REPORT – Is Andy Cohen Over The Real Housewives?

Is Andy Cohen tired of his role as ring master of the circus? Is he over refereeing constant fights and drama amongst the ladies of Bravo?

Sources say Andy is tired of dealing with the Real Housewives of everywhere and no doubt our delightful ladies of New Jersey are what put him over the edge! According to the NY Daily News, Andy is over being judged by the company he keeps and he feels his association with the non-stop drama of the series that put his name on the map is ruining his credibility.

Apparently, this is not the show Andy started out developing and the antics have gotten too much for the budding talk show host who wishes to pursue his own face in the spotlight instead of promoting the trashy behavior of the ladies he made famous!

A source close to the Housewives franchise claims Andy “has been trying to distance himself from ‘Housewives’ because he wants to be taken seriously as a talk-show host” and because the low-class behavior of the ladies doesn’t fit in with his new A-List aspirations! “He wants to have his fancy celebrity friends, and the girls don’t fit.”


Proof that Andy is trying to separate himself from the series – none of the Housewives were invited to a recent swanky party thrown by Anderson Cooper to celebrate the publication of Andy’s memoir, “Most Talkative: Stories From the Front Lines of Pop Culture.” In fact the only Bravolebrity present was budding talk show host Bethenny Frankel!

Anderson threw the party at his lavish West Village home and it featured a bevy of TV heavyhitters, including Jimmy Fallon, Kelly Ripa, Gayle King – and even some media moguls like Barry Diller. Andy is hoping to establish himself on the talk show circuit and take his show to the next level.

“Andy ultimately wants to compete with Chelsea Handler and Jimmy Fallon,” the insider explains. And he’s hoping to rebrand himself as king of the nightlife and step away from his image a Bravo puppetmaster!

And even Andy’s recent memoir was written to graft that image of Andy “the media personality & celebrity” as opposed to Andy “the behind the scenes man”. Sadly, Andy still relies on the Housewives, which made him famous. Watch What Happens Live‘s numbers lag significantly on nights when the show doesn’t follow a Housewives series or feature a guest from one of the RH shows.

Andy’s show originally aired only following a Housewives episode, but with dreams of developing his own nighttime talk show (and perhaps untangling himself from the Housewives web) Andy expanded to five-nights a week – several of those nights feature no Housewives guests! And the ratings aren’t doing nearly as well!

Nielsen data shows that on May 1st Andy’s show, which followed Real Housewives of Orange County had 966,000 viewers. The next two nights the show clocked in with 810,000 viewers and 691,000 viewers. The significance… Wednesday and Thursday there’s no Real Housewives shows airing! These numbers are not an anomaly. Data for all of April substantiates the numbers.

Indeed this past week, Sunday night’s WWHL which featured Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Melissa and Joe Gorga and drew a shocking 1.7M viewers, while the following night’s show with guests Kelly and Anderson only grabbed 873,000 viewers. Ouch!

So it seems, at least for now Andy has a ways to go in separating himself from the franchise which he is closely intertwined.

Of course, a rep for Bravo is denying that Andy has any interest in leaving his ladies behind, calling rumors of a split “untrue.” Adding that Bravo “had nothing to do with the private party that Anderson threw for Andy.”

“Bravo is throwing a party for Andy in L.A. and every Bravolebrity is invited,” the rep added. That party will take place on Monday. As for concerns about WWHL’s ratings, “Bravo is very happy with the success of “Watch What Happens Live,” the rep insists. “It is outperforming our expectations five nights a week.”

Personally, I think Andy loves the drama of the housewives and while I do believe he wants to be famous for his talk show, he seems delighted by the ladies’ escapades and nonsense. And tons of A-Listers watch this crap and relish in it’s craziness, so he’s probably the hit of parties everywhere he goes. I mean, just cause he employs the Housewives, doesn’t mean he has to be friends with them, right?