Uh oh.  Could everyone’s favorite Real Housewives of Orange County couple be heading for Splitsville (population Slade Smiley)?  I know you will all be as devastated as I am if this is true.  A source close to Gretchen Rossi (of course) recently spilled some dirt on the couple’s relationship to, and said source doesn’t appear to be a fan of Sladey Wadey.

“Gretchen is growing tired of taking care of Slade and paying for everything in his life and she’s just about had it,” the insider tells the site.

“She is supporting him and helping to pay his legal bills and it’s getting to be too much for her,” the source reveals. “Gretchen is seriously considering ending the relationship because she’s sick of doing everything for Slade.”


The insider continues, “Gretchen is publicly supporting Slade and continues to defend him and their crumbling relationship, but behind the scenes she’s admitting to friends that she’s not happy doing what she’s doing with him.”  But wait, doesn’t she need someone on which to test her boo-tayful make-up?

“And why would she be happy?” asks the source. “Let’s look at the facts here — Gretchen is incredibly successful, she’s bright, she’s funny and she is a total knockout. What on Earth does Slade bring to the table, or the relationship for that matter?”  Is this anonymous source the president-elect of the Gretchen Rossi fan club by chance?

But not so fast, Gretchen!  Slade’s days as a stay-at-home man may be numbered.  Sit down, dear readers.  Slade Smiley is employed.  Like really for serious.  I know, I know.  I didn’t see that coming either! is reporting that Slade has landed a gig as the host of his own radio show.  He’ll be doling out relationship advice, dishing on pop culture, chatting with celebrities (Cota celebs, no doubt), sharing his health and beauty habits (duh), and taking fan questions.  So Slade has fans…another plus for him!  For those of you in the O.C., the show debuts on June 9th on 92.7.  Please check it out, and let us know what you think!

Of the grand opportunity, Slade gushes, “I am extremely excited about having this opportunity with playlist 92.7,” Slade says. “I am really looking forward to talking with listeners one-on-one, sharing my thoughts regarding today’s news, pop culture, and relevant events.”  Make us proud, Slade.  Make us proud.

In other house-husband news, Jim Bellino is so disgusted by what happened to wife Alexis on this week’s episode (can you blame him?) that he’s done with Bravo for good.  He takes to his blog, which is also a reported source of contention between he and the network, to share his opinions.  Some highlights from his post follow.

Alexis and I both like nice things and that’s nothing to apologize for. Alexis has done much more to explain her position on this than I ever would or will. Suffice to say that we are happy and would still be happy if we lived in a shack. Why? Because we have each other, beautiful, healthy children, and a God to turn to who we know will always lead us in the right direction. It really is THAT simple when you have true faith.

It’s not the pot calling the kettle black, it’s Alexis being called out for issues that other people have because they are trying to deflect cameras and the audience from seeing the fault in them. Even if you don’t like Alexis, I think we can agree she’s not the one on the show with baggage.

After this week you will only see me one more time. I just couldn’t stomach another minute of these women. The story lines that they are forever trying to perpetuate out of a need to maintain relevance are so tired. The need to be important and to be the central theme no matter who else is in the room or what else is going on is tantamount to anything with real value. It’s hard to be around, point blank.

While I can fault Jim for many things, I certainly can’t make fun of the guy for his opinion, especially since he seems to be pretty even keeled with this post.  Would you want to hang around any of those women (his wife included)?  I mean, if Heather Dubrow wants to give me her closet’s cast-offs, I wouldn’t object, but a day in Cota with this cattiness isn’t my cup of tea.  But that’s me…and I’m just keepin’ it real.  Sorry, I couldn’t resist!

Finally, WHO ATTACKED THE COHEN??  The RHOC reunion recently filmed, and rumor has it that Bravo maverick Andy Cohen found himself on the receiving end of some O.C. whoop ass!  After filming concluded, Andy took to twitter to say, “That’s a wrap on Epic #RHOC Reunion! I got attacked. If you want to know what the day was like read the Reunion chapter of #MostTalkative.”  What? reveals that when Heather was asked to comment on the situation, she replied, “I can’t tell you but it’s shocking.”  Come on, Heather!  Do tell!  Did Teresa Giudice storm y’all’s reunion?

Below are some photos of the ladies taping the RHOC reunion. No photos of Andy after his alleged attack, though!

UPDATE: Gretchen just tweeted that things are fine with Slade: “For those of you that are asking, the press stories about Slade & I aren’t true! We are happy and still together!” She claims the couple hit a rough patch a while back but are good now.


Heather, Gretchen, and Tamra on the “interventionists couch”. What is Heather wearing? Photo Credit: [Tamra Barney’s Facebook]

Vicki & Alexis at the reunion. Vicki is looking good these days! [Photo Credit: Alexis Bellino’s Facebook]

Another Shot of Tamra, Gretchen, and Heather [Photo Credit: Tamra Barney’s Facebook]

Tamra getting ready for the reunion. I love this shot! [Photo Credit: Tamra Barney’s Facebook]

A shot of the ladies in Costa Mexico! [Photo Credit: Tamra Barney’s Facebook]

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