Tamra Barney has apparently recovered from her emergency surgery nicely and is right back to talking about herself, errrr… I mean work. She's right back to talking about work. 

Tamra sat down with Emme Magazine to discuss all things Real Housewives of Orange County. And claims that deciding to join the show was a complete whim. Why do I not believe her… 

"It was a freak thing and I still don’t understand why I was picked. I jokingly filled out an online application that my friend sent to me, not thinking for one second they would call me. I was totally obnoxious (mocking the show) we were both were laughing at my answers, I didn’t send any pictures and didn’t show up to the casting call in Newport," Tamra reveals.


"So when they called me a few days later I almost dropped the phone. After a month of interviews, they called me to tell me they wanted me and I thought, 'Everything happens for a reason…here goes another chapter in my life.'" You know, this is the fun side of Tamra – the side that makes me sometimes like her. And then I remember the other side of Tamra… 

Speaking of which, Tamra does admit that she sometimes she should keep her mouth shut regarding her co-stars and supposed friends. 

"I am not a person that lives my life in regret. I try to learn from my mistakes and move on," Tamra explains. "There are always things that the camera catches that you think 'Oh Sh%t' but at the end of the day no one is perfect and we all make mistakes."

At the end of the day, Tamra is really glad she sold her dignity for some D-List fame joined the cast. "There are so many wonderful things about being on TV I don’t even know where to start. First off you can’t beat getting paid for being yourself. Reality TV is a fabulous thing, you are able to show others that life isn’t easy for anyone, we all share all the same struggles in life," she gushed.

"I love that I can reach out to others and talk about divorce, raising children, fitness, friendship and new business adventures. The part I probably hate is everyone knowing who I am when I go out. I am not big into the ‘celebrity thing’ I would rather no one notice me, but it comes with the territory so I can’t complain."

Oh – and for those of you dying to work out with Tamra, her gym, C.U.T. Fitness, has a Facebook page so you can chart it's alleged progress. 

Speaking of business ventures, Vicki Gunvalson is selling T-shirts! Following a rough year in which she lost friendships and respect over her relationship with Brooks Ayers, Vicki is trying to prove she's strong with a T-shirt slogan. It says "You ain't about this life!" No just kidding, they actually say corny stuff like: "Bring it on!" So 2000 Vicks!

In other Vicki news, she has been working out like crazy and eating right and looks great. A photo of Vicki's new body is below. Keep up the good work, Vicks! 

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Vicki looking hot and in shape! Get it girl – and get AWAY from Brooks! [Credit: Facebook]

That's Vicki in the LBD and Briana at the end uber pregnant. She's 34 Weeks according to Vicki's Twitter. [Credit: Facebook]

A sample of Vicki's new t-shirts! Woo Hoo! [Credit: Facebook]


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