VIDEO: Brooks Ayers Accused Of Being A Deadbeat Dad On 20/20!

Well… that was shocking wasn’t it? This Friday evening “20/20” bestowed upon Brooks Ayers the honor of giving him his own segment on the popular news show. Even Slave Smiley hasn’t been that lucky!

Yep, in front of the whole nation, on a nationally syndicated immensely popular news show, Brooks was outed as a deadbeat dad by his ex-girlfriend Nicolette Catanzarite. How’d you like them apples? Or oranges, if you will. I say Karma is a bitch, and I love her for it!

I’m sure Bravo is beside themselves with glee over the news that Real Houewives of Orange County‘s stellar reputation has been besmirched by the allegations – and I am most positive Vicki Gunvalson‘s obsessive love for con-man Brooks will suddenly wilt. In fact I anticipate that very soon she’ll be issuing a statement about how they’ve grown apart, but she wishes him nothing but love.

And whaddya wanna bet Vicki‘s friendship with Tamra Barney will be rekindled, with a statement about how Tamra was good friend, just looking out for her.


In this instance, I have to say, Tamra was right to worry about Brooks. Although, I’m sure her “I told you so!” act is in full gloating swing.

With that said, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of Nicolette‘s allegations that he has never paid child support for their son, whom Brooks dubs his “extra child” and even stiffed her on the delivery bill. Winner!

“He has not supported his child,” Nicolette revealed. “He bailed on the hospital bill, the pediatrician bill, and left me with all of it.” Nicolette is the mother of Brooks‘ three-year-old son, a child Brooks has no relationship with. Nicolette, a 41-year-old hair salon owner met Brooks when he was separated from his wife, the mother of his other three children.

Brooks‘ ex-wife is the woman who had him arrested for not paying child support. He has a previous arrest for a DUI. “I met Brooks in 2007 in Atlanta on a golf trip and he just kind of was a Southern charmer without a doubt,” Nicolette recollects. “He just always said the right things at the right time.” A story, Vicki is no doubt very familiar with.

Nicolette even says Mr. Hallmark plied her with greeting cards day and night. Hallmark needs to start banning him – he should be spending his money on his kids instead. These cards are like his crack.

Much like he promised Vicki the world, Nicolette heard a familiar refrain. “He did mention that he was going through a divorce and that he was legally separated and that he had three children,” she added. “It wasn’t appropriate that he would ask me to marry him while he was still married so he gave me a promise ring.”

Nicolette shares that Brooks seemed so upfront about his past and his life, that she didn’t think he was hiding anything. “I just believed everything that he said. I bought it hook, line and sinker,” she admits.

He also told her had a vasectomy – another story she believed whole-heartedly. Until she got pregnant! “I was like, this is gonna be the best kid in the world,” Nicolette recalls, believing she would be with Brooks forever. “I just couldn’t wait to have him and really always thought that this was such a blessing.”

Sadly, shortly after their son’s birth, the affirmation cards dried up – and so did Brooks‘ interest! “Within two or three weeks I started seeing kind of a different behavior from him,” Nicolette remembers. “He was obsessive, angry, moody and controlling with me. It was very strange.” Their relationship quickly dissipated.

Nicolette says she started noticing his many lies, claiming he even lied about having nose cancer! LOL! (Sorry – I couldn’t resist. What a fraud!) And that he started to bail on his financial obligations.

“Our electric bill was getting shut off, my phone was getting shut off and I didn’t know he hadn’t been paying the rent on the house,” Nicolette says. “He would always make up excuses and say the judge has held the escrow account and they’ve locked all their funds until the divorce was final.”

And then Brooks just disappeared – leaving only a PO Box number – and hasn’t been seen or heard from since. Until her friends spotted him on the arm of Vicki flaunting their relationship on RHOC.

Nicolette has been trying to obtain child support from Brooks for years and in 2010 sued him over the matter. They later agreed Brooks would provide $700 per month and become current on his arrears of more than $2,500. Nicolette reveals she has seen little of that money. And she was shocked to see Vicki him splashing out for new veneers and a mink coat on TV.

After Brooks gave a recent interview to “Ask Dan and Mike,” claiming: “I am happy to tell you that we got everything current. I never walked away from my kids. I speak to my kids every day.” He then referred to their son as his “extra child,” Nicolette was compelled to speak out.

“He’s a manipulator, he’s a liar, he’s a con, he’ll do or say anything to anybody, anytime, anywhere, to get what he wants,” Nicolette seethed, adding that he know owes thousands of dollars to her and has not made any effort to make good on those obligations.

Well, he sounds like a real catch. Good thing Vicki snapped him up before anyone else got him. Actually – it is good. She can afford him, she’s no longer of babymaking age, and she’s keeping him off the streets before other women can be bamboozled. Here’s to seeing Brooks rack up another mugshot. And the excuses that are soon to follow.

As for Brooks he has yet to comment on the story – and refused any of 20/20’s questions – but he did add fuel to Nicolette‘s case by tweeting: “I paid for my teeth and the fur with my own money. Have a great night and thanks for watching us!”  Also keeping mum on the issue: Vicki!

A video of the 20/20 segment is below. If you haven’t seen it – you don’t want to miss it! A photo of Nicolette and the son she shares with Brooks is below.

[Photo Credit: Vicki Gunvalson’s Facebook]


Nicolette and the son she shares with Brooks. [Photo Credit: Nicolette’s Facebook]


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