Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap: Mimi Missed the Bus


Finally, the episode we’ve been waiting for all season–the last one!  Last night was the season finale of the scripted train wreck that is Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Lil’ Scrappy goes to visit Erica Dixon, and she doesn’t trust him.  Erica doesn’t think he can be loyal.  He claims that Shay is a friend, but Erica knows she’s just a “slut bucket.”  Loves it!  She just wants them to be friends and be great co-parents to their daughter.  Scrappy professes his love and apologizes for being “a little wild,” but he ultimately agrees that the pair needs to focus on their daughter.  If they make it work down the road, he’ll be thrilled, but right now he can be patient.


Karlie Redd is meeting up with Atlanta rapper Roscoe Dash.  She wants to collaborate on a hot sex song with him.  I’m a tad disturbed because he looks like he’s twelve-years-old.  Karlie is laying it on thick, and when Roscoe asks if she’s seeing someone, she says, “it’s complicated.”  Did she just update her Facebook status?

Mimi Faust, Stevie J., and Joseline are attending yet another therapy session.  Stevie is wearing a shirt that says, “I AM GOD.”  Yeah, no.  The therapist points out that the shirt means that Stevie knows he has power over both of his women.  The wardrobe department is thrilled to finally be getting some recognition.  Mimi says she isn’t there to make Stevie make a choice between the two, as she thinks he’s already made his decision.  He’s out with Joseline and going to the clubs…he’s not choosing to be home with her.  Joseline kindly invites Mimi to join them at the strip clubs.  She’ll pass thanks.  Joseline admits that she knows Stevie will always be lying and cheating, but she’s happy to accept him the way he is as long as he takes care of her and focuses on her career.  Heck, she’s so cool with him being a man whore, Joseline admits she watched him have sex with her friend in her own bed.  This show is taking things to a whole other level.  Mimi is disgusted, but Joseline points out that she’s been basically doing the same thing by turning a blind eye to him for years.  Stevie explains that he’s the one who made these ladies as he slips on a smug grin and some shades.  Oh, and he makes a random bus analogy as well.  D-to-the-ouche-bag.

Ariane comes to meet Mimi at the salon to share about the recent counseling session.  Ariane is in disbelief.  Mimi finally (for this episode, at least) seems to realize that a real man wouldn’t treat her that way, and she deserves a better way of life.  Ariane high fives Mimi’s new attitude, but I hope she isn’t holding her breath that it will last.

Scrappy is excited to give Shay the good news that he’s totally done with Erica…besides the fact he was professing his true love to her just a little while ago.  He says something.  I don’t know what, because VH1 is skimping on the subtitles tonight.  Shay wants to know why he thinks he can flip flop and come back to her after trying to make it work with Erica.  He smoothly tries to explain that he and Erica don’t work, and while he loves her and wants to be with her, they just aren’t good for each other.  Yeah, that’s the way to get Shay back!  He then turns the tables and tells Shay that he loves her two.  Her feelings are hurt, but of course, she’s willing to give him another chance.  What is up with the dudes?

It’s time for girl talk with Stevie and Benzino!  The thing-thing?  Should Benzino propose?  He doesn’t want to be played  Stevie and his furrowed brow try to give him some brovice…advice to his bro.  Their scenes are laughable.

Joseline meets up with Stevie and she lays down the law.  She wants him to focus on her career and sleep with her when she wants to, but Stevie’s upset that she is no longer in love with him.  He is such an arrogant jackhole.  He has to have some sort of personality disorder.

K. Michelle goes shopping for new furniture with Erica.  Now that Erica has a new place, she wants to get new stuff for a fresh start.  K. Michelle is surprised that she’s taking such a big step.  She’s also shocked to learn that Erica is dating her white realtor!  Erica is full of surprises.  K. Michelle reveals how hurt she was by Rasheeda implying that she wasn’t the victim of domestic violence.  Erica doesn’t think that was what Rasheeda’s intent was, and she urges K. to speak with Rasheeda like a mature adult.

Joseline comes to the studio to see Stevie rubbing all over a new artist Che Mack.  Joseline is extremely jealous, and Stevie is loving every second of it.  He suggests a collaboration, and Joseline storms out of the studio.  Stevie’s face totally reads, “Mission Accomplished.”

K. Michelle is attempting her adult conversation with Rasheeda.  Rasheeda isn’t really backing down from her stance either.  She’s much better friends with K.’s ex than she is with K., and she just can’t see him being violent.  K. Michelle goes off…not necessarily on Rasheeda, but on her situation.

Karlie reveals that she has moved out of Benzino’s house, but she’s willing to meet up with him to hear what he has to say.  He apologizes for his jealousy, but Karlie says she doubts his feelings for her.  To prove that he loves her, he pulls out the engagement ring and asks if he would have bought the ring if he didn’t love her.  She is so excited and asks Benzino if he’s ready for this big step.  Nope!  He snatches back the ring and basically peaces out for doubting him.  What an a$$ move!

Stevie can’t believe all of these women are getting off his bus!  Doesn’t Mimi realize that she is nothing without him?  He goes to visit her at work to invite her back on his bus.  Stevie starts laying it on thick with apologies.  Mimi takes responsibility for allowing him to act a fool for so long.  When she says she’s done with him, his entire demeanor changes, and he blames Ariane for turning Mimi against him.  Perhaps he should remember all the other women he’s slept with while they were together.  Stevie says Mimi will never leave him.  He makes a veiled threat, and then he reminds her that he gave her a kid while all the other guys in her life just threw her away.   Stevie is such a class act.

VH1 rushes through a vow renewal between Rasheeda and Kirk Frost.  I guess it’s doesn’t warrant as much air time given that it is drama-free.  Karlie is working on her career…in Roscoe’s lap.  K. Michelle is working on being the best she can be.  Erica is still waiting on Mr. Right.  Scrappy doesn’t want to be tied down to anyone but Jesus and his daughter.  Huh?  Joseline has gone from stripper to pop star.  Stevie J. has found a new chick to ride his bus.  Mimi hopes Stevie prays every night that none of his daughters end up with a guy like him.  Amen to that!


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