Farrah Abraham Upsets Derek Underwood’s Mom; Jenelle Evans Has Her Day In Court

In Farrah Abraham's memoir, the Teen Mom wrote about her relationship with Sophia's dad, Derek Underwood. Sadly, Derek passed away before Sophia was born, and now Farrah Abraham is blaming Derek for their troubled relationship in My Teenage Dream Ended.

Derek's mom Stormie Clark is not happy about Farrah's depiction of Derek.

Stormie tells OK! Magazine, "Derek loved Farrah. He would have never laid a hand on her. They argued just like any normal teenage couple, but he was not the person that she is portraying him to be.”

Farrah hasn't kept in touch with Derek's family since his death. Stormie filed for visitation rights of Sophia, hoping to be a part of her granddaughter's life. As we saw last season on Teen Mom, Farrah was less than thrilled about the idea.


A source explains the bad blood between the two, “This feud stems from when Farrah was dating Derek. She and Stormie did not get along, because according to his mother, Farrah was abusive to Derek and rude to his family.”

I can hardly believe it! That sounds about right! So sad when there's a baby caught in the middle of a family feud.

Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham Denies Using Adderall And Xanax! Jenelle Evans Claims She Has “Proof” Ex- Fiancé Gary Head Abused Her!

Jenelle Evans and Gary Head were arrested in June following a brutal fight between the two lovebirds. Gary was charged with assaulting Jenelle, Jenelle walked away with simple assault charges. Both were charged with possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of a controlled substance.

Radar Online reports that Jenelle now has a one-year restraining order against Gary. Such an order prohibits Gary from having any contact with Jenelle in person, over the phone, online, or through a third party. Say it isn't so… no Twitter contact?

A source told Radar Online, “Jenelle is afraid of Gary. She was viciously attacked by him and she is really frightened that he is going to come after her again, that’s why she got the restraining order.”

“She doesn’t ever want to talk to Gary again, she just hopes that he obeys the law and stays away from her," the source added. "She knows that the restraining order is just a piece of paper, but she feels safer knowing that he can’t and shouldn’t come near her.”

A judge dropped all four counts against Jenelle in court on Monday. Jenelle tweeted, "Court is over. Gary Head pleas guilty to assault on a female and all my charges were dropped."

Dustin Sullivan, Jenelle's attorney, said, "Jenelle was very pleased with the results today in court. She is excited to have this chapter of her life behind her and feels confident that she will be protected with the no-contact order in place. As for what this means for Jenelle, she has another set of charges dismissed and she can move on with her life." Another set of charges being the key words there – how is Jenelle ever going to learn if she never has to face real consequences for her poor decisions and actions? Nevertheless, Jenelle is hopeful…

She wrote on her website, "I keep stressing like my life is going to break, but then I realize everything is okay. I’m straightening up my life for the better and happy with it for once… starting a fresh start in a bigger city, starting a job, going to school in the fall."


Photo Credit: MTV