Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez Butt Heads on X Factor, South Beach Shuns Kourtney and Kim; Kanye Gets Heated About Reggie!

I apologize in advance for the lengthiness of this post, but we all know that the Kardashian Klan must constantly work to stay in the spotlight.  With so many of them, it's like a revolving door of gossip.  Bless 'em. 

Because things always seem to happen in threes, I have a trio of entertainment to share with you, dear readers.  There's a storm a' brewin' on the set of X Factor as now-confirmed hosts Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez are having a difficult time fitting their giant wardrobes–and their egos!–into their dressing rooms.  Of course, at least they HAVE dressing rooms.  Word on the street is that Kim Kardashian and sister Kourtney will have to slum it on the upcoming season of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami due to a slight "misunderstanding" with South Beach.  That misunderstanding being that no one in South Beach wants the Kardashian sisters around.

Last but not least, rapper Kanye West was visiting his girlfriend in her new digs when he found himself competing for attention with her former beau NFL player Reggie Bush.  It's like an awesomely bad episode of Melrose Place


The National Enquirer has all the dirt about what is going on behind the scenes with the new X Factor co-hosts, and it isn't pretty.  “The show hasn’t even started taping yet and the knives are out!  Mario thinks Khloe is an airhead, and she thinks he’s a musclebound stuffed shirt."  Wait, is Khloe this generation's Jessie Spano?  Once a pig, always a pig!

The insider continues, “They’re already vying for the spotlight, and the real competition is going to be which one will be the bigger pain in the butt for X Factor brass when production starts.”

According to the source, both Khloe and Mario are pulling in million dollar paychecks, but that isn't where the similarities end, explaining, “They both demanded exactly the same amount of air time, a completely even distribution of promotional commitments, the same dressing room trailers and the same down-to-the-penny wardrobe, hair and makeup budgets.”

Furthermore, the insider claims, “Mario even tried to get approval of Khloe’s wardrobe because he’s terrified her cleavage is going to detract from his muscles!”  This tidbit has GOT to be true.  He had the same issue with Preppy in the early '90's.

As for Khloe, she's much more laid back about hosting the show, but it's no secret on the set that she's hoping it will lead to bigger and better things.  The same source reveals, "[S]he’s hoping this gig could lead to a job on a show like The View or even her own series. Meanwhile, Mario is all about business. Plus, he always has to be the bigger star, so it infuriates him to have an equal role with someone as popular as Khloe. Mario and Khloe each feel they’ll be the new name draw for X Factor fans – and for the producers, the headaches have just begun.” 

So, I'm not sure I totally believe all of this.  First of all, it's the National Inquirer.  Enough said.  When Charlie Rose tells me there's a feud occurring between Albert Clifford Slater and the most normal Kardashian sister, maybe I'll believe it then.  Second, Khloe is the most normal, and I imagine she's grateful for the opportunity to get out from under her mother's thumb regarding all things E!  That said, I can't picture Mario Lopez being the diva this gossip makes him out to be.  Sure, he dodged Andy Cohen's Khloe question on WWHL Sunday night, but give him a break.  He's spent his entire life trying to distance himself from the mullet, spandex and muscle tees that made him who he is today.  Cut him some slack!

Do you know who isn't being cut any slack?  (Man, I love a seamless segue!)  The two oldest Kardashian sisters have been shunned by cool and popular South Beach and are being forced to live out the upcoming season of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami in what can only be described as the maid quarters of Miami…North Beach.  Before you get all upset with me, I'm sure it's a fabulous place.  I have never had the luxury of visiting Miami, but from what I understand, a South Beach diss is a major burn in Kardashian land. 

Kim and Kourtney had grand plans to live it up in the lap of luxury.  Unfortunately for them, potential neighbors couldn't give a rip about who wanted to move in next door.  They weren't going to have their beautiful multi-million dollar mecca tainted with Kimye fashion and Scott Disick shoving tips down the throats of the plebeians.  Can you blame them?  Radar Online reports that those living the beautiful life in South Beach didn't want their pristine lives tarnished by the stench of reality television, paparazzi, tackiness and Sears up in their paradise. 

Unable to film in the coveted locale, the sisters have been forced into a gated community in North Beach…fourteen miles from the extravagance!  It may as well be fourteen thousand miles, right?  Besides, anyone who is rich and ridiculously snobby knows that "gated community" is code for "it's not safe outside the gates."  Duh.  Those poor girls…

Miami Beach's Office of film and print confirms their living situation in North Miami Beach, with a source telling the site just how dire the circumstances are.  The insider shares, “The area is known for its hourly hotels, strip clubs and high crime rate. It’s a far-cry from their usual posh digs, with just a 7-Eleven and an abandoned old bank close by.”  Holy hell, did the source really just reference a convenience store in the vicinity?  Here's hoping Kim and Kourt have been vaccinated!

Finally in more news from the family that refuses to go away (man, I hate a weak segue), Kim's beau Kanye got into it with a lady pap (sounds like something from the OB-GYN) who nonchalantly asked about Reggie Bush.  These people make my job so flipping easy. 

TMZ shares that Kim and the tiny rapper were leaving a posh Miami eatery when they were accosted by photographers.  Okay, so it wasn't that posh, as the restaurant didn't adhere to the "no shoes, no shirt, no service" mantra upheld by most establishments…Kim was totes wearing a pencil skirt and a bra.  Anyhow, I digress (and apologize).  Kimye leaves dinner only to have the paps inform the couple that Reggie Bush and his pregnant girlfriend are dining right across the street.  Awkward!

One female photog asks Kanye, "Did you wanna go congratulate him on his pregnancy?"  I'm sorry.  Was this woman just born yesterday?  Does she realize she's talking to the most temperamental asshat with a Napoleon complex (dare I say) EVER in our lifetime?  You don't question him about his current boo's ex's baby-to-be.  Common Sense 101.  Kanye scares the photographer with some aggression before slipping into his Rolls Royce Phantom with a smirking Kim.  I say "scares" because had he wanted to smash her camera, we all know he would have.  I feel for him though, I truly do.  It's hard being a celeb, y'all!


[Photo Credit: Twitter]