Jim Bellino Exposes Terry Dubrow As A Liar! Plus Alexis Vs. Gretchen Twitter Feud!

Jim Bellino is nobody’s fool. Wait… what did I just write?! Anyway, he wears the big boy pants – and he wants Bravo to know it! The most detested of the Real Housewives of Orange County husbands is setting the record straight on Tuesday’s season finale party – and apparently not only did Terry Dubrow invite him to the party; Jim has the texts to prove it. Danggit Jim, don’t you go making me like you now!

In addition to Jim calling Terry out, Alexis Bellino is taking Queen Chesire Cat Heather Dubrow and her fellow Housewives to task for pretending that Sarah Winchester, cake destroyer extraordinaire, was an uninvited guest. Like, duh, Sarah was, like, so for real invited by Bravo. I bet they even told her to wear that $3 Pretty Woman reject hooker dress!


In addition to putting their bread and butter on blast, Alexis is also calling out former BFFL Gretchen Rossi on twitter and the ladies engaged in quite the tit for tat! Who needs a reunion when you have fired up (and probably fired) Bellinos loose in the wilds of the internet! Let’s get crackin’…

First up Jim is just furious that anyone would insinuate his wife is the phoniest person in the whole wide world – particularly when that person is really probably more phony. Taking to his personal blog, Jim calls out Terry for his own special brand of phony.

“I was invited to this party, not once but twice. Once was a personal invite,” Jim wrote; including photos to prove it.

Jim’s damning texts from Terry (Click to Enlarge) [Photo Credit: Jim’s Twitter]

Well, it looks like one Dr. Dubrow got b-u-s-t-e-d! So what made Jim change his mind about attending? Why Alexis, of course!

“I wanted to surprise my wife, who never would have guessed I was coming. After a lot of back and forth (which you can clearly see documented above) I wanted to surprise my wife, who was very nervous about even attending this party—keep in mind she had just been ambushed in Costa Rica. I decided it was worth it to put a smile on Alexis’ face. So I went,” Jim explains.

Sadly, it was a wham, bam, thank you ma’am kinda experience. “It lasted nine minutes before I left. I walked in, was ambushed, and walked right back out,” Jim elaborates. “I think it’s safe to say certain people were waiting for this moment and ready to pounce—my surprise appearance was leaked—thanks to the host for keeping my surprise for my wife confidential.”

Jim continues, “From the moment I show up, he is ready to talk to me about what he says he did not say. I wanted so badly to let sleeping dogs lie and discuss it man to man over a private lunch.”

And Jim believes the entire exchange was an orchestrated set-up to have Alexis thrown out of the party! “I wanted to surprise my wife, but the real surprise was on me. I was invited to come have a talk to discuss Alexis being called phony,” he continues.

“You will see the party host and hostess having a lengthy, on-camera discussion in last week’s episode about what all they plan to do if Alexis so much as utters a word to him [Terry] about calling her phony—their plan is to have her escorted out because it would be inappropriate for Alexis to call attention to the fact that he did indeed say she’s phony.” Wow!

Moving on, Alexis shares her own perspective (surprisingly Jim allowed it!) on what’s been happening the last few episodes:

“It is very apparent to me that the past few episodes were all about defining relationships. Defining any relationship can be something you’ve wanted to do for a long time and suddenly, with one act, it’s done. One thing’s for sure though, it’s hard to go back once choices have been made.”

“I like to think that most of the time in my life, when I have defined (or redefined) relationships, it has been for the best outcome of everyone involved. Marriage, friendships, children, colleagues… these are all relationships that we can either knowingly work on to define every day, OR we can let time takes it toll, and look at a relationship and say, ‘Oh my, what happened to that friendship.’”

“So when it came to Costa Rica, the final outcome was a bully session. It may not have been everyone’s intent in the beginning, but that is what the outcome was. It doesn’t make these women bad people necessarily, but it does mean they made some bad choices. I’m not upset it happened because it revealed to me a side of reality I could not have been aware of without it.”

Well said, Alexis! And proving that often times “redefining a relationship” is often difficult, Alexis and Gretchen took their angst to Twitter and started to bicker anew.

It all began with Alexis supporting Jim‘s behavior to bail on her – and the Dubrow’s party. And his “Who wears the pants?” accusation. Naturally she takes the blame.

“I’m glad Jim walked out, he should never be ambushed the way I was in Costa Rica!!!,” Alexis tweeted. Adding, “Terry askd Jim 6+ times to plz go talk & Jim kept saying no, thats the only reason I told Jim it’s awkward. Jim shouldnt have listened 2 me!”

Well, Gretchen didn’t like all that and so she got sassy with Alexis about Jim‘s behavior. And Alexis proving that she’ll, like, never ever be ambushed again got sassy back!

Well, there you have it!

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