Big Brother 14 Recap: Another One (Not Named Frank) Bites The Dust

Last week on Big Brother, Shane Meaney nominated Mike Boogie Malin and Frank Eudy for eviction. Frank won the Power of Veto, removed himself from the block, and Jenn Arroyo took his place. Immediately after Boogie, aka Frank's best buddy, was evicted, Julie Chen surprised the house guests (not really) with a double eviction. Ian Terry won HoH and nominated Frank and Ashley Iocco. Frank saved himself by winning his third PoV in a row. The house guests are going to have to set the house on fire to get Frank out of there. Ashley, aka Frank's only other ally, was evicted. 

After losing both Boogie and Ashley in the same night, Frank won HoH. He nominated Dan Gheesling and Danielle Murphree. Frank was gunning for Dan so hard, he willingly accepted several punishments in the last PoV competition. However, Frank was disqualified for breaking a rule, and Jenn won the PoV. The PoV was not supposed to be used… In a shocking turn of events, Dan flipped the house. Dan made a final two deal with Frank, who had Jenn save Dan from eviction, and… deep breath… that's how Britney Haynes found herself nominated for eviction this week.

How does the house react to this turn of events? Who is evicted – Danielle or Britney?


Aftermath of the Power of Veto

Britney, Ian, and Shane don't know what to do. 

Britney says, "I'm just shocked. I thought that I was at Dan's funeral and a giant carrot puts me on the block next to my best friend in the house. Interesting, to say the least."  Ian says, "What just happened? I have a strong suspicion that Frank knows I've been playing both sides since the reset. This is bad."  Britney asks Danielle if she knew this was going to happen. She did, of course, but she lies. 

Dan celebrates in the arcade room.  

Ian marches up to the HoH room. Watching Ian march his 100-pound body of lean mean bones up those stairs and down that hallway with such determination is pure comedy gold. I hope he has a plan.  Ian's like, well, that was quite the blindside. Ian says to Frank, "I don't know what you're doing, bud, but…" The carrot explains, "You thought you were covered by all bases. Now, I'm going to send Britney home, and you're not going to be covered by all bases. You'll be by yourself. You should have never went against me, Ian."  They start arguing. When Ian raises his voice, Frank tells him he can "step the f*** outside." Ian says, "Thanks. I will!" Ian is such a polite badass.  

Britney confronts Dan. She looks for confirmation that she's the target. Dan plays it cool, saying she needs to talk to the HoH. Britney knows Dan is well aware of what's going on, but he's not giving up anything. Britney says, "You're being so cold. Why.. because I'm on the block, I don't have a play. It is just a game. Dan, it's important to me how you treat people." Then, Britney pulls the "jury" card. 

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Ian is still fired up. He says to Danielle and Shane, "Well, that's that. Any allegiance I did have to Frank is now gone." Ian paces, and vows to avenge… everything. Shane just wants to know who Jenn is and why she's suddenly messing up their game. Poor little wounded Danielle thinks she's headed towards a mental breakdown. 

Since Britney didn't get any information from Dan, she tries Frank and Jenn next. Britney says, "It is what it is, I understand." Jenn explains her action by saying she needs to keep a bigger target in the game for her own personal gain. Frank reiterates, it's all about isolating Ian. Britney argues, "Ian was a lot closer to Ashley than he was to me." Frank reminds Britney that Ian nominated Frank and Ashley during the double eviction – not Britney – and he thinks she played a part in that decision. Britney cries, "I guess you're getting out the big bad wolf." Frank says, "I'm not saying that you're the sole person who is responsible. But, I have to get people as separated as I can at this point." Britney tells Frank he's good at the game, Frank returns the compliment, and Britney offers to help them both, if they keep her.

Who stays and who goes is entirely up to Shane and Joe.

