Big Brother 14 Recap: Double Eviction Claims… Three?!

Last week on Big Brother, Britney Haynes fell victim to Dan Gheesling's impressive control over this game. In a shocking twist, Dan and Frank Eudy made a final two deal, Frank convinced Jenn Arroyo to veto Dan's nomination, and then Frank (and house) took out Britney.

Ian Terry, Britney's closest ally, won Head of Household. The Quack Pack (Dan, Danielle, Murphree, Ian, and Shane Meaney) promptly reunited and targeted Frank. Ian nominated Frank Eudy and Jenn Arroyo.  Dan won Power of Veto and removed Jenn from the block. (Ugh! I'm totally going to be singing "Jenny from the Block" for the rest of the day. And so are you now. You're welcome.)  Ian nominated Joe Arvin

Who will be evicted – Frank or Joe? Also, it's a double elimination night! 


Frank and Dan discuss the next HoH and nominations. They run through who they think each person will nominate in the event that they win HoH. Dan knows Joe is safe, but Frank expects Joe to be evicted. Dans slips up and asks what will happen if Joe miraculously wins HoH, who would he put up? Frank's like, then that means I go home! Dan attempts to cover his tracks. Franks stares, processing. 

Frank reminds Dan that the last time he was on the block against Joe, Dan and Danielle told him he was safe. He was not safe, but Big Brother canceled the eviction to reset the game. Frank later found out he was the target after all. "I don't want history to repeat itself, bubba," Frank says.

Ian takes hammock rocking to a whole new level. Joe wants to know if he needs to campaign to stay. Ian assures Joe that he is not the target. But, if Joe campaigns too hard, he could turn people sour and ruin the entire plan. Ian urges Joe to lay low. Ian and Joe talk about Frank's eviction. Ian salivates over the thought of a tie vote. Joe works Ian, saying things like "you get to pull the trigger" and "you take down the biggest player of the season." The more pumped up Ian is, the faster his hammock swings.

Dan thinks through the possible nominations for next week – minus Frank this time. Dan's only loose end is Joe. Dan finds Joe and asks him who he would target if he wins HoH. Joe says Shane and Danielle. Camera cuts to Shane and Danielle, who is covered in zit cream. Her forehead looks like a constellation. Of course, Joe's main target is Dan, but he has to lie. 

Dan leaves the room. When Dan returns 30 minutes later, the room is dark and Joe mistakes Dan for Shane. Joe says to Dan (supposed to be Shane), "Dan chased me in here as soon as I went to bed." Dan asks, "Who did?" Joe says, "Dan!" Dan says, "This is Dan." Joe says, "What's up?" Dan says, "Go to bed, Joe." Shane walks in… Dan's like, that's who you want to whisper to, Joe.

Hilarious exchange. I wish Dan would have played along though.

First Live Eviction 

Frank  "figuratively" sends a shout out to Mike Boogie and "figuratively" toasts the hamster for making it to day 62 in the Big Brother house. Now, his plea, "Everyone knows I'm not competing in this next HoH, so I cannot come after you and I might be a nomination instead of you. When you are down in this game like I am right now, I'm very vulnerable. When you reach your hand out to a player like me in this position and you pull me up, I won't forget it."

Joe, "I know I'm the single biggest threat in the.. kitchen." (and lots of love and thanks)

Votes to evict:

Dan – Frank

Danielle – Frank

Jenn – Joe

Shane – Frank

By a vote of 3 to 1, Frank is evicted from the Big Brother house. Frank is shocked. Ian says, "Sorry, Frank." Frank mumbles, "Yeah." Dan says, "You're a great competitor, man." Frank says, "Appreciate it." The only person Frank hugs on his way out is Jenn. 

Oh my! I never saw this one coming… Ted is evicted too… expect the unexpected, I guess. Frank and Ted walk out the door. The audience applause meter reads a respectable 7.

Julie to Frank, "You look shell shocked." 

Frank says, "I am. I have to admit I was a little worried. This was kind of deja vu for me, being up against Joe and depending on Dan and Danielle. Once again, they lied to me. It's kind of expected a little bit, but I'm bummed." 

Julie has a script she needs to follow or she gets flustered and her next question is supposed to be how are you feeling right now. So, Julie asks, "Other than bummed, how are you feeling right now?" Oh, Julie, you're so endearing. Frank has a whole lot to say about being nominated every week, trusting the wrong people, and being stabbed in the back. Blah. I've heard enough. I'm not a Frank fan – his social game sucks, his sense of entitlement is through the roof, and he should have been evicted before the game was reset. 

Goodbye messages:

Joe, "Frankie, you have the ego the size of Texas. This time you just couldn't beat Joe in this house. Your biggest mistake in the game was not getting rid of Dan."

Shane, "I appreciate your game and your love for it. You're a huge competitor. You wanted me out one week and then I wanted you out next. This is nothing personal, but this was the time to get rid of you. Good game."

