Former RHOC Star Lynne Curtin Divorcing After 20 Years; Plus (Multiple!) Wedding Bells for Tamra! And Gretchen Engaged?

For your Friday dose of The Real Housewives of Orange County, we have three weddings and a divorce, and an on-and-off friendship that is apparently back on again.  I’m sure I’ll be telling you differently on Monday!

And another Bravo Housewives marriage bites the dust.  Lynne Curtin, the cuff selling, non-blinking, exercise fanatic from seasons four and five of RHOC, is planning to divorce her husband Frank.  As you recall, the couple famously lived far above their means (which is apparently a qualification to be on the franchise), with Frank hiding the money woes from his wife and two daughters.  The couple was even served with an eviction notice while being filmed for the show!

Yesterday Lynne announced, “After more than 20 years of marriage Frank and I have decided to go our separate way.  I love Frank but it was time to go out on my own.”

“Who knows what the future holds, but I’m looking forward to doing the things that I want to do,” continues Lynne, adding that she has yet to file for divorce.

In a phone interview with the Orange County Register, Frank stated, “I’m not a willing participant in this. It hurts to even think about it or talk about it. Call me old-fashioned, but I take my vows very seriously.”


He shares, “I’m deeply in love with my wife. Business is so bad, it has caused a lot of stress in my relationship. I love my wife. She’s just not herself right now.”  Not herself?  Has she had more plastic surgery?

“It’s hard to even confirm it,” Frank laments when asked for confirmation on the split.  “How do you confirm something that you don’t want? This is intensely personal. It’s very heartbreaking for me. We’ve been together a long time — for 23 years we’ve been together. It’s painful to even talk about it.”  Besides being shady with his funds, I always liked Frank and Lynne together.

From a potential divorce to an upcoming wedding, or maybe even two!  Make that three…two for Tamra Barney and one for Gretchen Rossi.  At her recent launch for Wine by Wives, Tamra told UsMagazine that she’s “thinking about having two weddings” with fiance Eddie Judge.

“We’re thinking about maybe going to Mexico with the kids and [our parents]. . .and then coming home and having a big fabulous wedding for hundreds of people,” Tamra explains.

However, she doesn’t want the private ceremony filmed for the series…let Bravo pay for show the huge OC wedding.  Of the second wedding, Tamra adds, “[W]e’d do a big one for all our friends, because it’s so hard to get people to travel. And, of course, the cameras want to be there!”  Of course they will!

While it’s unclear as to whether Andy Cohen will give her away, Tamra is shooting for the stars, hoping Stevie Nicks will be available to perform on her big (bigger?) day.  She realizes though that the chances of getting that wedding singer are “zip.”  This will be Tamra’s third marriage, and presumably third–and fourth–wedding.

There are also rumored wedding bells for Tamra’s favorite frenemy.  Gretchen was recently interviewed by All About TRH, and while she divulged that she and Tams are like, omg, super close, she is very tight-lipped on any engagement speculation between her and Slade Smiley.  Wait, I thought Gretchen and Tamra were back to hating one another…I just can’t keep up with these “ladies.”  A portion of that interview is below:

Who are you now closest with from the show?

Currently I would say I am closest with Tamra and Heather [Dubrow], we hang out outside of filming, and talk weekly.

How is yours and Tamra’s relationship right now?

Actually we are doing great. We text almost every day to check in with one another and we really seem to just get each other right now. It’s still so weird to say that sometimes but I am just relieved that we are no longer at each others’ throats. It’s been a lot of work to make this relationship work and a lot of learning to trust each other again, but we actually have a lot of fun together and are just very straight forward girls. There is no BS with us which is nice. She is in a much better place in her life which has been a huge reason why we can see eye to eye better now, and I am very happy for her! No matter what has happened with me and these girls I do always want the best for them all.

Are there any regrets since being on the show?

Regrets no, not now. I have stayed focused on my goals, created amazing collections within the beauty and fashion spaces and I have been so blessed to love what I do every day! However, the scrutiny is hard! People really want to see you fall and try to tear you down (including cast members) I don’t care how thick of skin you have, it’s hard when people challenge your character, your choices, your men, your friendship, your career choices. It’s not easy to live your life in the public eye and have everyone’s opinions about what you are doing swirling around you all the time. However I have learned how to walk through it all with my head held high and be “Unbreakable” despite all the lies and crap that is said about me. Thus the inspiration behind my new single “Unbreakable” ! I can’t wait for it to be released, it’s about facing and beating whatever struggles you have, no matter what life throws at you, no matter how many haters, or bullies or hurdles in life. I want everyone who is having a hard time with something to turn this song on, blast it, and sing along remembering they too are Unbreakable no matter what!

Slade and you are finally engaged! When do you two plan on getting married?

Your going to just have to watch and see what happens this season, and btw there has been no formal announcement of an engagement just speculation.

And there you have it folks!  I hope I got my math right with all the impending nuptials we’re sure to see on Bravo!