Sister Wives Finale Recap: Lots Going On–Literally

Last night was the season finale of Sister Wives.  There were college visits, big decisions, and a lot of running around the desert.  When you think about it, that would be the best way to best capture the flowiness of Kody’s mane, which, let’s face it, is the true star of this show.

Logan is graduating from high school, and he has narrowed his college search down to Southern Utah University and UNLV.  Mariah wants him to go to SUU, but Madison hopes he’ll stick close by as he’s her best friend.  Logan reveals that while his dad, moms, and siblings want him to stick around to be close to the family, but Logan isn’t planning on sticking around till he’s forty to see his brothers and sisters grow up.  Can you blame him?  His mom Janelle thinks he’ll have more ties to his religion if he goes to SUU.  Logan isn’t dead set on whether he’ll be a polygamist.  He sounds JUST LIKE Kody when he talks.


Logan and his sisters head to SUU to tour the campus.  Mariah loves the school, but another sister calls it “hickville.”  Their tour guide is relieved to learn that children of polygamists aren’t much different from children of nuclear families.  Logan is really worried that if he stays in Vegas, he won’t get the college experience as he’ll be expected to be home with the family all the time.  While the older kids are at SUU, Kody and the wives tour a model home in the subdivision where they plan to buy their lots.  The wives are in awe of the house, but Janelle thinks it is too big and too expensive.

Robyn is excited to see the jewelry design prototypes for My Sister Wives’ Closet.  Christine had some initial reservations about the designs, but all the women are in love with the prototypes.  The wives explain that they aren’t marketing solely to polygamist wives, but rather strong women and wives who have close friendships.

Back at SUU, the siblings are questioning Logan on his decision.  Madison jokes about their parents’ desire for them all to live at home throughout college and stay with the family until marriage.  She and Janelle’s daughter are hoping that Logan sets the example that they will all be experiencing new things in college.  They even joke about Kody’s insistence they embrace his religion.  It’s pretty hysterical.

Janelle discusses the financial impact of getting the lots with Kody and the other wives.  She is very concerned about how they are going to secure the funds.  Kody recommends that they forgo vacations for a while.  I’m guessing Meri is fine with that, given that she just got back from Mexico.  Christine is really nervous about the homes and what the family will have to sacrifice to get them.  Kody believes that the family’s culture has deteriorated because everyone is so far apart.  Kody gives a filibuster to try to convince Christine of the positives, but it comes across as very demanding and condescending.  The always wise Robyn interjects and suggests that perhaps he say, “Yes, honey, I realize it’s scary, but hopefully it will make our family better.”

Meri is in tears because shes worried that other people–mainly her sister wives–will judge the fact that she’s getting a large home when she only has one child who will soon be heading off to college as well.  She wishes she needed a seven bedroom home because she was able to have a lot of kids.  Kody acts like a child and says that if they all can’t agree, they just won’t do it.  What a Pouty McPouterson!  Does he even listen when his wives talk?  Kody wants her to have a big house, and why shouldn’t he have that say?  Meri jokes that she doesn’t need all the bedrooms, but a wetbar or patio would be nice.  Janelle speaks up that yes, she has a slight issue with Meri getting a big place when she only has one child.  She thinks that Meri’s current rental home took money away from the family because she wanted a pool.  Christine apologizes for thinking that Meri deserved less of a house due to child situation.  The family decides to do the earnest money agreement.

Logan, Janelle, and Kody go to check out the University of Nevada Las Vegas.  Logan is really impressed with the campus and his tour guide.  Logan admits that he’s been shot down by some ladies in the past when they hear he’s the son of a polygamist. Like the SUU tour guide, the UNLV tour guide is shocked that these polygamists seem pretty normal.  Logan compares the colleges, and he’s more confused than ever after liking his time at UNLV.  Cue family photo montage…how can Kody not see how much better he looked without that lion’s mane?

The family goes to their future cul-de-sac so the wives can put down their separate earnest money checks.  Yes, you read that correctly…the wives.  Where is Kody’s checkbook?  The women start discussing which lady gets which lot.  There is a lot of discussion about where the sun hits and who wants what view.  Each wife signs her check and her contract.  Kody decides to run the perimeter of the four lots to show how closely they are connected.  Oh, that goofy Kody!

Logan is struggling with his decision.  Kody, Robyn, and Christine hope he’ll stay close to home.  His mother Janelle and Meri want him to make his own decision.  Kody, Robyn, and Christine dress up all the younger kids in UNLV gear in an effort to sway Logan.  Kody hopes that he will be able to influence his son even more when he announces the earnest money contracts on the lots.  No pressure, Logan.  I seriously hope that he tell his family he’s decided to go to college in New England or Hawaii or southern Florida.  Kody is upset that the kids’ reaction isn’t one of excitement.  Madison pipes in that the parents are always telling the family one thing and then another happens.  Logan tells his family he really wants to get out on his own, and Kody’s head looks like it’s about to explode.  Logan’s a jokester too…he’s totally going to UNLV!  Of course he is.

So as the season of Sister Wives comes to a close, we wait in anticipation for the homes to be financed and built, Logan to head off to classes but be home for dinner, and My Sister Wives’ Closet it a go–look out Jane Seymour, there’s a new jewelry line in town!


[Photo Credit: Sister Wives Facebook]