The Most Disastrous Real Housewives Cast Trips

(Photo by: Paul Cheney/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images)

Every year, the Real Housewives of whichever city embark on a one-of-a-kind cast trip. Many of the vacations have been to exotic destinations that included spiritual pools, white sand beaches, and Bravo personalities falling over into bushes. However, sometimes the escape isn’t as serene as the ladies would have hoped, and a tropical paradise can quickly turn into scary island. Something about the change of scenery just makes some Real Housewives go totally unhinged

Hong Kong – RHOBH


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7 trip was a standout thanks to Erika Jayne‘s emotional freakout on an unknowing Eileen Davidson. The trip was rough from the start, but the scenic dinner overlooking the city was the cherry on top. Erika’s over-the-top table antics include tears and screaming, “You don’t know what I deal with every night!”

Dorit Kemsely was already in hot water with the Pretty Mess singer after causing an argument over Erika flashing her friends and not wearing panties. Could she be any more thirsty? Lisa Rinna had the most absurd attack to date, asking Dorit, “Were people doing coke in your bathroom?” Lisa’s Nancy Drew detective skills led her to ask this question because multiple people got up from the table during a party she had thrown a few weeks prior. No amount of Buddha statues was going to save this trip.

Whistler – RHOC


Leave it to Vicki Gunvalson to make our cousins to the North judge us even more. On what was supposed to be a beautiful trip to Whistler, the slopes turned extra icy thanks to the snow queen herself shouting about her love life. During Season 8, the OG of the OC made it clear why she will always be a powerhouse, even if it ruined a bit of the girl’s trip. Lauri Peterson had been coming for Vicki all season, but she wasn’t going to take it lying down. 

Fans watched as the girls’ trip turned into a mud-slinging fest, complete with neon ski pants. Lauri accused Vicki of having a threesome while she was away at an insurance conference, implying that the usually prude Vicki was well-versed in colorful sexual acts. Vicki responded the only way she knew how—with an avalanche of emotions, yelling, “I HAVE NEVER BEEN WITH MULTIPLE PARTNERS IN MY LIFE!” The outburst will haunt me whenever I venture onto the slopes. 

Morocco – RHONY


The Real Housewives of New York City Season 4 cast trip to Morocco was memorable for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, the amount of times Ramona Singer made rude and uneducated comments was absurd. Ramona was also gifted the gift of foresight as a fortune teller correctly predicted that Mario Singer was cheating on her. Talk about a buzz kill. The trip also wasn’t so great for Luann de Lesseps, who was literally kicked off her camel, not once but twice, because it couldn’t stand her bull anymore. 

I’ll never unhear the Countess’ high-pitched screams. Alex McCord tried her best but still failed to address the Herman Munster comments made by Lu. The exchange became hilarious as Kelly Bensimon demanded that Alex “reenter” the room and be more genuine. There was just no winning for the “buffalo.” Back to Ramona, who had us all riding the Ramonacoaster as she fought it out with Jill Zarin. topped the trip off. 

Columbia – RHONY


The boat ride from hell will go down in infamy among fans of the Real Housewives of New York City. The women of the Big Apple knew how to handle rumors, affairs, and even a catfight or two, but they were not a match for the open seas of Cartegna that tried to spit them out after a harrowing cruise. The trip had two dinner table fights, a drunk Dorinda Medley slurring words, and everyone getting food poisoning, which required Ramona and Sonja Morgan to wear diapers on the flight home. 

Anguilla – RHOA


Season 5 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta gave fans everything on their cast trip to Anguilla. Kenya Moore couldn’t keep it in her pants as she flirted shamelessly with Apollo Nida. Until Phaedra Parks stepped in, it looked as if the beauty queen may have ended up back in his room. There was also a dramatic showdown between Porsha Williams and Kenya, which gave us the iconic “Gone With the Wind fabulous” twirl.