Last week Melissa and Joe Gorga put their custom-built NJ home on the market for $3.8M, Melissa took to twitter to explain that the couple wants to relocate to nearby Franklin Lakes and that building their new dream home will be part of next season’s storyline (so is that confirmation that she’s coming back?). Melissa also said they would not start construction on the new home until the old one has sold.

Melissa and Joe also listed their Jersey Shore home for sale. This led many to wonder if the Real Housewives of New Jersey stars were having financial difficulty! Well, according to RadarOnline the PDA-laden couple is flat-out broke! “Melissa and Joe are in way over their heads. Joe owes a lot of people money. They have the house on the market because they can’t pay the mortgage now that the interest rate on it has exploded,” a source close to the couple reveals.

Apparently, Joe and Melissa did what many aspiring famewhores did – they exaggerated their wealth and prestige for the sake of the show. Remember, Bravo likes to promote the whole aspiration wealth thing! “They are portraying a life they that they really didn’t live prior to the show,” the source continues. “Melissa likes to drop name brands now and has become very arrogant.” Reality Tea’s own source previously revealed that Melissa has really let fame go to her head and pretends to be fabulously wealthy.


However, according to Radar’s insider Joe and Melissa are anything but! Allegedly, before the show they lived in a “modest” half-million dollar 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home, but when Bravo came aknockin’ they decided to move into the Montville mansion Joe had initially built to sell in order to fit-in – and compete with Teresa Giudice! “Joe loves the fact that Joe Giudice has financial issues, yet he’s in the same boat!;” the source adds.

“Joe built the house as a spec home, hoping to find a buyer,” the source continues. “As a builder, he got an interest free loan for a period of time in which he was to sell the house.”

“When his wife was hired for RHONJ, the Gorgas decided to abandon their home and move in to give themselves an appearance of wealth that they don’t really have.” Unfortunately, just like with Teresa, living beyond their means has started to catch up with the Gorgas who are now, allegedly, in way over their heads financially. “Now, the interest-free period on the loan has expired, so they have to move,” the source explains. Uh-oh! I smell another RHONJ bankruptcy!

Moving on, Reality Tea’s own source tells us things between Melissa and her in-laws continues to be fraught. Melissa confronted allegations that her in-laws do not like her on her Bravo blog this past week. She assured us that her in-laws come over weekly and their relationship with her is strong.

Our source confirms that Joe’s parents do visit once a week, but it’s only for the sake of their grandchildren! “They do it for their son and play the part. They love their son and grandchildren,” our source tells Reality Tea EXCLUSIVELY. “They do not like Melissa, never have and to date still do not. They blame her quest for fame for the issues at hand.”

And apparently even though Teresa’s parents also find fault with her behavior, they find Melissa and Joe’s decision to sell out the family drama reprehensible. “Even if Teresa is wrong they find it disgraceful they would share all this on National TV,” our source continues.

Additionally, our source reveals what many have long suspected – Bravo’s only interest in Melissa and Joe was their feud with Teresa! “Melissa was dying to be on the show since the very beginning,” our source alleges. “Melissa and Joe were not presented the same opportunity to join the show that Teresa was. They knew Bravo’s only interest in them was their family fights.”

“Teresa and her parents and many others feel that Melissa and Joe sold family [out] for short lived fame.”

And in regards to last week’s very dirty fight between the sister-in-laws, our source explains that both Melissa and Teresa were equally responsible for the drama! Melissa “is all about material possessions much like Teresa always was.”

As for the relationship between Teresa and Kim D, our source confirms it is all for show – just like many viewers suspected! “Kim D is a trouble maker!;” our source shares. “Teresa and Kim D became extremely close but, of course because they had something up their sleeve. One of Kim D’s very good friends, Penny Karagiorgis Drossos owns a hair salon called La Chateau Allure.”

“Teresa NEVER stepped foot into her hair salon until the day of the Posche Fashion Show. Penny and her husband happen to be friends with an ex co- worker of Melissa’s from Lookers.” Penny confirms this information in an interview she did with Will Love. “Pete and Sheila Giudice also happen to be friends with Penny and her husband,” our source adds.

And Penny’s motivation is, of course, a spot on RHONJ! “Penny is so beyond desperate to be on RHONJ,” our source continues. “All of them want to take Melissa down. They keep saying they are going to expose her past. They make comments that they have photos of Melissa they are going to release. Penny even formed a following on Twitter BEGGING Andy Cohen to put her on the show. She is more desperate than Kim G. was, if you can imagine that.”

Oh, Kim G – please let your granny-ass be back this season. I cannot take a whole, long season without your crazypants ways!

Finally, tonight marks an all-new episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey. The crazy between siblings continues as Teresa and Joe G-to-the-Orga get into an argument over last week’s argument with Melissa. Family tension reaches an all-time high as Joe storms away from Teresa, leaving her in tears. Jacqueline continues to have issues with Ashlee who is thousands of miles away still screwing up. A preview of tonight’s episode is below!

Real Housewives of New Jersey airs tonight at 10/9c on Bravo. Reality Tea will be Live-Tweeting all the drama, so make sure to join us! And follow us on Twitter! Cause we’re, like, totally awesome, you know!





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