Bravo Will Not Film This Year’s Posche Fashion Show! Plus, RHONJ In Peril Over Casting?

Real Housewives of New Jersey has been like the black plague this season. It's been all dark, dreary, and depressing. And just when things were starting to get semi-good between some of the castmates the annual Posche Fashion Show – the epi-center of all things drama on RHONJ – showed up and all went to hell in a handbasket!

Well, apparently the fourth season will be the last for the PFS (what will Kim D do with her life now?) as Bravo is not filming it for the fifth season! Despite the fact that the show will happen on October 2nd at THE BROWNSTONE of all places, Bravo cameras will be absent according to because they have no idea what ladies will even be returning for season five! 

EEERRRK! Hit the brakes! Didn't Melissa Gorga just complain about Teresa Giudice continuing her friendship with Kim D after she caused all that drama in her life? But Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita get a pass? Well, I guess family is family and co-stars you aren't really friends with but pretend to like for the sake of a storyline on your reality show are another thing. BTW, Jacqueline wore a top from Posche in her People cover. I can't keep up with these ever-changing pseudo-friendships! 


Anyway, "Oct. 2 is a week from Tuesday, and there's no way that Bravo's going to be able to film it, because one thing I do know is they don't film on speculation. They're not gonna send camera crews out if the girls don't have a [signed] contract," a production source revealed.

"They didn't even start negotiating yet. There's no way any of them will have contracts signed and that they will be in production [by then]. … So I think it will be a pretty anemic event this year."

However despite this season's horrendous relationship fall-outs with Teresa not speaking to any cast members, sources reveal the entire cast is slated to return. "Everybody's coming back. All the girls were optioned for Season 5, probably within the last week."

Teresa is reported to have one or two friends joining the show with her so she has someone to film with. One of the names being bandied about is Sheila Giudice, her sister-in-law who is married to Joe's brother Pete. Pete Giudice was present at the 2011 Posche Fashion Show and spotted on last week's episode. Pete allegedly has friends who saw Melissa dance at Lookers and has been spreading the gossip around town. 

Which leads us to wonder – what will a fifth season with the exact same RHONJ cast be like? Another season of everybody hates Teresa, no doubt! And very boring indeed. 

Meanwhile our source reveals that although Melissa is telling everyone who will listen that Teresa was undoubtedly behind the PSF set-up which sought to expose her stripper past, she actually has not proof that Teresa was involved! 

"Melissa does not have solid proof Teresa set this up. Melissa does feel that Teresa knew about the set up. The situation was handed to Kim on a platter and there is no way Teresa didn't know about it," our source insists.


"Teresa became very nervous at the fashion show when Melissa said she was going to call her husband to come to Posche. Teresa is still VERY close with Kim D. Kim D. gives Teresa all those designer duds she wears ( to borrow) and then Kim D. dry cleans them and sells them YUCK!"

Apparently Kim D became involved in the set-up purely for attention. "Kim D. just wanted to 'use' the situation that 'fell in her lap' (she tweeted that last night) and move on. Kim D. will do anything for attention." Including become friends with the salon owner where last week's the revelation was filmed. Apparently the salon owner, Penny, thought involving herself in the set-up would get her cast on the show for sure. 

And apparently the reunion was so horrible it was beyond belief. Our source says, "It got so ugly and the name calling was endless." 

Tonight is the official season finale of RHONJ and the drama comes to a head when Teresa is accused of trying to expose Melissa's alleged stripper past. This leads to a fight with Jacqueline who receives text messages from a mutual friend who claims Teresa was involved in the set-up. Things get downright ugly and all of Tereas's relationships fall apart during the evening. 

Reality Tea will, of course, be capturing all the drama during a live-tweeting session. We wouldn't miss it for all the free Milania Hair Care in the world! I mean being forced to listen to On Display on repeat for a hundred years WHILE baby-sitting Juicy and Milania couldn't keep us from tuning in. I know you feel likewise. 

The Real Housewives of New Jersey finale airs tonight at 10/9c on Bravo. 

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