Monroe Township, NJ

Tony Pieper, Age: 31, Occupation: Lumber Trader, Hometown: Beaverton, OR