Jacqueline Laurita Accuses Teresa Of Keeping Family Feud Alive And Being Disloyal! Plus Is This Blind Gossip Item About RHONJ?

Yesterday we covered Teresa Giudice‘s epic and long-winded diatribe about former BFF Jacqueline Laurita. Well, today it’s Jacqueline’s turn in the sun! I just have one question… is Danielle Staub still getting compensated for all her drama starting?

But first, a little blind gossip item that we think might just be referring to Real Housewives of New Jersey!

From BlindGossip:

“One of those cringe-worthy reality shows. Frankly, these people are not smart, and none had any kind of success before the reality show. This abundance of stupidity is reflected in their current evil plan to get rid of one of the cast members. They are each telling the producer that they refuse to film with Cast Member A. They hope that if no one will film with her, the producers will be forced to let her go.


Here’s why their strategy is deeply flawed: While Cast Member A may not be the most likable person in the world, she is the one who is bringing in the ratings! And that is what matters most to reality producers. She has the most interesting story lines, gets the most magazine covers, and makes the most money off of branding. So targeting her for elimination is pretty stupid on the part of her jealous cast mates. They would be much smarter to ally with her to ensure their own survival.

But, as we told you before, they are just not that smart. Maybe they will realize that after they get booted from the show. Yes, the producer is cleaning house on this one.”

Something tells me that just about covers how RHONJ works these days!

But moving on, here comes Jacqueline‘s own epic blog, titled: “The Rules According To Teresa.” Do these people ever get tired of tawking about each other?

On what really happened on her deck that fateful summer night:

“As far as the fight on the deck, please take note that before Caroline [Manzo] showed up, Teresa and I were going back and forth for 5 long hours! I was exhausted at that point.”

“I had NO IDEA that Caroline was going to show up. It was not meant to be an ambush at all, although I do understand how it must have felt to Teresa. I felt like I needed to get her to open her eyes to the reality of certain situations she was creating, and I wanted her to be real with me for once and for all to my face.”

“There were a lot of things said on the deck that day that you didn’t see. What’s important and all that matters is that Teresa and I know what was said and all you need to know was that it was the turning point in our relationship.”

On Teresa‘s bankruptcy:

“Did it appear to anyone as if Teresa was really afraid of being poor? There seemed to be no shortage of money to me. I knew Teresa worked hard, but I also knew the bankruptcy had not been approved and there were some crazy stories in the press going around about her that worried me. I was trying my best not to judge some of their lifestyle choices during that time, although I do admit, at times it was very hard not to.”

“It is especially hard to avoid staying out of each other’s business during filming, because we’re together so much. I was very confused at the time, because I was reading one thing in the tabloids about her life and then I was seeing something completely different in the way she was living in her real life.”

“As a friend, I was really worried about what was going to happen to her and her family. I was also upset from reading about her life in the tabloids along with the rest of America instead of my ‘best friend’ opening up to me about what was really going on so that I could be there for her. Even if she didn’t need me, at least she could help to ease my mind.”

Regarding Teresa‘s activities with the tabloids:

“I was wondering if Teresa was just profiting from people’s pity by benefiting from a big media scam while she was really living the high life or was my friend really in trouble, denying it to herself, suffering in silence and getting deeper in debt. I was starting to not respect her choices, and I really felt like I didn’t know who she was anymore. I felt like I was always trying to justify her actions to everyone. So much about her life was being fabricated, so I had no idea what was real anymore.”

Teresa and I had talked a few times about how she got paid for these articles, with the exception of PEOPLE magazine and that she had two more covers coming out in In Touch after her vow renewal cover. She did share with me some of the stories she wanted to put out there about herself, but when new stories came out in the tabloids, I didn’t know anymore what was true or what was not true. I didn’t want to pry into her business by asking her about them, but at the same time, I wanted to know because she was my friend.”

On their friendship falling apart as a result of issues with Teresa‘s family and the show:

“From what I was hearing from some of our mutual friends, I was starting to question whether or not our friendship was even real or if she just needed me as an ally on the show. I heard she wasn’t pleased with me because I wasn’t joining her army in her fight against her family. Who in their right mind would help her fight her family, especially when we all had to work together?”

What upset her about Teresa contacting Danielle:

“She was off our show and out of all of our lives. I could not be upset, however, if Teresa changed her mind and wanted to be friendly with Danielle again, but I wanted her to notice that she doesn’t play by her own rules. I would never fault her for being anyone’s friend that I am not friendly with, because my battles are my own to fight. I actually prefer it that way.”

