Jill Zarin Writes Vitriolic Blog About RHONY And Deletes It! Hints That Ramona Singer Is An “Alcoholic;” Begs Fans To Convince Bravo To Re-Hire Her!

Jill Zarin clearly has too much time on her hands – and clearly she has not taken former BFF Bethenny Frankel‘s advice to “Get a hobby!” (Which in case you didn’t know is one of my top reality TV insults of all time!) The former Real Housewives of New York star has repeatedly claimed she is relieved she was fired out of one corner of her mouth, while out of the other corner she advocates her fans let Bravo know they made a mistake in firing her. Clearly she has trouble letting go. So much trouble that she reportedly crashed LuAnn de Lesseps‘ premiere party!

Jill as made it known that she will not watch the show, but I suppose she’s changed her mind  – after all she needs something to keep her name in the press as clearly Skweeze Couture isn’t doing it. Following last Monday’s episode featuring the mommy wars between Pinot Singer and Jill’s made-for-TV buddy LuAnn, Jill wrote a scathing blog posted to her website about the show and Ramona.

Among the comments Jill made, she implies that Ramona is an alcoholic which may just be the worst kept secret in reality television and mocked this season’s low ratings as a result of her being fired! Jill has since deleted the blog, citing that she was advised to “sleep on it” in a tweet. Well Reality Tea was able to procure a copy from one of our sleuthy readers!


Some excerpts are below:

“Since I know the REAL truth..watching Sonja [Morgan] hit on the contractor, Luann forgive Ramona…after they both admitted they don’t really like each other, Ramona has called her daughter a drug addict, Luann a whore on and on.”

“Ramona [sic] a drunk. They hug and make up. How SICK is it and how unreal because if I had to accept that they would forgive each other so quickly after they have each said the most hateful, heinous things to each other, makes me want to vomit.”

Claiming she has no interest in continuing with reality televisions despite rumors that she was attempting to develop her own show with Fox, Jill says she is relieved to be out of the spotlight.

“We have been in the hamptons ALOT since I don’t have to do anything for the show anymore ( can you see the BIG SMILE across my face thru your computer screen?) I am relieved to not have anyone write mean things about my family and criticize my every word and move,” she claims. “It is much more fun watching Reality than actually being on an ensemble cast where they talk behind your back for sport.” Which I wholeheartedly agree with!

Jill also lets us know it’s ok if we continue to watch the show even though she’s no longer in it. I’m relieved to know I have her blessing. <<eye roll>>

“I know many of you have said you watched the first episode and won’t watch again..or didn’t watch any of the season..or watch it and feel guilty. Please know how I understand how you feel. You were asked to invest yourselves into a group of women and feel attached.”

“All of the crap was worth taking knowing I would not have met you if not for Bravo and for that we must all accept and be grateful.”

Jill also points out that the ratings for this season have been less than exciting following the first two episodes. The Huffington Post reported that Bravo was expecting the low numbers, but Jill apparently feels vindicated by the information.

“I am sure you have heard by now that the rating were down 200,000. Because people want to know…are you watching the show because it is RHNYC and it doesn’t matter who is cast..or is the cast critical to the success of a show.”

And finally Jill subtly evokes us to remember that we have a voice with the network and we can make big things happen. Big things like the return of a certain red-headed woman coincidentally named Jill Zarin!

“Remember Dallas?” Jill asks? “One season was completely erased and called “The Dream” season because the rumor was they fired Bobby Ewing who was rumored wanted too much money and then when the fans backlashed against the network with a Boycott, call in, write in campaign ( there were no blogs, emails, tweets or Facebook back in the OLD DAYS). The [network] had to ‘eat crow’ and bring back Bobby with a huge raise.”

Likening it to her own dilemma, Jill mentions that Bravo may just be in a similar predicament. “I am sure Bravo is contemplating a cast ‘renovation’ on the other cities and evaluating the success or failure of RHNYC cast. Also…what will they do next season? Will they recast again? Bring back all or some of this cast? A lot of decisions are riding on the success or failure of RHNYC Season 5.”

“The question is..does anyone care anymore? Is the ‘party’ over? Can you ever get back or ‘go back’ to what was ‘television Magic’ the original cast? Did they change too many cast members at once> RHOC was successful in changing cast members because it was subtle. Lauri [Waring] one season. Jeana [Keough] the next. Not all 4 at the same time.

“Will anyone be fired for the millions of dollars in advertising currently being refunded for the promise of certain ratings for making the decision? All these questions will be answered in the next few weeks. If you are even thinking that the cast could be asked back..the fans would have do pull off a DALLAS move. I am certainly not advocating anything..just thinking of all the scenarios out loud. Or thinking and writing them! I speak to you all from my heart…and I speak the TRUTH..like it our not…I always keep it REAL.” Real crazy, that is.

I just have one question… why does Jill automatically assume it is she who would be asked back? What if they do something really, really wacky like re-hire Alex McCord? Gosh, help us all if there is a return of Silex.