Basketball Wives Recap: Something’s Fishy…

It’s Basketball Wives time yet again, and last night the ladies were still stirring up drama and screaming their way around the resort.  I sincerely hope no one else is staying there on vacation!

Jenn Williams and Kenya Bell have arrived in Tahiti.  I wonder if they passed Kesha Nichols in the airport.  Jenn reminisces about her very similar honeymoon with Eric.  On the sunset cruise, Tami Roman is already starting the damage control.  She tells Evelyn Lozada and Shaunie O’Neal she wants to talk to Kesha calmly, like an adult, and hopefully they can coexist.  What a novel concept.  The women are sidetracked when the boat passes Jenn’s bungalow where she is lounging on the balcony.  Why is Tami drinking her beer through a straw?  Tami decides to try to fix the rift between Jenn and Evelyn, but there are huge loyalty issues.


Jenn meets Suzie Ketcham for lunch and big mouthed Suzie relays the story behind Kesha’s absence.  It sounds “heartbreaking” to Jenn, and Suzie agrees…she thinks Kesha is just too darn timid to handle this group.  Yes, Suzie, things are usually that cut and dry.  Suzie can’t imagine anyone would want to fight in Tahiti, and Jenn reminds her that as grown women, they really shouldn’t be fighting anywhere.  Jenn is over the drama.  She’s too busy being reminded of her honeymoon and lawyering up to feed into Evelyn’s violence.  Suzie is concerned that involving lawyers may escalate the situation.

The women return to shore to find Suzie bellied up to the bar.  Shocking!  She’s a good little minion, and she quickly spouts off her entire dinner conversation with Jenn.  The women cackle with laughter over hearing Jenn’s comments about her Maldives honeymoon, as they have already been joking about a vacation one-upper she is.  Suzie warns Shaunie that Jenn wants to meet with her to discuss the situation, and the women laugh when at the notion of Jenn’s arsenal of attorneys.  Evelyn thinks the only thing Jenn needs to do is keep her bleeping mouth bleeping closed.  Bleep.  Such class.

Suzie is rewarded for sharing her gossip and scores an invitation to go jet-skiing with the mean girls.  Over breakfast, Shaunie is peeved that Jenn hasn’t had the decency to tell her she’s arrived.  The women giggle about Kenya staying in her room with all the nasty fish hidden inside.  Shaunie and Tami go to coax Kenya out of her bungalow, and they are overwhelmed by the disgusting stench coming from her room.  They can’t believe she’s able to hang out in there.

Kenya is on a mission to face off with Evelyn after the bottle throwing instance.  Evelyn respects her for coming to hang out despite her fear, unlike Jenn who is hiding in her room like a kitty.  Tami wants to know what Jenn and Kenya talked about on the uber-long plane ride.  Funny, Tami says she hates when people talk behind one anothers’ backs, but yet she is encouraging Kenya to narc on Jenn.  Oh, hypocrisy…you are humorous.  Kenya reveals that Jenn is upset, and Tami is confused.  Doesn’t Kenya realize that Jenn ASKED to get hit in the face?

Tami tries to instigate clear the air by asking Kenya why she is not super peppy.  Hmmm…pretty much every one of these women has thrown her under the bus, so I’m not surprised she’s a little quiet.  She tells Evelyn she didn’t appreciate having a wine bottle thrown at her regardless of what she did or didn’t say.  Evelyn gives Kenya a very defensive and insincere apology which is met with a very frightening stare.  Shaunie is scared.  I think I may love crazy Kenya!  Everyone is taken aback by her staring and shaking.  Kenya reminds Evelyn that as a mother, there are better ways to handle a situation other than throwing things.  Evelyn was mad though, so that’s reason enough to toss objects at people.  Kenya’s unstable stare intensifies, and Shaunie calls her out on being crazy.  Kenya doesn’t disagree.  Tami is cackling yet again.

Once things calm down at the table, the women head to lounge by the pool.  Tami finds it equally hilarious when Kenya asks about Kesha’s whereabouts.  Of course Kenya is thrilled to hear that her nemesis was bullied out of the tropics and offers to try to get Jenn out of her bungalow.  Tami is shocked that Kenya was successful in her mission, but she’s livid when Jenn walks past her without speaking.

In the restaurant, Kenya tells Jenn about Evelyn’s apology.  Jenn is kind enough to say that sometimes Evelyn does have moments of goodness.  No matter how much Kenya tries to convince her otherwise, Jenn is not going to put herself in Evelyn’s path while in Tahiti.  Shaunie and Tami join Jenn and Kenya, and they tell Jenn that they can’t believe she has been avoiding them.  Tami insists that the pair needs closure, while Shaunie touts the importance of civilized adult conversation.  How would she know?

Evelyn takes the opportunity to ask Jenn to discuss their issues.  She wants to lay everything on the table and keep everything “one hundred.”  Evelyn goes on to accuse Jenn of being the start of the drama, and she brings up the police report and lawyers.  Jenn does not want to listen anymore, so she excuses herself from the table.  Evelyn follows (of course), and Tami and Shaunie are doing their best to stay between the two as Jenn rushes back to her bungalow.  Evelyn is accusing her of cheating on Eric and being a horrible friend.  Good times!

Next week, Evelyn is in tears because she really wants to talk to Jenn.  When Jenn finally gives in, Evelyn is yelling at her about condoms and vajayjays.  Tami gets heated about Kesha when discussing the Tahiti trip with Royce, while Shaunie worries people may think she is less savvy business woman and more ghetto hot mess thanks to the show.