Big Brother 14 Recap: Dan Gheesling Does It Again

After Jenn [Arroyo] City became Jenn Jury (haha, Big Brother, good one), Danielle Murphree, Ian Terry, Dan Gheesling, and Shane Meaney made up Big Brother 14's final four.

Dan points out that the Quack Pack is the final four. He says, "We gotta start eating our own ducks." Of course, Dan has eliminated one duck already, when he sacrificed Britney Haynes to keep himself safe. Tonight, Dan takes out duck number two.

Danielle wins Head of Household. The live feeds were down for almost two days, so there were some key points missing from yesterday's nomination and Power of Veto spoilers. Tonight's episode shows us, once again, just how good at this game Dan is.

Following the HoH competition, Danielle gloats, "I am HoH. I'm guaranteed final three. I just beat all the boys.. again. I am besides myself."  Ian understands the importance of winning the final four Power of VetoDan is bummed he lost HoH. But, he has final three deals with everyone, so he's not too worried.

Danielle is upset because she has to choose between Shane and Dan. Dan tells Danielle to nominate him and Ian, so that's what she does. A sad Ian says, "It's win [PoV] or go home." An extremely confident Dan says, "Heading into this veto competition, it would be great to win, but I don't have to. I still have a lot of magic left in me. I've already pulled a lot of rabbits out of hats this summer. I'm not done yet."


Power of Veto Competition

Game is a puzzle connecting a web of events that took place with the relevant houseguests.

Shane says, "Ian and Dan cannot win the veto. If they win, I go up. I don't want my fate in someone else's hands."

Funny line of the night courtesy of Ian: Nominations without Frank is like Easter without eggs

Danielle wins the Power of Veto. Shane is ecstatic. Ian is devastated. Dan plans to convince Danielle to use the veto on him so he can decide the final three. 

Power of Dan's Mist

Ian rocks back and forth in a kitchen chair. Dan moves in on Danielle.

Dan to Danielle, "You just got the dragon [Ian].

Danielle, "What do you want me to do?" 

Dan, "Do what you want to do." (complete with his evil grin)

Dan tells Danielle he'll go home, he doesn't trust Shane. Dan looks at Danielle with sad puppy dog eyes that are just begging… Save me, Danielle. Save me. 

Danielle, "If I pull you down, are you saving Shane? (Dan says yes.) If I do this and you don't take me to the final three, I will castrate you with a butter knife."

Danielle to Shane, "I'm just throwing this out there.. if I took Dan off.."

Shane asks, "Dan off what?" (what an idiot) Danielle explains what and why. Danielle promises Shane, "I would never ever ever ever – I swear on my life – put you up if I thought I was losing you." Shane says, "I wouldn't make a final two with someone who I think is stupid. Whatever you need to do." Danielle is soooo happy. She bounces on top of Shane, yelling, "How does it feel to be in the final three, Shane? You're welcome, you're welcome, you're welcome." Then he lets her kiss him.

Power of Veto Ceremony

Ian's last plea, "On Day 29, I found an alliance that was excellent, the Quack Pack. Best alliance we could have ever had. Ironically, I was in a dog suit, and, if you use this veto on me, you could give this dog his day." The audience goes awwww.

Dan has written and published three books. Did you know? Well, now you do. The only thing missing from Dan's commercial was a plug. (You're welcome, Dan.) 

Danielle stands, faces Dan and Ian, and vetoes Dan's nomination. Julie Chen nominates Shane


Shane insist he didn't prepare a speech because he wasn't expecting to be sitting there, and then he goes on to talk for roughly 8.4 minutes.

Ian quacks a quack.

Dan takes the floor, and says to Danielle, "Look in your hands and look up." 

Dan makes his move, "I had to get blood on my hands on day one. Every week it's been piling up, and now I'm up to blood in my elbows. Joe and Jenn told me, there's something big in this house you're going to have one shot to break up, and this is that shot. So, Shane, I'm sorry, but I have to evict you." I wonder at what point during Dan's speech Shane and Danielle figure out what's happening. I do feel bad for Shane, because he seems like a nice guy, but you never (ever) go on the block at final four without a fight.

By a vote of "sorry, sucker," Shane has been evicted from the Big Brother house.

Danielle is in shock. Ian repeats, "umm, umm, what, what, what," and paces all over the house. Shane hugs Danielle, she tells him she's sorry.

Dan meets Shane at the front door and whispers something in his ear. I listened to it repeatedly. I think he says, "I'm sorry, man. She's 100% playing you over, ask Jenn." Shane pushes Dan off of him and walks out the door.

Julie asks Shane what Dan whispered to him, but he doesn't know – "could be something about Danielle having Jenn's vote" – yeah, almost, because that's totally whisper worthy. Shane is surprised and upset, he trusted Dan. Shane says, "Dan's a dirty player."

Dan's Mist Never Ends

Danielle demands, "why do you continuously  lie to me?" 

Dan mists,  "I'm your coach. It's  my job to get you to the end." They both know that twist is over, right? So funny.

Danielle asks, "How many times have you broken my trust, Dan?!?" Dan points out it's day 70 in the house, so I'm guessing he mean 70ish times.

Dan coaches Danielle and Ian paces around the house until the end of the CBS broadcast.

Jury House

All this time in the Jury House, Ashley has been blowing bubbles. She explains, "Each one of the bubbles represents people in the house, kind of blowing up and getting evicted. Ohhhmmm." 

Ashley makes a dream board that shows Frank as HoH. Britney walks in. Britney chides, "You're making dream boards, of course." Britney says, "Your boy Frank did win HoH. Dan freaking misted his way off of the block and into Frank's graces. Freaking Dan is going to win the game." Ashley and Britney wonder who will join them in the jury. Britney hopes it's Frank – "come here Frank, I've a nice slice of humble pie for ya." 

It is Frank, and he is bitter. Britney campaigns for Dan. Britney say, "He's playing a good game." Frank disagrees. Britney and Frank argue about who lied, who didn't lie, when it's okay to lie, when it's not okay to lie, and so on.

Britney ends it, "You got played by Dan. So did I. We all got Dan misted, it's a club called the Jury House." Ashley quips, "It's fun here."

Joe is the next member of the jury, of course. Joe jokes that Dan will bible thump and stab you at the same time. Britney rolls her eyes and says, "No one is loyal, it's just a game." Frank screams, "I'm loyal over here!" Britney laughs, "No you're not, you had a deal with me."

Frank, "I was a loyal person to whomever I was trying to be loyal with, if I knew they were loyal to me." That's hilarious. What a hypocrite.

Britney, "Oh, Frank is the only one who's allowed to be dishonest with just cause. If I'm dishonest with just cause, then that's not okay. This is a game of strategy. This isn't a game of morals and integrity."

Frank, "Saying it's just a game is a cop out."

Britney, "If you want to play a game of Suzie High Horse… that's not a game where we award someone half a million dollars." She adds, "Frankie, your social game sucks!"


Photo credit: CBS