“The truth is that Teresa didn’t shun Danielle for me or my family like she tried to make it seem, but she shunned her for things that Danielle did and said about her personally. Teresa considered it disloyal for me, but yet it’s OK for her to want to be friendly with Danielle when it benefited her.”

“It was OK for Bravo Teresa to invite Danielle to our dinner on the Season 1 finale knowing her other friends hated her. It was also OK for Teresa to choose to say hello to Danielle at the Posche fashion a couple of years ago when she knew she was doing horrible things to me and my daughter. (I never got upset with her over that.)”

Teresa also considers it OK for her to publicly thank Danielle on Twitter for coming forward to expose Melissa [Gorga] for talking to her two years ago back when they were fighting. Teresa considered me ‘disloyal’ in her rule book when I was friendly with Danielle or when I wasn’t agreeing with her on matters concerning how she was dealing with her family, but when it benefited Teresa, she could reach out to her. Define your definition of ‘loyalty’ Teresa and stick to it! That was the point I was trying to make on that topic.”

On Jacqueline advising Teresa not to get involved with Danielle:

Teresa and I had a talk over the phone the night before our talk on the deck. It was right after she tweeted to thank Danielle for her information and then told her she wasn’t surprised. I told Teresa that, in my opinion, it made her look worse than Melissa because she was trying to ‘out’ Melissa for something she did two years ago when they weren’t friendly with each other.”

“At this point in time, Teresa was trying so hard to pretend that she wanted peace with her family and I was getting tired of trying to help Teresa cover up the fact that she really didn’t. I just wanted her to give her family a fair shot at working to resolve their issues. I wanted peace for her, especially while filming. I wanted peace for all of us.”

On Teresa and loyalty:

Teresa‘s rules always seem to change when it came to applying them to herself. I was trying to point out how hypocritical she was being. I told Teresa to just simply ask Melissa if the rumor was true and then ask, ‘What made you hate me that much that you would talk to someone that hated me so much?’ I told her to ask her why she did that, hear her out, and then let it go like she expects everyone else to do when she’s in the wrong. ‘Why not just let it go?’ I asked.”

“Asking Melissa about it would have been better than thanking Danielle publicly for coming forward with this information and drawing more attention to someone that was jealous of everybody and was deliberately trying to hurt Teresa‘s family for no good reason but to be rotten.”

“To be fair, Teresa had been guilty of the same thing she was accusing Melissa for, and I wanted to make her see that. There were a few people that really disliked Melissa that Teresa had no problem talking to and about her, but again, that was OK and her loyalty rules didn’t apply to herself.”

“It appeared to me that as much as Teresa claimed that Danielle was her worst enemy and Melissa had conspired with her, it was more important for Teresa to expose Melissa by challenging Danielle, even though it could hurt everyone else in the process by bringing her back into our lives.”

“It wasn’t like Melissa talked to Danielle recently trying to hurt Teresa. It was two years ago when they weren’t getting along, and I knew that Teresa was guilty of doing the SAME thing.”

On Teresa keeping the family feud alive and refusing to forgive:

When you look at Season 4, you can see how supportive Melissa has been in trying to keep the peace between her and Teresa and between Teresa and her brother despite Teresa’s insults to her. As far as I could see, Teresa was the one doing and saying things to and about her family and coincidentally things kept being slipped into the tabloids about her family as well.”

“In other words, Teresa would do little things to try to sabotage her family and friends like putting things about them in articles, sabotaging potential business opportunities, etc. all while claiming that she wanted to be one big happy family again.”

On sincerely wanting Teresa and her family to make amends:

“I truly cared and wanted them to get past their issues, but Teresa would never let up or let go of anything and then she would put the blame entirely on everyone else without taking any accountability for her own actions. At this point in time, I rarely spoke to her family so I didn’t know them well enough to get too deep into a conversation about it with them and they were never bashing Teresa to me.”

“It was frustrating to me, because I really wanted peace between everyone while filming. (As much as possible, at least.) I just couldn’t see the end in sight to their bickering and it was filling up my head. Don’t forget I had to work with all of these people, and I hated all this negativity and the pressures on me to do and say things that were expected of me.”

“I had my own things on my plate and I didn’t need to eat all of their sh– too! It was overwhelming. Besides all of that, she never seemed to care about anything that I was going through. It was too one-sided of a friendship, and she became too high maintenance. I still loved her, I still cared, but I was still hurt.”