Vicki Gunvalson Responds to “Haters”! Brooks Ayers Blames Editing For Making Him Look Bad On TV!

Oh Vicki Gunvalson…I just don’t know what to say.  You’re so business savvy, and while I’m glad that your love tank is finally full, I continue to question your choices.

After an explosive two part Real Housewives of Orange County finale followed by an even more intense two part reunion, the relationship between Vicki and her Cajun beau Brooks Ayers is more front and center than it has been–and we all know it’s been pretty front and center.  Vicki talks to Bravo about the tumultuous season, and she seems to play down the drama.  Um, we were all watching!

Vicki tells Bravo, “I’ve been on the show for seven great years, and each season has had its ups and downs.”

Of watching in real time Vicki insists, “[I]t’s still interesting for me to watch the show with everyone else,” stating, “[M]uch of what you don’t see is the quieter moments, how much I love just being at home and enjoying time with my family. I have to laugh, it makes for boring TV, but I love those quiet times too!”


Of course it wasn’t all puppies and roses and love tanks for Vicki as she battled with her best friend Tamra Barney and her daughter Briana Culberson.  She reveals, “This season, I’ve been through the ringer as new friendships arose and old ones were tested on the show. I can’t predict who will be friends with whom next season, but I know now that my family and my closest friends are the most important thing to me.”

“As women, we are strong people! Women can go through hell, but we are strong, and stand up and fight for what we believe in. I’m happy to hold my head up high and look forward to what’s next! I’m a fighter, Bring It On!”  Oh Vicki…no need to go all Travy on us, although I do love his new song Fighter.  I just wish that she could sit back and see what everyone else sees.  Honestly, do you think you could watch that and not see your own faults?

Clearly Vicki can’t…nor can some of her fans.  She is very thankful to hear from her supporters.  Of her following, Vicki tells the site, “It’s been terrific to hear from each and everyone of them! I wasn’t trained to be on a reality show, no one is I suppose, but I dove right in and started swimming!  The fan feedback, and the love I’ve felt from each and everyone of the Real Housewives Of Orange County fans has been overwhelming for me—and I want to thank my fans for their support!”

“I keep them in my heart and my thoughts each and every day. Most importantly I’m looking forward to sharing the future with all my fans — stay tuned, see you next season!! Woo Hoo!!”  Thank goodness for that “Woo Hoo!” or I’d be worried that this interview was with a Vicki cyborg.

I will say that the second half of the reunion appeared to be Vicki and Alexis Bellino against the world (of Bravo).  Even Briana was vehement in her detest for Brooks, and I must say that Briana has been the voice of reason on this show since it first aired years ago.  She’s one mature and smart cookie.  However, now Vicki is claiming that her daughter’s statements on the reunion were coached.

After one fan wrote to the reality TV star, “That show sickened me. Why did Briana throw you under the bus? You’re her mom and she lives with you,” Vicki tweeted, “[Briana] was unfortunately pinned up against me. The producers were in her ear for a few hours prior to her going on.”  Um…flipping Briana is the bomb.  I have watched Vicki try to put words in her mouth for years.  Guess what?  Briana doesn’t play that game.  If Vicki can’t influence her daughter, I’m hard-pressed to think that random Bravo producers could do the same.

Speaking of Brooks (we were in an off-handed sort of way, weren’t we?), he’s still battling ABC for alleging he is a deadbeat dad.  Good luck with that fight. reports that his attorney isn’t quite ready to sue, but he’s all about drafting strongly worded letters.  Brooks’ lawyer tells the site, “While we have not filed a lawsuit yet, we have written to ABC demanding a retraction and informed them that the threat of the lawsuit exists and we are currently in discussions with them.  The most damaging aspect was the program accusing him of running out on his child, which is absolutely false.”  He must be telling the truth…any attorney for a housewives’ hanger-onner (yeah, that’s a word) who gives exclusives to Star Magazine’s site must be totally legit.

Of his ex-girlfriend’s deadbeat claims, Brooks’ attorney tells the site, “Brooks is very close with his three children from his marriage, and he is very keen to have a relationship with his son, but Nicolette won’t allow him access for the time being.  She has said she doesn’t know how to get hold of him, which is not true. She traveled to California in January 2012 and met with Brooks and Vicki, since then he has had the same cell phone number and the same e-mail, so there is no credence to these claims that he disappeared on her.”

I think I may patent a watch that only runs in fifteen minute increments for all of these people searching for their fleeting fame.  I’ll be sure to bestow one on Brooks and his ex-girlfriend (and maybe his lawyer) purely for marketing purposes.

Brooks‘ lawyer concludes, “They have a dispute and it should have remained private. It was wrong of her to go public and smear his reputation.  20/20 purports to be a news program so viewers give it a lot of credibility because they believe it has been fully researched and is impartial.  Our view is that it is entertainment and painting it as a news program is misleading.”

The man with the Hallmark tongue also has been spending an exorbitant time on twitter illuminating us with proclamations of his virtues. Brooks admits Tamra wasn’t lying about one of her accusations – his name really is “David.” David Brooks Ayers to be exact. “I go by Brooks. I have never used a fake name,” he explains on twitter. Where else?

Brooks also gives some background on who he really is and the novice reality star proves he’s been paying close attention to the show – very close attention – because he blames EDITING for making him look bad. I couldn’t make this crap up if I tried.

Taking the time to respond to many of the points brought up in the reunion, Brooks insists: “I am very much a man….You have no clue. It’s reality tv ! #edited I am with my children now!”

As for where he works and how he met Vickster, Brooks explains: “I have been with the same healthcare firm for over 6 years….” Brooks says when he met Vicki five years ago he didn’t know she was on the show. To his credit the show was fairly new then. He adds they first became acquainted in “May 2007 in Buckhead, GA at a life insurance conference.”

Interestingly enough, Brooks admits Tamra has blocked him on Twitter after a fan accused him of blocking Briana and her husband, Ryan. Ryan backs up the claim, tweeting: “he has us both blocked.”

Brooks did not address the allegation, but he does maintain that he did not out Briana‘s pregnancy or wedding date to the media.

Geez Louise! For someone who claims to be with his kids all the time he spends an awful lot of time driving Vicki‘s car around and tweeting!

Is this dude really trying to go up against ABC? Please.  I guess that last statement would qualify me as a hater, and Vicki and Brooks don’t like haters.  Don’t believe me?  Check out twitter!  Both Vicki and Brooks are on the defense against their haters, but fear not, they also both have a great deal of fan support.  Really?  Here’s a tidbit…Vicki just tweeted, “I don’t understand people hiding behind their computers lashing out mean things.”  Please enjoy some of her other “anti-hater” tweets below!


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