Wonder Boy and Carrot Man 

Ian and Frank are fighting again, this time downstairs. Dan, who still hiding in the arcade room, smirks. Frank tells Shane nominating Britney was a tough decision for him, and Ian freaks out. "A tough decision… that you had several days to think about," chides Ian. Ian rips off his glasses… now we know he's serious. Frank says, "Keep running your mouth. Everybody is looking at what you're really like right now. Let those horns come on out, Ian." Boogie's name comes into it, and Ian says that voting out Boogie was not easy for him. Frank asks him, then, why he told Boogie to "get to steppin'." Ian says, "Because he was freaking calling me a coward."

The fight continues. Frank says to Ian, "You don't have to get so loud about it, son." Remember Frank's never-ending rant during the double eviction last week? Yeah, Ian does, too. He brings that up, and Frank is like, well, that was different, that was about me. Ian's last-ditch effort, "If anybody in this house takes him [Frank] to the end, they're a fool. You sit next to him in the final two, he wins 7-0." Frank and Frank's ego smiles a big smile. Danielle finally gets out of the nomination chair, she leaves the room. Britney and Shane hug it out. Dan laughs to himself in the other room. Frank is a proud carrot walking, and Ian gives him the middle finger as he's walking away. 

The Brigade

It's time for the live eviction, but first… 

The Brigade reunites! The Brigade was a four-man alliance that formed the very first week of Big Brother 12. The alliance included Enzo Palumbo, Hayden Moss, Lane Elenburg, and Matt Hoffman. They broke Britney's heart, and then they evicted her at final four. Amazingly, three of the four members made it to the final three, with Hayden winning the grand prize. 

Live Eviction

Ian says the house is "definitely" a pressure "definitely" cooker. Definitely.

Jenn says using the Power of Veto was the hardest decision she's made this summer. Umm, brownie points to whomever can tell me what other decisions she has made… don't all speak at once, now.

Danielle's plea for votes, "I loved this whole summer with y'all. I wouldn't take anything back. I would love nothing more than to continue with y'all here." 

Britney, after shout outs to her husband, friends, and BB fans, "To my fellow house guests, I don't have the time or big enough ego to stand here and host my own Big Brother funeral." Addressed to Dan, "To quote a very wise old man [Jerry MacDonald, BB10],'You will always be Judas to me'."

Votes to evict:

Dan – Britney

Jenn – Britney

Ian – Danielle

Shane – Britney (the live audience moans)

Joe – Britney

By a vote of 4 to 1, Britney is evicted from the Big Brother house. Dan is the last "coach" standing! 

Julie Chen can no longer reveal any secrets, because now all of the evicted house guests are in the jury, so Britney's exit interview is uneventful. Britney thinks her loyalty to Ian brought down her game; however, she doesn't regret it. Julie says, "You were blindsided AGAIN, Britney!" So true. So sad. So funny.

Ian's goodbye message, "You are one of the best people that I have had the pleasure of meeting. I consider it an honor that I have been able to have you in this house, where you have been like an older sister to me. This season's true beauty has been evicted from the house. I will get that hairy orange beast." 

While I loved every second of what Dan did in the Big Brother house this week and I truly believe Britney sucks at this game, I will miss her in the house. I adore Britney as a person… I will miss her insight, impeccable social game, and snark. I really wanted to see a Britney/Ian final two. 

Head of Household

This week's Soak Up The Sun HoH competition is endurance. Frank cannot compete. The hamsters have to hold onto a disc swing while circling a sun. The first person to fall has to endure a Big Brother punishment.

Joe's down. He lasted, like, 37 seconds. Oops, Jenn is also down. Two hamsters out of an endurance competition before the live show is even done – how pathetic!

Either Dan, Danielle, Shane, or Ian will be the next HoH. If Ian wants to survive this week, he cannot let go of that rope! Is he up to the task?


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Spoof of The Brigade:



Britney Bashes Dan 

(Unedited video from the live feeds. I would apologize for Ian's butt, but I wasn't in charge of the camera.)