Did Kris Jenner Secure Daughter Khloe Kardashian’s Hosting Gig on the X Factor?

Can we get a slow clap for everyone's favorite momager Kris Jenner?  On the heels of Khloe Kardashian being named an X Factor host alongside Albert Clifford Slater Mario Lopez, we're now learning more about the negotiations–or rather break down in negotiations–that occurred prior to the big announcement.

I, for one, am thrilled to see Khloe separating herself from her sisters in the business world.  She needs her own platform to shine, and that will never happen if Kim is involved.  I mean, didn't Kim make Khloe's infertility issues about herself when she decided to freeze her eggs so that she could breed on down the line with the tiny rapper?  Khloe can't have anything–even a heartbreaking situation–that isn't overshadowed by a certain ego-driven sibling.  Mark my words, Khloe and Mario will be sharing strained banter on the upcoming X Factor season, and Kim will streak across the stage, upstaging the next Susan Boyle (yes, I know she was Britain's Got Talent, but her first foray into reality television is still the most amazing thing I've ever seen.  Tears.) wearing nothing but Kanye West's $5,000 high tops and a smile.  I hate that I can picture it.

Now, we're learning that there is one other person in the family who also needs to reap the headlines when one of her offspring does something right.  That's right.  Kris Jenner needs to go quietly into the background and watch her creations succeed at…well, just being alive…and talking…in a microphone. Of course, we all know Kris' contract won't allow her to do that!


According to TMZ, we have Kris to thank for Khloe's hosting gig.  As much crud as I'm giving Kris for being too involved, I do think there is probably a grain (or ten) of truth to this story, and not because the X Factor didn't want Khloe and Kris swooped in to change the mind of the executives.  Quite the contrary.  Khloe was a front runner all along for the gig.  What we have here, my friends, is a battle of the networks.

It seems that E! didn't want one of its cash cows defecting to Fox, X Factor's parent network.  I'm so confused.  Didn't Ryan Seacrest, the King of E! if you will, start on a Fox talent show?  And, if I'm not mistaken, doesn't he still drive Fox's singing competition gravy train all the way to the bank?  I don't understand why the E!/Fox crossover would be so difficult for a member of the E! network's royal family.


The site shares that negotiations for Khloe's hosting skills had hit a stalemate and were on the verge of imploding.  It was at that point that Kris stepped in to do what Kris does best…pimp out her daughters.  All joking aside, I feel like Khloe is in the shadow of all siblings (the Jenner offspring included), so I have to applaud Kris for assisting her daughter with getting a gig that would allow her to flourish on her own…if Mario isn't a total diva.  🙂

A source claims that Kris didn't take to kindly to talks regarding Khloe repping for both networks.  Apparently Fox and E! weren't willing to share the Kardashian kurse.  The same insider reveals that Kris "stepped in over the agents … over everyone" and forced both entities to make something happen.  She was relentless until a deal was reached.

I will leave you with one final insider quote about Kris, who says, "She just knows how to make sh*t happen."  That she does, my friend.   That she does.  What a loaded statement–love it!


[Photo Credit: Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com]