Ahhh… Real Housewives of New Jersey. Never  a dull moment. And never one where I don't need earplugs. Yesterday Melissa Gorga paid a visit to Ryan Seacrest's radio show where she debuted her new single "I Just Wanna…" Oh, the fetes of autotune and audio editing. Amazing, no? I mean I could probably make a hit and I sound like my bassett hound howling when I sing. 

Anyway, Melissa tells Ryan: “I’m really excited about this one. I love it, it’s my absolute favorite. I think I have a hit here. There’s a male vocal that comes in on it…I’ve been looking for an opportunity to do something where a male vocal would come in."

Melissa collaborated with Santino Noir who sings on the track. And she also shot her first music video. Somehow I imagine a lot of discount Brittney Spears-esque grinding circa 2002? "I just shot an amazing video for it that’s going to be released next week. So, I’m just excited about the whole thing,” Melissa gushes. 

You can hear a clip of I Just Wanna… below. It hits iTunes September 9th! I know what I'm saving my money for… 


Besides talking about her music career, Melissa discussed reality TV and per the usual was asked about the drama with Teresa Giudice. “We haven’t really seen each other in a while. We’ve just been trying to keep our distance. It just seems like it should be so easy," Melissa reveals of their current relationship.

"And what you’re seeing on the show, we’re getting along so well. It was really easy and I don’t know how it just keeps getting back to this spot. You will see in the finale that we are at the spot that we are right now.”

Melissa also confronts rumors that Teresa has called her a "gold-digger" and a "stripper." “It’s ridiculous. I don’t know where she gets this stuff from," Melissa scoffs. Maybe Teresa got her info from Lookers? Heard of them? "I don’t know why she would say it,” Melissa adds.

Apparently this will become a reunion hot-topic. Oh, goody! “I don’t know where it’s coming from, but I’m definitely going to have to ask her at the reunion. We’re going to film the reunion, so I’m definitely going to have to ask her about that.” Melissa adds that she's prepared for the conversation and the reunion in general to be "uncomfortable."

“it’s my sister-in-law. It’s never easy,” she admits.

Speaking of fights, Melissa reacts to the argument between Teresa and Caroline Manzo.“It was crazy, it really was, it was nuts. I just stayed out of it. Because it wasn’t my battle, it wasn’t my argument. They’ve been friends for a long time…it was exhausting though, I can tell you that. It was such a beautiful trip, so I didn’t want to do that on the trip.”

Moving on, a few weeks ago Jacqueline Laurita revealed a shocking family announcement when she came forward with her son Nicholas' autism diagnosis. Jacqueline was confronting all of this during filming for the dramatic season four of RHONJ and at that time chose not to share her story on the show. 

Speaking to Tom Murro, Jacqueline reveals that she was never afraid to share her story, she was just concerned about how it would affect her family. "I was never afraid to tell anybody. I don't feel it's anything to be ashamed of. My son is a beautiful, smart, happy, loving boy who just happens to have autism. He brings us joy everyday. He's adorable and a we consider him a blessing."

"All of our friends and family knew there was an issue before we got the actual diagnosis. We decided not to publicize it on the show until we had an actual diagnosis and a treatment plan in place. Bravo knew as well, and respected our decision to wait on airing it until we felt comfortable," Jacqueline explains.

"I felt like it was one thing to show my life, but my son didn't sign up for this. Once we got the diagnosis and treatment plan in place we realized that by putting it out there, it would not only help our son by the amount of support and resources given to us, but we could also bring awareness to autism and help other people that can relate to us. We just wanted to control the way it came out. That's why we chose to go to People magazine. We knew they would do a great job telling our story."

Jacqueline says her co-stars were supportive – even Teresa apparently. Although she hasn't connected with Jacqueline since the People article came out. "All of my cast members knew there was an issue prior to the actual diagnosis and most were very supportive with encouraging kind words and offering us different resources to help," Jacqueline shares.

"Since the actual diagnosis, and the article in People magazine, all of my cast mates have reached out to us for support except for Teresa, but that was to be expected."

Fans of the show have also come forward to offer support and encouragement. "Since the article came out, we have received thousands of letters, emails, texts, tweets, and FB messages from people reaching out to support us and offer us advice and resources. So many have openly shared their stories with us. It's been so overwhelming in a good way," Jacqueline shares, adding they are incredibly "grateful" for the support. 

Jacqueline admits that her husband Chris had a hard time accepting the diagnosis. "In the beginning, I think he was in a little bit of denial and hoping it would be something he would outgrow. Once he realized Nick was on the Autism spectrum, he has done everything he can to help him to recover. We support each other and research all avenues for help for him together."

Jacqueline reveals that as part of Nicholas' treatment plan she has changed his diet to gluten and casein free with supplements and has been working with him daily. "We parent Nicholas with lots of love, hugs, kisses and praises. I am very hands on. I do a lot of flashcard work with him," Jacqueline discusses. "Finding good gluten free food that he will eat is difficult. The diet is worth it. We have seen positive changes in him."

And Nicholas is making a tremendous amount of progress. "He gets home ABA therapy 5 days a week. He has made progress already," Jacqueline explains. "They work on speech and language, behavioral, motor skills, etc. He starts preschool next week in a special services room with an IEP program set in place."

"I've done a ton of research and I take notes. I have binders full of information on autism," Jacqueline adds.

"We are very optimistic about it," she says of Nicholas' progress. "Whatever it is that I learn from this experience, I will teach others. As much as I want to learn from others, I want to help others as much as I can."

And Jacqueline offers this advice to parents: "Check your child's developmental milestones. Early Intervention is key! Start with a GF/CF diet, get them on a good supplement plan, Check for food allergies. Find a good developmental pediatrician and a DAN (Defeat Autism Now) doctor. Research all of your options. Reach out to others for support. Stay positive! Be patient. Don't forget your date nights!" 

[Photo Credit: Tom Murrow]







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