Jim Bellino has been very vocal about how he feels about his wife Alexis Bellino having a job. He’s also been very vocal about how he feels about Real Housewives of Orange County. In case you haven’t been keeping up, he’s a fan of neither!

And apparently he’s putting his foot down. After all, he wears the pants in that relationship! Even if they aren’t paid for yet. According to WetPaint, Jim was overheard complaining about RHOC while attending fellow Bravolebrity Patti Stanger‘s birthday party.

“No more reality for Alexis,” attendees heard Jim loudly announce more than once. Did Alexis ever have reality? I didn’t think so.


Jim doesn’t want her doing another season, that is true,” a RHOC insider revealed. “He’s very protective of her and he hates the way she’s been treated.”

“If Jim had his way, Alexis would not be returning. He doesn’t think there’s any reason she needs to put up with the bullying.”

Perhaps Jim has a point. This season – more than ever – Alexis has become a target of her co-stars; from the dramavention in Costa Mexico to the rumored set-up at Heather Dubrow‘s finale party. And allegedly things get very vicious at the reunion.

While Jim is adamant that he wants his wife to retire from Housewives, the insider insists Alexis isn’t throwing in the towel just yet! “She’s an independent woman. If she wants to come back, she’ll come back. Right now, I think she’s just looking forward to some time off to think about it.”

When asked directly if she’d be on-board for an 8th season, Alexis replied: “I don’t know.”

Moving on, Gretchen Rossi has been spotted with much shorter hair as of late. The wannabe pageant queen announced on the Facebook that she’s going shorter so she decided to remove her beloved extensions! Thank the lord.

“Ok for everyone that keeps asking to see the pic of my new haircut here is a pic from last night in Vegas! I took out my extentions (I had in for extra long lengh) and cut my hair!”

She continued, “Thanks for all the compliments on twitter about it so far! Fun new style for summer! I wanted to be different and change it up a bit! I might even go shorter, but wanted to try this length first!”

[Photo Credit: Gretchen Rossi’s Facebook]

A photo of Gretchen‘s shorter hair length is above. She looks pretty. Now if she would only wear less of that Gretchen Christine Bootay spackle she’d look her age instead of 45.

Gretchen did a appearance at Krave over the weekend. The always prim and proper reality star was spotted grinding on men in their underwear – and she had a wardrobe malfunction when the strap on her Alexis Hoeture dress broke! A photo of Gretchen getting down and dirty is below!

Finally, tonight is the first segment of the epic Real Housewives of Orange County reunion and things get nasty, nasty as Alexis and Tamra face off over the allegations of bullying and fakeness. Oh, and Andy gets attacked – by a bird. #lame. I wonder if they’ve filmed a special segment (post wrap-up) with Vicki addressing Brooks‘ appearance on 20/20… I have a feeling they have!

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting the crazy so don’t forget to join us. We’ll have LOTS to say about Vicki, Tamra, and Jesus Jugs (which isn’t nearly as clever as Jesus Barbie, sorry Tams!).

Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Part 1 airs tonight at 9/8c on Bravo.

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 “Omg! That is when my strap broke,” Gretchen Tweeted alongside the pic! [Photo Credit: Gretchen Rossi’s Twitter]