Tamra Barney Insists She Did Not Bully Alexis; Claims The Intervention Was Necessary! Plus RHOC Tuesday Night Ratings!

Oh, Tamra Barney… you know sometimes it’s best to keep your comments to yourself! After Tuesday night’s Costa Mexico Aventurevention with Alexis Bellino, Tamra is speaking out defending her behavior and she insists she is not a bully! She’s just a professionally trained reality television interventionalist working to remedy the fake and phony!

“A bully is someone that intentionally goes after another person,” Tamra shares with RumorFix. “I have never gone after Alexis, she came to me and asked me how I felt. I am a very honest person and don’t tend to sugarcoat my thoughts.” I think Tamra’s version of honesty is more commonly known as diarrhea of the mouth.

And Tamra claims her treatment of Alexis is all in fun… unless you’re, you know, actually Alexis. “Sure, I poke fun of her in my interviews in regards to some of the stuff she says and does (it’s my job and we all do it to each other). Geez, even Kathy Griffin has written her into her act! I honestly feel sorry for Alexis and I hope she gets help.”

Tamra claims the intervention on this weeks episode of Real Housewives of Orange County was a cast-wide affair and everyone deemed it necessary. Why, I’m still not sure. “When the whole cast  is planning a intervention to try and get through to this girl it’s gotta make you wonder. Is everyone else wrong and she is right? NO!,” Tamra says.


“I never wanted to hurt her feelings or make her feel bad, but things got heated in Costa Rica and my message to her was ‘be a real person, no one cares if you have money so stop talking about it’ ( in my loud voice), everybody was saying the same thing to her.”

As for Alexis’ tearful response, Tamra claims Alexis’ behavior is all for show. “Unfortunately, the Alexis you see on TV is not the Alexis you see off camera which makes it hard for the viewers to fully understand the other reasons everyone is tired of her nonsense.”So… can we have some details on this so-called “real” Alexis? Seriously…

“I really do hope that she can learn from everyone’s comments. We are all on a reality show together and if  she chooses to be fake and phony then she better accept the fact that people are going to have a lot to say about it.” I wish they’d do an intervention on Vicki Gunvalson next!

And it seems that the intervention in the jungle, is doing wonders for ratings! Andy Cohen must be so proud. According to TVByTheNumbers, an average of 2.077 million viewers tuned in to watch Vicki’s zip line meltdown and Alexis call Tamra “mean and hateful.”