Is RHOBH’s Paul Nassif Going After Adrienne Maloof’s Money? Plus, Newbie Housewife Yolanda Foster’s Past Health Scares!

Gracious alive, those women from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have more money than they know what to do with!  When they're done installing five-star spas into guest houses, purchasing 10,000 square foot vacation homes, and buying a fleet of private jets, what do they do with the extra money?  Do they bathe in it?  Set it on fire and laugh?  Use it as toilet paper?  I am just so enthralled.

All of the women on this franchise are rich beyond my wildest imagination, but given recent and past turmoil, it just goes to show that money can't buy you happiness.  It also can't prevent one from having to go through awful experiences.  I think I'll stay comfortably poor, a-thank-you-very-much!

Today's RHOBH news focuses on Adrienne Maloof who is going through a contentious divorce with plastic surgeon husband Paul Nassif, as well as housewife newbie Yolanda Foster who has endured several health scares in the past.  None of it is pretty, and it makes me very thankful for my meager lifestyle.


Beginning with Adrienne and Paul, the couple has been in a bitter custody dispute for a while, but a source close to the pair reveal that now Paul wants to go head-to-head for a share of half of Adrienne's fortune.  The insider tells Radar Online, "Adrienne wants to settle this divorce from Paul but he says he wants 50 percent of her money and there is no way she is going to give that to him. She doesn’t want to give him a dime and she is going to make sure that he can’t touch her assets."

While there is a air-tight prenuptial agreement in place, Paul still wants to try his hand at getting Adrienne's cash according to the site.  The source claims, "Adrienne has wanted to settle this divorce since May but she’s not going to just give Paul money to go away, she doesn’t think he deserves it and he isn’t going to get it."

The insider adamantly states, "Adrienne is prepared to fight Paul tooth and nail to make sure he keeps away from her money!"

Moving from present day drama to horrible past health scares, the newest housewife Yolanda Foster opens up to the New York Post about several traumatic experiences in her past.  While delivering her youngest son Anwar (with ex-husband and RHOBH staple Mohamed Hadid), Yolanda recalls an emergency delivery in which she broke her back in three places.  She describes the experience of thirteen years ago by saying, “They gave me potassium, which induces the contractions, and my son had an allergic reaction. His heartbeat stopped, and rather than waiting to do an emergency C-section, I kind of pushed him out in a panic. I ripped my lower back and had to have a triple fusion.”

Yolanda admits that the trauma of delivery left her bedridden for a year, sending her into a deep depression. She shares, “I have a huge scar on my stomach, and [my son] always looks at it and says ‘That was me, right?’ It was really a struggle. A lot tougher than getting on the Beverly Hills Housewives.”

A mere few years later, doctor's discovered a benign tumor on the Dutch supermodel's thyroid.  While the initial finding was terrifying, Yolanda has always been tough.  After losing her father at age seven, the working class family was struggling when she went to work as a dishwasher when she was thirteen.  At sixteen, she was discovered by Eileen Ford, but she has taken nothing for granted.  Yolanda tells the site, “From an early age on I had a strong sense of having to provide for my family. I am just a normal girl from next door who has always worked hard and didn’t get anything for free in life.”

Of course, the forty-eight-year-old is now married to award winning composer David Foster after divorcing the uber-rich Mohamed.  After turning down an invitation to join RHOBH on the second season, Yolanda has found an unlikely ally this go-round in Brandi Glanville.  She says, “Some of the other girls, they right away started having issues with me. Some of them I never had an in-depth conversation with.”

I don't know about y'all, but I am kind of excited to see this new addition!


[Photo Credit: FayesVision/WENN]