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The Kardashians Trailer: Kourtney Kardashian Wants A Baby With Travis Barker; Kim Kardashian Gets Giddy Texting Pete Davidson

The Kardashians are entering their Hulu era, and it’s filled with messy divorces, second chance romances, and a whole lot of family drama. Kim Kardashian’s messy divorce from Kanye West will take center stage, of course. But her sisters will supplement the show with ups and downs from their own relationships.

While Kim’s unraveling her marriage, Kourtney Kardashian is preparing to say “I do” to a life of public make-outs with Travis Barker.  Meanwhile, we have Khloe Kardashian dealing with her trail of embarrassing exes while Kylie Jenner becomes a mom of two. There’s plenty to keep up with, even if Keeping Up With The Kardashians is no more.

Hulu released a new trailer for The Kardashians’ upcoming show, according to PeopleHands-down the most shocking moment is when Kravis reveals they are trying to have a baby. Don’t speculate about Kourt being pregnant, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want another little baby running around. I don’t blame her — she makes cute kids.

The trailer shows Kravis going to a fertility doctor (and potentially getting freaky in the office?) and beginning the process. I Stan it completely, but this is such a whirlwind. I’m happy for Kourt and I hope Travis brings her fun side back out on the new show because we lost her for a bit.

Kim also gets real about her divorce from Kanye, who legally changed his name to Ye. There was no mention of Julia Fox or Instagram outbursts, but plenty of mud-slinging. Kim revealed that Kanye told her that her “career is over,” which is a bummer but not a surprise. And he thinks this type of behavior is going to win her back? 

Luckily, Single Kimmy has a few moments of fun too. The trailer shows her friendly kiss with Pete Davidson on SNL that later led to the most unexpected relationship of all time. Kim is shown in a Real Housewives-esque confessional smiling at her phone, while producers poke fun at her for texting Pete. He doesn’t appear in the show, but time will tell. Kris Jenner can do anything, including getting Pete inside a confessional. 

Khloe also has a moment with Tristan Thompson in the trailer she probably regrets. It was before he had another baby mama scandal, apparently. Khlo$ and Tristan are on the couch having a deep talk. “Tristan and I are complicated,” she says (understatement of the decade). “Trust takes time.” Oh boy, Kendall Jenner, give me a shot of tequila for this one.

Khlo does have an epic meltdown in the teaser, but it’s unclear if it’s over Tristan’s stupidity. She cries while saying, “Why are we always making excuses for the people that traumatize us?” True that, Khloe. She needs to get away from Tristan and do her own thing. He’s had more than enough chances and it’s time for her to find love like Kourt.

The trailer ends with Kim giving an unknown party an ominous threat. It’s these types of behind-the-scenes dynamics into America’s most famous family that fascinate me. “We have all the time and all the resources to burn them to the f–king ground,” Kim says. Chilling, but you have to believe her. Bring on KUWTK 2.0. I’m officially ready.

Watch the trailer below.


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