EXCLUSIVE: Is Melissa Gorga’s Happy Marriage All For The Cameras? Plus Is Joe Gorga To Blame For Problems With Teresa?

The last two seasons of Real Housewives of New Jersey fans have watched the Gorgadice family fall apart over what seems like petty arguments, silly competitions, and straight-up jealousy. Viewers have seen sisters-in-law from hell Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga blame each other for the problems and cite jealousy over money, marriage, and fame as the reasons for family discord.

It also seems like Melissa and Joe G-to-the-Orga‘s marriage has been the polar opposite of Teresa and Joe G-to-the-Iudice‘s tumultuous marriage. Well, Reality Tea’s source tells us EXCLUSIVELY that Melissa and Joe’s marriage is all for show – literally – and before Bravo cameras started rolling they had many problems of their own which they now disguise for the the sake of reality television!


Our source also reveals that Jowee’s feud with Teresa originated when she became the break-out star of RHONJ and over money he owes Teresa’s other sister-in-law Sheila Giudice‘s brother! Sheila is married to Joe’s brother, Pete Giudice. She is reportedly in talks to join next season’s cast!

Melissa and Joe “are not this fantasy couple,” our source informs us. “They are totally laying it on thick for the cameras and because Teresa and Joe are not in a good place.”

“Melissa and Joe have had their own share of issues. This whole nonsense of him putting her on a pedestal has all stared since the cameras have been rolling!;” our source reveals. And Joe G-to-the-Iudice is not the only one who has been accused of cheating! “Melissa had her own bout with Joe’s infidelities.” Additionally, “Joe made a lot of demands on Melissa like staying thin even when pregnant.”

It seems that all the tension started over Joe’s adoration of his sister Teresa. The Gorga siblings were raised in a tight-knit, very traditional Italian family and Joe always deferred to Teresa – even after he got married. With the cameras rolling and a desire for fame all that has changed. “Melissa is thrilled to be #1 in her husband’s eyes. For a long time, she was #2 and Teresa was #1,” our source shares. “Joe always wanted Melissa to be just like his sister. Joe created a lot of this competition. Melissa’s family was always second to Joe’s. Now, her family is #1.”

“Melissa may play the innocent role, but that isn’t the case. She truly was always jealous of Teresa’s success and her goal was to get on the show,” our source adds. “It was one thing Teresa had that she didn’t and she wanted it too!”

Unfortunately a desire for fame has taken a toll on the family! “All of them let fame really take over and ruin their family. They exhaust themselves trying to keep up with each other,” our source explains. According to our source both ladies have “played the game for years,” and recently their spite has even escalated to throwing away gifts from each others’ families! This issue will be a source of this upcoming episode’s fight between Melissa and Teresa.

“[Melissa] does like Teresa and her husband fighting. Melissa has let fame get to her head very quick!;” our source adds. “She and Teresa have ALWAYS been in competition and now Melissa LOVES that Teresa can’t one up her about fame.”

And allegedly Joe G-to-the-Iudice’s anger at his brother-in-law is a result of an loan he never repaid! “Joe Gorga has yet to pay the 80,000 he owes Sheila Giudice’s brother for the work on the buildings they showed he was putting up [on last Sunday’s episode]. He owes a lot of people money out there.” WOW!

Moving on, our source also tells us the drama with the Manzos mostly has to do with their resentment over being forced to continue with the show because of a four-season contract. “The Manzo’s are SO over RHONJ. They have no interest in being on the show anymore,” our source discloses. “Caroline [Manzo] has avoided drama her whole life and to be involved with all this nonsense now, it’s just worth it to her.”

Because of a desire to leave the spotlight, Caroline has been deflecting it onto her children – namely Albie and Christopher. They attempted to get a spinoff titled “Boys to Manzo,” which started with webizodes but was never picked up.

Well, now the Manzo boys have a new gig. They are hosting a RHONJ themed trivia night! All proceeds go to charity. You can also win a date with Albie while you’re there. Yeah – he’s back on the market. Hmmm.. I wonder why? (ahem… overbearing mother!)