Dissecting Jacqueline Laurita – The Curious Case Of One New Jersey Housewives’ Twitter Obsession

When I first started watching Real Housewives of New Jersey it was one of my favorites of the franchise. And my favorite lady in the group was hands-down, Jacqueline Laurita

I thought Jacqueline was fun, spunky – a littly kooky and off-kilter – but she seemed to be able to laugh at herself and enjoy life. I remember in season two when everyone was on the on the Italian cruise, Jacqueline and Teresa Giudice (then best friends) were riding the elevator and she playfully rubbed her butt against the door. I thought it was unfiltered, silly and in short real – even though a lot of viewers found her behavior immature. Maybe Jacqueline is immature – maybe she was all along. But still, she had fun. She lived life her life on TV without pretensions. It was refreshing. 

Jersey has been a franchise marred by serious infighting, drama, and negativity since the beginning. Danielle Staub was the original brunt of controversy and hatred. Did she deserve it? In part… Did it make good TV? For the most part. With Danielle leaving, tides have turned – and they've turned like a whirlpool drowning the entire cast in murky water. Jacqueline seems to have descended to the deepest depths. 


In the last year I've wondered what on earth is going on with her?! I understand she's under a lot of stress – she's filming a show that thrives around negativity and conflict, she has family situations, and she's dealing with the very public dissipation of a longtime friendship with Teresa – whom, herself, has several issues which have usurped her relationship with Jacqueline.

So how has Jacqueline responded? By going on twitter: all day, every day, non-stop – responding to countless tweets seeking information and opinions. While she claims she is concerned about her family; there she is on twitter. Talking about other people – all. day. long. Why?

And how are you living life if you are constantly recording it in virtual time? Perhaps she needs to take Bethenny Frankel's advice to Jill Zarin and "Get a hobby!" It's good advice. 

With all the issues happening in her personal life from her husband's finances, to daughter Ashlee Holmes' dramas, to her recent announcement of her son's autism – Jacqueline has seemingly spent every waking moment on twitter clawing for attention, seeking affirmation, information, reassurance – something. I'm not sure what. 

In short I am concerned. Is Jacqueline OK? Is Chris Laurita OK with his wife's very public behavior? Where are friends and support systems? Why turn to anonymous fans seeking information to satisfy their own quest for knowledge? Why continually belabor staid points – moot ones – and unmendable relationships?

Everyone is constantly blaming Teresa for things – and Teresa deserves a lot of blame – but Jacqueline has started several of these altercations by exposing inappropriate information on Twitter too. She started the Posche Fashion Show nonsense with her tweeting.  And remember when a few months ago the two former friends spoke on the phone in a supposed effort to mend friendships? Immediately after hanging up Jacqueline reached out the masses on Twitter. It all leads me to wonder: what is she searching for? What is the point? What is her motivation?

With all the negativity and stress Jacqueline claims this show has caused her in recent seasons; just on Friday she announced on twitter (of course) that she had been asked back for another season and is considering it. "We'll see" were her exact words. Why? Does her husband need business exposure? Is she a masochist? Is she seeking to spread autism awareness?

I mean with all the time Jacqueline spends on twitter – who has time for anything else? Literally – tweeting, defending herself, insulting her co-workers, and exposing personal information consumes her on there. She claims she is over Teresa, wants nothing to do with her, and is tired of the negativity – but why, oh why, does she seem to be the one continually stirring the pot, continually talking about her and situations, the past – all of it. 

None of this is being written to insult or attack Jacqueline – I am curious about her behaviors and her responses to the situations in her life. I've always really liked her, but lately I just cannot condone her behaviors. Clearly she is the type of person who does not cope with stress or unhappiness well. Understandable. Then why subject yourself to it on a reality show? Jacqueline clearly does not seem motivated by fame, she seems content with her home life – so what is the point of continuing with this show?

Before season four has even stopped assaulting us with its dramas, negativities, and very hateful feuds there are already rumors of the next season's cast: who will stay, who will go (if any), and what new ladies will be added. In the center of it all is Teresa. A woman who without fail – love or hate her – has managed to keep all eyes, all attention, all speculation on her. Is Jacqueline jealous? Or is she hurt that she's been left out? Is she feeling used? Is she overwhelmed by the other cast members' obsessive delusions, competitions, and fameseeking? Keeping up with the krazy is hard work – and Jacqueline seems completely out of her element. 

Now come the rumors that Jacqueline was involved in a producer-driven plot to "frame" Teresa for setting up Melissa Gorga at the Posche Fashion Show – and that the so-called involved producer (who was good friends with Jacqueline and Melissa) has since been fired for "conflict of interest." Any truth to it? I'm not sure – I tend to believe with every story there is a grain of truth and a morsel of lie. Why did she skip last year's reunion? Was it really because her friendship destruction with Teresa left her so distraught she couldn't get out of bed – or was there more to the story?

So – what happens next? This show cannot go on as-is. HollywoodLife reports that Jacqueline has been asked back – along with Teresa and the other women, but Bravo plans to shake-up the cast. This rumor has been circulating for weeks. 

“They’re definitely coming back for a fifth season and Teresa will 100% be on it. But there is talk of casting some new wives — they have had the same cast for two years and it may be time to mix it up," a source shares.

"Bravo is currently looking for a few new housewives because no one wants to film with Teresa, and they need some more people to film with her.” Old news right? Yep – old news.

However, Perez Hilton claims that's not true, that Bravo is indeed planning a cast shake-up which means firing a couple ladies. 

"Jacqueline and Kathy [Wakile‎] were not made offers, so Jacqueline won’t be back but look for Kathy to return in a limited capacity. Currently three [new] women are under consideration to join the cast," his source reveals.

"Caroline Manzo was made an offer to return and declined — it is possible she is waiting for a bigger offer or has something up the pipelines. She had only participated in season 4 so that her children would get exposure for their business ventures.”

As for Teresa – of course she'll be asked back. Even if she does do a spinoff. "Teresa is 100% safe on Housewives. I think you will find next season the format of the show will change dramatically.”

Frankly, I'd like to see them retire all the current RHONJ housewives. Jacqueline especially as really this show seems to be destroying her. I think Teresa would fare the best in a spinoff – she is the most drama-laden naturally, and frankly her family is completely nuts. 

I guess we'll wait and see. Tonight is the first segment of the explosive and vitriolic three-part reunion where the women basically rip each other to shreds and lose their ability to behave humanly. Jacqueline at least made it this time. I guess Kim G was busy or something… 

Real Housewives of New Jersey airs tonight on Bravo at 9/10c. Reality Tea will be cringing at home and crying inside, but we'll definitely be live-tweeting all the drama. Albeit with copious amounts of alcohol by our sides. Gin + Jersey = Mary pulling a Jacqueline and getting all saucy and catty on the tweeter. 

Below is a blooper wheel from this season. It's a little light and fluffy before dark and heavy. So when things get too overwhelming tonight, just refer back to this. Or, you know, fast forward through the bad parts of the reunion… 

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