Teen Mom Recap: Some Positive Progress…I’m Shocked!

Last night’s Teen Mom wasn’t quite as depressing as I thought it would be, so that’s a plus right?  There were other pluses too…a dog got painted, Maci finally realized Bentley needed to socialize with kids his own age, Amber decided to stick it out in rehab, and Butch reveals that he isn’t a big drinker.  Just wait.

Farrah Abraham is a Less Than Happy Hostess

Farrah’s sister Ashley is visiting her in Florida.  Her mom will be arriving in the next few days for a visit.  Farrah reveals that she and Sophia have a more better place to live in Florida than she ever had at her mom’s house.  Yes, yes, Farrah.  It’s way more better.  How’s school?


For her mom Debra’s arrival, Farrah has purchased a turquoise wig for her to wear.  As soon as she picks up her mom at the airport, it’s obvious that Debra is already on Farrah’s last nerve.  She and Ashley laugh about the fact that Debra must wear the wig to be a cool grandmother to Sophia.

Back at Farrah’s condo, Debra is watching Sophia while Farrah and Ashley run errands.  Debra is talking some major baby talk to the poor dog who is covered in pink fingernail polish thanks to Sophia’s antics.  Debra can’t believe that Farrah would leave polish out where her daughter could find it.  Farrah and Ashley come home, and Farrah is livid.  How did Sophia get the nail polish?  Debra admits that she fell asleep while watching her granddaughter because she’s so jet lagged.  She certainly didn’t mention that important tidbit when she was talking in that horrible baby voice.  Of course, Farrah isn’t as concerned about her unsupervised toddler as she is about her hot pink dog.

Farrah, Ashley, Debra, and Sophia head to lunch.  These girls have absolutely no patience with their mother.  The girls are on the attack, but Debra is extremely passive aggressive.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with these people, does it?  Ashley storms off after Farrah, screaming that Debra screwed up both of their lives by being such a bad mother.  Debra isn’t phased, and she coos awkwardly to Sophia.  In the bathroom, both girls are cussing and trying to cool down simultaneously.

Farrah dons the wig as she and Ashley head out for a night on the town.  She hopes Debra will be a better baby-sitter this time around.  Over dessert, the pair complain about their mother.  Ashley is envious of her sister’s new life.  They both take comfort realizing that the other knows why their mother-daughter relationships aren’t stellar.

Maci Bookout and a Grand Preschool Revelation

Everyone’s favorite pseudo student is back to the grindstone, feverishly trying to keep up with her classes knowing that little leech of a tot Bentley is going to be waiting for her at home.  Kyle King is watching him while Maci’s in class so she doesn’t have to take Bentley to daycare.  Back at home, Maci tells Kyle that she is ready to start looking into preschools for Bentley.  Kyle is confused as to the difference between daycare and preschool.  He also seems to be distracted by some sort of itchy rash.  Maci explains that at daycare they basically watch the kids to make sure they don’t stick their fingers into electrical sockets while at preschool the kids learn important skills.  “Coloring?” chimes in Kyle.  Yes!  Coloring!  Give Kyle a gold star.  Bentley brings play-doh into the mix and declares he doesn’t want to go to this horrible place where he’ll be forced to learn and color.  {Shudder!}

Maci and Kyle take Bentley to try a preschool.  His separation anxiety is kicking high speed when they leave him in a class to go speak with the director.  Maci is having a difficult time thinking about leaving him there for actual preschool.  The instructor explains that he’ll learn the days of the week, numbers, shapes, and even some Spanish.  I know she meant to say coloring as well.  When they rejoin Bentley in the classroom, he’s having a ball painting with kids his age.  Maci and Kyle think that it’s the perfect fit for Bentley, but she’s worried that Ryan Edwards won’t be on board.

Ryan comes to pick up BentleyMaci wants to talk to Ryan about preschool, but he doesn’t think Bentley needs to go.  Maci explains that he’ll learn Spanish, but Ryan’s counter argument is that Bentley doesn’t live in Mexico.  After a classy spit, he says he’ll think about it.  As he and his girlfriend drive off, Ryan says that the school “can’t teach him nothing that I can’t.”  Except maybe English (score a point for the girlfriend for saying the same!), and I’d bet coloring.

