RHOC’s Vicki Gunvalson Defends Romance with Brooks Ayers, Son-In-Law Ryan Culberson Calls Brooks a POS!

Vicki Gunvalson of the Real Housewives of Orange County is coming at us guns blazing.  As you would expect, she still hates former best friend Tamra Barney and she can't sing her beau Brooks Ayers' praises loud enough.  Where Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley are concerned, Vicki is always the victim as they continue to pick fights with her.  Is this high school?

Meanwhile, Vicki's daughter Briana Culberson and her husband Ryan are NOT singing Brooks' praises.  In fact, they are bashing him left and right in the Twitterverse…in between posts about how excited they are to welcome their son in the very near future.  It's all incredibly scandalous, and Briana isn't one to partake in drama so I'm inclined to believe what she is saying!



In a recent interview with Wet Paint, Vicki droned on and on about her love for Brooks and the couple's haters.  She is starting to sound like a broken record.  What's that old saying about protesting too much?

What can we expect from Real Housewives of OC?

Well, we’re negotiating Season 8 right now, I’m launching a vodka line. I’m really excited about that. It’s called Vicki’s Vodka. I partnered with Robert Williamson, III; he’s a celebrity poker player. So he’s my partner.

And I’m going to be a grandma in about three weeks. My daughter’s having a baby. I’m really excited. Life’s good right now, and I’m going to keep all the negative haters out of my life.  

How are you getting along with Slade [Smiley] and Gretchen [Rossi] right now?

I don’t know. I want to get along with everybody. It’s just they want to pick fights all the time! Gretchen and I just saw each other [at the party]. We said “Hi.” Slade and I didn’t. Whatever he wants to do.

What do you think of Tamra [Barney]?

I think she’s a hateful, hateful person. I don’t think in my wildest dreams I would ever be able to speak about Eddie [Judge] the way she did about Brooks [Ayers]. And it’s not something I’ll ever forget. I don’t care if I’m dating a monkey or a gorilla. Whatever it is, it’s my choice. You support and encourage me.  

If you guys come back for a new season then, the fur will really fly, right?

Probably. Or I just ignore her. I’m not going to engage in negativity anymore. I’m 50 years old. I don’t know how much longer I have on this earth and I’m going to be around people that love me. That’s it. If she doesn’t love me, then I don’t need her. I got really good people in my life.

How’s your love life? You’re still with your guy, [Brooks Ayers], right?

We are still dating. It’s been definitely damaged by all the negativity. No matter who you’re with as a person, you want everybody to court and love you. But at the end of the day, it’s my life and I divorced two men because they weren’t good for me. Do you think I’m really going to stay with someone who’s not good for me? And I have this whole world of men to pick from. I just don’t know what my future is. For now, right now I’m very happy. I’m not going to worry about what other people think anymore.

He did get a lot of bad publicity.

He has been through the ringer for no reason and he’s a good, good, good man. Did he fall on financial hard times? Absolutely. He never denied that. That doesn’t make a person a bad person. So everybody’s really got to take a look at what are you picking on now? At the end of the day, it’s my choice.

So, you’re still together. Would you marry again, for a third time?

Oh, I don’t know. I’m way too damaged and hurt right now from my divorce and stuff so right now I’m just cleansing, taking care of me. I do love marriage. Unfortunately, I didn’t marry the right two people the first time. I’m just going to take time for me right now.

What do people say to you [about it] on the street?

They say they love us! They say, “Don’t worry about those people. We love you. Everybody is jealous.”

Yup, that's it.  We're all jealous, Vicki!  What about your daughter and son-in-law?  Are they jealous as well?  Briana rarely tweets, but her Thursday post was definitely a doozie!  She calls out Brooks for leaking her pregnancy to the press as well as spilling details about the her wedding to Ryan.  Ryan, likewise, is tweeting away, although he does vow to stay civil for the sake of his mother-in-law.  Of course, this is after he calls Brooks a lying POS!  I have to hand it to Briana though, as she actually has the cajones to tag Brooks in her post!  Mee.  Yow.  Take a peek at the exchanges below!



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