Last night was the season finale of Mob Wives Chicago, and we finally had some questions answered and saw at least some of the women having fun together.  It’s about time, that’s for sure!

Pia Rizza heads to Renee Fecarotta Russo‘s apartment to discuss her very productive and positive meeting with Nora Schweihs .  Pia reveals that Nora ran away as soon as they began to talk, and she is no longer a thought in Pia’s mind.  Renee is all “duh.”  I know middle schoolers with better vocabulary.  Renee shares with Pia her screaming match with Giana’s father.  She is worried that when Giana finds out she yelled at her father, it will push her daughter even farther away from her.  Renee also talks about her weekend getaway with Dave.  While it was fun, she isn’t sure what it actually accomplished to help their relationship.  Pia advises her to focus on Giana and put Dave on the back burner.


Leah Disimone is very worried about her mother.  Since the breast cancer walk, her mom is suffering from depression and she’s not following the doctor’s orders.  Leah meets with her dad, and he may be a bit to harsh for her.  She tells him that she hopes she dies before him, because she doesn’t think that she could live without him.  He tells her to worry about Leah and not get so concerned about everything else.

Christina Scoleri  and Nora meet up for a glass of wine to rehash Nora’s “chat” with Pia.  Wow.  Pia and Nora couldn’t have two more different views about what happened.  Nora is more concerned about resuming his father’s body.  She is anxious to open the casket and make sure he’s in there.  Um…Christina is really worried about Nora.  She believes she’s about to have a mental breakdown…if she hasn’t already had one!

Christina has an appointment with her therapist, and she’s excited to tell her about the “internship” with the “designer.”  Her therapist asks about her friend situation, and Christina explains that she’s decided to put her issues with Pia aside and try to get past them.  The therapist applauds her new positive outlook.

Nora’s friend Julie arrives to support Nora with her dad’s exhumation.  It looks like Nora hasn’t slept in days.  She receives a call from the cemetery that her brother never signed the petition to exhume his body.  However, legally, the thirty days he had to sign have expired, so Nora can continue with her plan to make sure he’s in his casket.  Nora knows its just part of the government’s conspiracy.  Gracious.  The women joke about buying shovels at Home Depot and digging him up themselves.

Renee admits to Giana that she had a screaming match with her father.  Giana is very calm, and she understands that her mom is just coming from a place of anger.  Renee opens up to her about their relationship, and it means the world to Giana.  Renee promises not to speak poorly of Giana’s dad in order to repair her relationship with her daughter.  Giana is extremely mature given that her mother is Renee.

Nora meets with her attorney, and he’s filed a motion and has gotten a court order so she can proceed with her plans.  She is ready to hightail it to the cemetery.

Pia and Renee are take a limo to go sunbathing on a boat with Leah and Christina.  If Pia isn’t having fun, she’s willing to risk e. coli by swimming in the river back to shore than spend a bad time with the women on the yacht.  Renee is thrilled it will be a Nora-free day.  Leah and Christina are coming in their own limo, and they discuss how badly they feel for Nora given that it’s the day she is exhuming her dad’s body.

Nora expertly applies her eye make-up only to wipe it all off on the way to the cemetery.  Once she arrives, the gate is locked.  She is hysterical to learn that they have already exhumed her father’s body, and the funeral director and the body are already at the crematory.  Nora’s driver rushes her to the crematory, but they get pulled over on the way.  The police tell her she’s being detained for investigation, and they handcuff her.  Apparently she’s accused of trespassing on the cemetery property.

The ladies arrive on the boat and proceed to do several shots.  All of the women are having a difficult time staying upright due to the wind and the booze.  At least they all seem to be having a blast.  Leah is thrilled that everyone is finally getting along and having a good time.

The police let Nora leave and she is upset that she didn’t get to see the casket come out of the ground.  The funeral director advises her that he is going to look first, and he’ll tell her whether he thinks its a good idea for her to view the body.  He apologizes to Nora, but he can’t let her see her father.  He really doesn’t want her to have the last memory of her father to be a four-year-old decomposed corpse.  He assures her that her father was autopsied.  Nora understands, but she isn’t going anywhere until the pathologist can come do a DNA test.

Renee toasts her friends, and Christina is finally able to laugh about the text messaging incident.  The spell is broken when Leah says she hopes that one day Pia and Renee can be civil with Nora.  Crickets.  Leah can’t believe how stubborn these women are.  She wants everyone to get along, and she prefaces that wish by saying, “Maybe I’m a dreamer.”  I totally expected her to break into John Lennon’s Imagine.  I’m actually really disappointed she didn’t!

The pathologist arrives to identify the body.  He has pictures of Nora’s father from all phases of his life, but he thinks the corpse looks to thin to be her father.  He doesn’t think this is the guy.  Wouldn’t a DNA test be much more conclusive?

Back on the boat, Christina shares her concerns about Nora’s exhumation, but Pia and Renee don’t want to talk about it.

Back at the funeral home, the director tells Nora that the body cannot be cremated today.  They have taken the tissue samples to do a DNA test, but the tests won’t be conclusive for a couple of weeks.  She is adamant about seeing him herself so she can have closure.  The funeral director doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but he takes her to view the body.  Nora can’t tell if it’s her father either.  She decides to wait for the test results.  We learn from VH1 that the DNA tests were inconclusive.  However, we dramatically are told that dental records prove that the body is her father’s.


[Photo Credit: VH1]