Ryan’s mom thinks that Ryan should only let Maci have Bentley in preschool on his day if she’ll give him extra time to make up for what they lose when Bentley is in school.  Both Ryan’s mom and girlfriend are exciting he’s being so anti-preschool.  Maci reveals to Kyle that regardless of Ryan’s decision, she’s going to enroll Bentley during a few of her custodial days.

Regardless of Ryan’s decision, Maci takes a crying Bentley for his first day of school.  Get in and get out, Maci.  Distract, distract, distract!  Maci tells the instructor that Ryan isn’t yet on board with preschool, but everyone hopes he’ll change his mind.

Amber Portwood Struggles to Stick it Out for Sixty Days

Poor Amber is more homesick than ever after Gary Shirley and Leah’s visit.  Gary fills in his mom on their visit.  While Gary is proud of Amber’s progress, they really don’t need to be discussing this in front of sweet Leah.  These people are clueless.

At the recovery center, Amber reveals that she got into a fight with someone in her sobriety group.  She’s ready to come home.  Amber calls Gary saying she is going to come home.  Gary urges her to talk to her counselor before making any rash decisions.  Even Leah is in agreement, and she doesn’t realize what she’s saying.  Not receiving the response she’d hoped for, Amber quickly ends the call.

Amber takes Gary’s advice and talks to her caseworker J.J.  He hopes that she won’t leave in a rush.  She also seeks the advice of another therapist.  She doesn’t want to stay for her full sixty days.  Her therapist reminds Amber that she hasn’t made a lot of progress with her anger management skills.  She seems to really get through to the the troubled girl…of course, I hate knowing where Amber is now.

In a hypnotherapy session, Amber’s therapist gets her to subconsciously admit that her father’s anger and pain towards her growing up has shaped her emotions and behavior.  It’s a vicious cycle.  Amber reveals that she is going to stay for her full sixty days.

Catelynn Lowell Loses a Roommate…Thanks Mobile Home HOA

Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra are working different shifts at the same clothing store for the summer before Catelynn begins her college classes.  Here’s hoping she’ll get a discount because I love Catelynn, but that shawl is horrid.  Butch has been squatting with the couple, but due to the regime of the their trailer park, he must be approved to live there full-time.  Tyler doesn’t seem very shocked to learn that Butch didn’t make the cut for their mobile neighborhood.  Apparently someone is spreading rumors that Butch is a big drinker!  Um, no!  If anything, he likes to snort coke and smoke pot, but he’s the farthest thing from a big drinker.  I really wish I could make up this stuff.  Tyler hates to hear that Butch is going to have to leave, although I think he’s secretly packing his father’s belongings.  Butch lays on the guilt.  He’ll be fine, no need to worry about him…all he needs is a park bench and a cardboard box.  Instant home!

When Catelynn gets home from work, Tyler fills her in on Butch’s situation.  Tyler seems to feel guilty that he doesn’t feel that guilty.  Catelynn thinks that Butch needs to learn how to live on the right path without his help.

Back at work, Catelynn worries about Tyler having to say good-bye to his dad.  Once Butch leaves, Tyler goes to talk to his mom.  She is relieved that Butch wasn’t allowed to stay because she saw Tyler taking on more of a parental role with his father.  Now that Butch is gone, Catelynn’s mom/Butch’s wife (always creeps me out) is finally able to visit.  April is hoping that he will continue complying with the terms of his parole so that she can see her husband again.

After a week of being on his own, Butch meets for dinner with a worried Tyler.  Tyler pleads with his dad to be super careful so he can get off parole, but something tells me that isn’t going to happen.  Butch says he has skeletons in his closet that are starting to rattle.

Next week, Farrah goes on a date, and Ryan’s mom suggests he pursue 50/50 custody due to preschool-gate.  Amber and Gary are both excited and scared for her to return home, Catelynn seems to be flaking on school.


[Photo Credit: MTV]