Big Brother 14 Recap: Veto, Eviction, And HoH; Plus, Corn Flakes And Olympians

Doomsday Wednesday is the fancy title CBS gave the most predictable hour of Big Brother all summer. This episode's only surprise came when Corn Flakes trumped Fruit Loops as the official cereal of Big Brother 14

Last week's double eviction took out Frank Eudy and Joe Arvon.

Dan Gheesling recovers from his risky nominations. Ian Terry is honored to have been "Memphised" by Dan. Ian doesn't know he was Dan's target. Danielle Murphree sulks for awhile, because that's what she does, but she goes right back to being Dan's number one girl.

Ian wins the next HoH. Jenn Arroyo talks to Ian right away. Ian tells Jenn he realizes there are "people here who have nominated me." Not I, says the one hasn't won a single HoH competition. Ian tells Dan he might have to use Dan as a pawn to "keep up appearances." Dan will never agree to this "crazy plan." Ever. In a million years. Dan stays silent, at first, and then tells Ian it's Renegades or nothing. Enough said. Ian nominates Jenn and Shane Meaney

Julie Chen surprises the houseguests with an elimination and a Head of Household competition on a Tuesday. (Crazy, I know!) But first… the Power of Veto.


But First… Reactions to the Nominations
Jenn is dumbfounded. She says, "Dan snags a key. Dan just nominated Ian, I mean, what does this guy have to do to get on the block?" Shane is confident he's just a pawn, quack, quack. Danielle worries Dan will take out Shane. Rightfully so… Dan says he's excited to get a second shot at Shane.
Jenn tells Dan, "I'm not listening to you, Dan. Congratulations," and then she goes into the storage room. Dan stalks the storage room. When Jenn comes out, Dan attempts to smooth her ruffled feathers. Dan reminds Jenn that she has a "dangerous player" [Dan] on her side, and Jenn just says "you always manage to get yourself out of these situations" over and over. 
Jenn asks Danielle if Shane is upset about his nomination. Danielle says no, which leads Danielle to wonder if her and Shane's "nomance" is all game play on Shane's part. Jenn plays along, for her own gain.


Power of Veto and Eviction

Time Flies – a puzzle on one platform and a 20-second timer on another platform. The houseguests have to fly from one platform to the other, alternating between assembling a puzzle and resetting the timer. If the time runs out, the puzzle falls apart. This week, the winner of the PoV also wins a luxury prize.

Shane and Jenn are in good shape. Ian is so bad, he eventually gets eliminated. Dan is not going to catch up to either Shane or Jenn. Danielle whines because the puzzle isn't on the ground. Her plan is to cheat off Shane. Ian helps Shane. Dan says, "Ian, put your glasses away and stop helping Shane!" Much to Dan's dismay, Shane wins the PoV.

Shane removes himself from the block, of course. Ian nominates Danielle. Either Danielle or Jenn (hmmm, I wonder) will be the next houseguest evicted from the Big Brother house. Dan says, "I've escaped yet again and everything is going to plan. I can see the half million dollars in sight. I'm wiling to stab anyone and do anything to make sure I win this thing again." 

Shane and Danielle (Shane's choice) go to the Kellogg's Tour of Gymnastics, where they're greeted by the Fierce Five and Corn Flakes.

The highlights: Shane compares winning Big Brother to winning an Olympic gold medal, because, dude, a lot of people also try out for Big Brother. Corn Flakes. Shane's hair. Tumbling. Shane and Danielle kiss. Corn Flakes. Danielle comes back to the Big Brother house madly, deeply in love with Shane, because, now, they're "real" outside of the house. More than ever, Danielle's torn between Shane and Dan. Corn Flakes.

Vote to evict:
Shane – Jenn
Dan – Jenn
By a vote of 2 to 0, Jenn is evicted from the Big Brother house. The Quack Pack hug it out.
Jenn says to the houseguests, "The winner is in the room." You think? She continues, "So keep it fun and keep it classy." Julie has no idea what to ask Jenn, so she offers her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich instead. The only thing we learn from Jenn is that she does not regret using the week 7 veto on Dan. She says, "Dan, to me, is one of the most dangerous players currently in the game. It's like, if you can't beat him, join him. I figured it would be better to have him working for me than against me." 
Head of Household


ShaneDan, and Danielle play for HoH. In Photographic Memory, the houseguests have to answer true or false questions about pictures of the game.

At the end of seven questions, Dan and Danielle are tie. The tie breaker question is how many seconds elapsed from the starting horn to the finishing bell in the Time Flies veto competition. Dan answers 626, Danielle answers 155. The correct answer is 584 seconds. Danielle wins HoH.

At final four, the Head of Household secures a place in the final three, but the Power of Veto is the more important win. The PoV winner is the only houseguest who votes. Unless, of course, the HoH also wins the PoV. If that happens, there will be only one person not nominated and he/she casts the lone vote.

If Dan wins PoV, Shane and Ian are on the block. My guess – Dan evicts Shane. Each one is a threat to Dan. Competitions – Shane, endurance. Ian, mental. Final two – Shane could come between Dan and Danielle. Ian could beat Dan in the jury vote. 
If Ian wins PoV,  Shane and Dan are on the block. My guess – Ian evicts Shane. Ian seems to be 100% loyal to his alliance with Dan.  
If Shane wins PoV, Dan and Ian are on the block. My guess – Shane evicts Ian. I think Shane has the balls to evict Dan, here, but only if someone tells him to. I think the guy is incredibly book smart and he rocks the puzzle and memory competitions… but he's not too bright, otherwise. 
If Danielle wins PoV, the outcome depends on her nominations and the power of Dan's mist. The possibilities are endless, really. My guess is she'll nominate Dan and Ian, but I have no idea what she'd do with the veto.


Photo credit: CBS