RHONJ Cast Gang Up On Teresa; Claim Fame Has Gone To Her Head! Teresa Responds! Plus, Penny Drossos Accuses Melissa Of Lying About Her Past!

There’s always something with the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Which is probably why they’re our favorite of the Housewives franchises. The ladies can never keep the drama or the fashions tame and understated. As the ladies have been making the media rounds to promote the upcoming season, one key member of the cast has been conspicuously absent.

Teresa Giudice has been keeping a lowish profile as of late – at least where the RHONJ is concerned – and focusing on her other reality venture, Celebrity Apprentice. Apparently that’s a calculated move on her co-tarts’ part as they are refusing to do any publicity with her! Eeks.

“It is so ugly between Teresa and the rest of the cast that they can’t even be in the same room with each other,” a network insider tells The Huffington Post. “But this isn’t one-sided, and the hate goes both ways. Caroline Manzo, Kathy Wakile, Jacqueline Laurita, and Melissa Gorga want nothing to do with Teresa, and she wants nothing to do with them.”

And apparently the cast is yet again blaming Teresa for all of this season’s drama.  “This season is the most dramatic yet,” Melissa one cast member reveals. “It got so ugly that I’m not sure any of us will want to return for another season if Teresa remains on the show. The betrayal and backstabbing is heartbreaking. I have not seen how it will be all edited together yet, but let’s just say everyone will get to see [Teresa’s] true colors.”


And perhaps proving that the ladies are eager to stonewall Teresa, the cast recently did a sit-down with Life & Style where they dropped hints that some people really have let fame go to their head. <<eye roll>>

“Fame is like a drug,” Caroline explains, claiming that her former friend definitely needs some rehab. “If you don’t have your feet planted solidly on the ground, it can really take you for a trip.” Jacqueline adds, “Teresa has an unhealthy need to be the best.” And she believes that once Teresa started to see the other ladies as threats to her rising star status her ego got completely out of hand.

Kathy chimes in, saying she’s treated Teresa with “kid gloves” to avoid angering her. Melissa hasn’t made an effort to hide her feelings, telling the mag she has felt under attack from Teresa and is very hurt by comments Teresa made accusing her of being a gold digger. “It hurt so bad,” Melissa recalls. “There’s just no reason to ever say something like that.”

Teresa, herself, is speaking out about the comments from her former friends and her relatives. And Teresa insists it’s the other way around – that everyone has teamed up against her! “In a perfect world, I’d be closer with my family,” Teresa explains. “Or, at the very least, my friends would help me repair those relationships rather than attempt to cause additional problems between us.”

Call me crazy, but it seems like these ladies – and Bravo – are all too eager to paint Teresa as the scapegoat! And believe me, Teresa has caused her share of problems, but I’m pretty sure she’s not the only one stirring up trouble! It makes me wonder who exactly the true famewhores are? Afterall, we’ve seen a very different side of Teresa on Celebrity Apprentice and several people I’ve spoken to have changed their tune about her since watching the show. That being said -she’s still a total drama queen and marginally insane.

And finally, we’ve all heard of La Chateau Allure Salon, the infamous location where all of this season’s Posche Fashion Show drama began. It’s where Teresa met Angelo Vrohidis; the man who purports to be Melissa’s boss at Lookers, where she may or may not have been a stripper.  In a recent interview with Will Love, hotly disputed salon owner and celebrity hairdresser Penny Drossos talked about that evening and how she knows the ladies of New Jersey – specifically Melissa!

Apparently Penny met them at the New Jersey Mecca – Posche! Where she struck up a friendship with Kim D. And the rest is history.

As for Melissa, who has maintained that she never met Penny, and doesn’t know her. Penny disputes this; insisting Melissa actually used to get her hair styled at Penny’s salon “for years!” “I’ve known her through mutual friends” Penny explains and from various events. “It’s kinda funny, you don’t know me, yet you’re trying to attack me on Twitter?”

“Don’t have your attorney twitter me insulting things. You have something to say to me, honey, come and find me,” she advises Melissa.

Apparently the day of the Posche Fashion show, all the Housewives were supposed to film at Penny’s salon, but only Teresa and Kim D showed up. “I know there were arguments between the wives that day,” Penny reveals about the schedule change, adding that no one was being “forced” to get their hair done at La Chateau Allure.

Penny describes that evening as crazy. “It’s gonna be a firework event; there was no set-up as everybody claims there was. It wasn’t done maliciously. It was, you know, a fluke accident as you wanna say. It’s a small world, a lotta people know people.”

Penny says the event was “harmless” and maintains it wasn’t meant to be an ambush as Melissa has claimed. “You can’t throw stones when your past isn’t so great,” Penny added. “The truth is the truth and you can’t run from it. I don’t know how I would threaten you, unless you have lies about something and you’re afraid of it coming out.”

“Unfortunately, it did happen in my salon,” she concedes “Without any malicious meaning behind it, as you will see.”

Penny is adamant that Angelo is being honest about his relationship with Melissa and her past. “There’s no reason to act like you don’t know people who you worked with for thirteen-years of your life.”

“She did work for Angelo. He was the manager for Lookers for thirteen-years. And he’s not retracting his story, no matter how many threats he gets.  He did manage her. Somebody would not make up a story or set her up as she’s saying.” Well… that’s interesting. Some photos of Penny at The Posche Fashion show with Teresa and Kim D are below!

[Photo Credits: Dave Kotinsky/Davekotinsky.com]


Teresa, Kim D, and Penny (on the end in black) at the Posche Fashion Show

Penny again in the blue and yellow; with Kim D, Teresa, and Teresa’s make-up artist.