Reality Tea’s Top 7 Reality Show Insults!

Oh reality television stars… you never cease to amaze me. One of the greatest things about reality TV is scathing, over the top, out of control ridiculous cat fights, arguments, and behind the back insults. It’s what differentiates reality from reality TV. See, I would never call someone a “dumb drag queen” … but in the wilds of reality TV, anything goes!

Reality Tea has compiled a list of some of our favorite reality TV insults. Below is some delightful footage of our hardworking stars doing what they do best – acting nutty and getting paid to do so! Let the memories come flooding back.


[Photo Credit: Bravo TV]

Insult 7: The Big People vs. The Little People. Starring: Bethenny Frankel & Kelly Bensimon. Scene: glasses of water on Real Housewives of New York, season 2.

It started out harmlessly enough, Bethenny and Kelly decided to have a little tête-à-tête to discuss how they’re like really, really not friends and why. Kelly bursts in, plops down, and breaks it to Bethenny that she is “down there” while the illustrious Kelly is “up here.” She even provides some helpful hand gestures to further illustrate what she means. Buurrrn.

[Photo Credit: Bravo TV]

Insult 6:  Salad Tossing. Starring: Teresa Giudice & Danielle Staub. Scene: The Brownstone; Real Housewives of New Jersey season 1.

Sooo…dinner parties by Bravo are never a dull thing, but one in particular still has us laughing. It’s the infamous Teresa table flip! Clean-up by Teresa –  we know why she doesn’t need a maid! Teresa delivers the dinner and the infamous “Prostitution Whore! Engaged 19 times!!!!!!!!” and the rest was history.

[Photo Credit: Bravo TV]

Insult 5: Keep those knees locked if you aren’t wearing his rock, Girl! Starring: NeNe Leakes, Kim Zolciak, and Andy Cohen. Scene: Watch What Happens Live clubhouse. NeNe is the guest and Kim calls in from vacation to defend herself – bad idea, Wigs!

NeNe just wants Kim to be a good christian woman and end this wretched affair with Big Poppa so she gives her a little advice: “Close your legs to married men, trashbox!” Because she needs Kim to be properly indoctrinated into the way of the right, the usually quite demure Real Housewives of Atlanta star repeats herself over and over again at a loud volume. It was like a hoochie exorcism.


 [Photo Credit: VH1]

Insult 4: Bitch - I better count! Starring: Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman. Scene: Jennifer Williams' birthday party, Basketball Wives Sometimes birthday parties don't go as planned... particularly those where Tami and Evelyn are invited. It started innocently enough... Tami wanted Evelyn to show some respect and Evelyn, well... I don't know what her deal is. For some odd reason Evelyn decided to inform Tami that she's a "Non-Mutha F&@king Factor, bitch!" Did she not know whom she was speaking to? She found out right quick as Tami stood up, reached across the table and let her know what kind of a factor she is. I think that's exactly the moment when Evelyn decided it's best to keep your friends close, but your enemies much closer! Check out a video of the exchange below!

[Photo Credit: Bravo TV]

Insult 3: Why don't you take up knitting or something?! Starring: Jill Zarin vs. Bethenny Frankel. Scene: Jill's apartment and a voicemail on Real Housewives of New York season 3. They were the best of friends... and then they weren't! No one is really sure when it started to go awry - or who caused the fall out of Bethenny and Jill. But it still saddens us that reality TV came between what seemed like a legitimate friendship. When famewhoring goes to your head, no good can come from it. Well Bethenny had finally had enough, so she left Jill a little voicemail and instructed her to, "Get a hobby!" Get a hobby, besides talking about Bethenny and trying to achieve low-grade reality television fame, that is. I see Jill still hasn't taken Bethenny's advice... Insult 2: Italian Sausage. Starring: Caroline Manzo vs. Lauren Manzo. Scene: ITM, Real Housewives of New Jersey season 3. Poor Lauren is bitterly unhappy about her weight loss struggle, so her always helpful and inspiring mother decides to discuss her struggle on national TV. Did Caroline offer words of encouragement and support? Did she embark upon a diet and exercise program with her daughter? Nope! But she did  refer to Lauren as looking like,"eight pounds of sausage in a 5-pound bag." On national television. Thanks mom!

[Photo Credit: Bravo TV]

Top Insult: Psychic Enemies. Starring: Camille Grammer, Alison DuBois and her electronic cigarette, Faye Resnick, and the cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Scene: Camille's  haunted Malibu mansion - haunted with the ghosts of happiness past - in the infamous Dinner Party From Hell. This dinner party was one insult after another and firmly cemented Camille as the "pernicious" villainess of Bravo. Together with her henchwoman, the impossibly callous psychic Alison, Camille sent her dinner guests fleeing for the door as if they had just escaped a haunted mansion. Which in a way they did! Inside, the crazy was contagious and the insults flowed like the drinks! Kim Richards told Taylor Armstrong to, "Go blow up your lips some more!" Kyle Richards and Alison got into over how her husband was going to leave her because he doesn't make her happy. Camille insinuated Mauricio got friendly and handsy with ladies not his spouse. Camille also referred to Faye as "morally corrupt" and sniped, "You know how I know her? I saw her naked on Playboy." I'm still recovering - how about you? Honorable Mentions go to Jacqueline Laurita for referring to Kim G and Danielle as a "Broke down Sex And The City." And Ramona Singer for calling LuAnn de Lesseps a "weekend mom." WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR MOST MEMORABLE REALITY TV INSULTS?