Ian, "We've had our ups and downs in this game. We worked together, against each other… Ultimately, I had to make some decisions that I felt were best for my game. You are the ultimate threat to me or anybody else winning this game. That's why I had to send you home."

Dan, "Frank, we've had a long history in this game. But, you need to know, I respect the heck out of you. Week after week, your back has been against the wall, and, every time, you've avoided eviction. At the end of the day, I'm voting you out because I respect you and know I cannot beat you. I hope there are no hard feelings."

Julie to Frank, "Are there any hard feelings?" Frank says, "Absolutely there are hard feelings!" 

Head of Household

Joe, Shane, Jenn, Dan, and Danielle compete for HoH. As the outgoing HoH, Ian cannot play. 

Make Your Case –  they need to correctly identify what former players said during their final pleas. 

Correction – Only Jenn, Dan, and Danielle play the game. I have no idea what Joe and Shane are doing. Shane answers almost every question with Wil and Joe can't seem to remember which direction to show his card.. not that it matters, he's never right.

The game comes down to a tie breaker for Jenn, Dan, and Danielle. The question – how many minutes elapsed from the time Jodi entered the Big Brother house to the time she walked out the front door.

My answer – 419. Jenn – 160. Dan – 363. Danielle – 230.

The correct answer is 481 minutes. I win! Oh, wait, I'm just a spectator. Dan wins!


Joe plants himself in a nomination chair. He knows what's coming.

Dan nominates Joe and Ian. When Dan says Ian, the live audience gasps. 

Power of Veto Competition

Swimming with Sharks – they have to work a shark fin through a maze. Obviously, this competition is made for Ian. Ian gets close the end but has to back track a little bit, and the audience groans. Ian finds the right path and wins! The audience cheers the loudest cheer I've heard all season. Ian beats the hell out of his buzzer, growls like a bear, throws his shark fin, and paces laps around the backyard. 

Power of Veto Ceremony

Dan scrambles to talk to everyone. Dan walks up to Danielle and I *think* he whispers to her, "Shane's going up." Dan summons Ian to the sneakers room. Jenn follows. Jenn hits Ian with the door. We cannot see Ian, we just hear, "OWWW!" Jenn leaves so Dan can talk to Ian. Ian follows Jenn out the door. Dan's like, Ian, I'm trying to talk to YOU. A flustered Ian is a funny Ian. The audience laughs.

I do believe Dan had every intention of taking out Ian. Now that Ian has the PoV, he's not so sure what to do. Does Dan want to nominate Shane? Ian won't commit to voting against Shane. Julie asks everyone to return to the living room. Dan wants to talk to Jenn and Danielle, to secure votes for Shane, but Julie threatens them if they don't get to the living room. "Don't make me come in there," Julie says.

Ian takes himself off the block. Dan nominates… Danielle! The audience gasps. I think everyone expected Dan to nominate Jenn.

That came as a surprise, but I think it was a good move. By nominating Danielle, Joe is evicted. There's no way either Jenn or Shane will evict Danielle. Also, he reinforces the "you're dead to me" charade. By not nominating Jenn, Dan "proves" himself to Jenn and their final two deal. Also, Shane and Ian might have been tempted to keep Joe over Jenn. And Dan was nervous about Joe possibly winning the next HoH. Plus, Dan needs to be sitting next to either Danielle or Jenn in the end, to win. Keeping Jenn safe is in Dan's best interest.

Second Live Eviction

Votes to evict:

Shane – Joe

Jenn – Joe

Ian – Joe

By a vote of 3 to 0, Joe is evicted from the Big Brother house. 

Joe hugs everyone on the way out. The audience applause meter reads an 8. Do you know what that means? The audience cheered louder for Joe, who hasn't won a darn thing and assaults our ear drums three times a week, than they did for Frank, who thinks he's America's favorite and the best person to ever play the game. I rewind and watch again, just for fun.

Julie, "Joe, you survived one voting round earlier tonight, but you could not survive the second one. Why not?"

A soft-spoken Joe, "Couldn't win that PoV. Sometimes you have to come up with a big win in your life, and I couldn't pull that one out. Ian deserved it. Ian absolutely deserves this. I will vote for him." 

Julie, "You didn't win a single competition. Was that your strategy?"

A screaming Joe, "OH YEAH! I COULD HAVE WON IT ALL." <sarcasm>  

So, Frank, Ted, and Joe are on their way to the Jury House. I hope we get to see the Jury House next week.

Ian is ecstatic because , no matter what happens from here, a Quack Packer wins. Jenn is not a member of the Quack Pack but there's no way she's going to win this game, and the Quack Pack knows it. No matter how big and bad she thinks she is.. all of her "big moves" were Dan's moves. She was just Dan's puppet.

Ian, Jenn, Danielle, and Shane play for the next HoH. Dan cannot play. 

I cannot stop thinking about a Dan/Ian finale! Who do you think would win?


Photo credit: CBS