I'm going to be totally honest with y'all…every time I'm assigned a Real Housewives of Atlanta post which involves NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak I hear NeNe's voice in my head screaming variations of "Keep your legs closed to married men" and "WIG!" the entire time I'm typing.  It's equal parts awesome and a tad crazy.  It's like I have NeNe Tourettes. 

We all know that the once besties turned frenemies turned mortal nemeses (Looky there!  I just learned the plural of nemesis…informative and educational!) have been going back and forth about the real reason Kim allegedly leaves the show mid-season.  There's even a Twitter battle immortalized on the Internet where they spewed insults.  Kim claims she quit, while NeNe has her on blast for being fired. 

Kim counters with her own spin-off in the works (why would Bravo fire her, it basically promoted her?), while the Neenster cites pre-existing contractual obligations regarding said spin-off.  Is NeNe going to law school in between filming her reality show, her sitcom The New Normal, and her guest spots on Glee? Kim's new spin-off is set to premiere in April and is creatively titled Don't Be Tardy… does she owe Kandi Burruss royalties for that title?


A source confirms to Us Weekly that Kim will be bidding farewell halfway through this season.  The insider tells the magazine, "Kim has a total blowout with production."  Yeah, okay.  We got that from the season's previews.  However, it's what the fight was about that I find the most ridiculous.  Apparently over brunch, Cynthia Bailey invites the crew on the requisite season trip (this time to Anguilla) to watch her renew her vows to husband Peter Thomas.  Kim, who is clearly too pregnant for airline travel then has it out with the crew.  Why doesn't she just politely decline?  I mean, we all know she's not required to travel with them…she missed out on Africa last season. 

The insider continues, "Kim was furious!"  Cynthia adds her two cents with a little more diplomacy, explaining, "We don't see much of Kim this season.  She's doing her own thing."

Kim, of course, wants to focus on her reported new spin-off and doesn't have time for NeNe's drama.  She reveals, "I want positivity around me."  Preferably positivity that wasn't purchased by Big Poppa

Fortunately for Kim (WIG!), but unfortunately for NeNe, if Kim wants payback for all of the Neenster's call-outs on Twitter, she need not look any further than what happened to NeNe over the weekend.  The reality star, sitcom star, teen musical star (take your pick) has been celebrating her wealth around Atlanta in a new Bentley.  Welp, not anymore.  Diary of a Hollywood Street King is reporting that NeNe got an unexpected and unwanted surprise while dining at a local Georgia hot spot.  During her meal, NeNe's new Bentley was repossessed.  What's worse?  It was draped in a "Repossessed by Bentley" cover before being carted away.  Mortifying!  I hope NeNe had money for a cab!

A source close to NeNe tells the site, “NeNe is fronting, she’s living way beyond her means. NeNe spends $17K a month, and her home is about to go into foreclosure. She lost her Bentley and she’s about to lose her home too.”  Someone get this woman a financial planner, stat!

NeNe denies she had any such She By SheBroke-esque nonsense happen to her. Taking to twitter she set the record straight: 

Adding, "Still n the same house,still drive the same car, Still work on 3 shows!…'s hard 4 people 2 b happy 4 ur SUCCESS" NeNe, of course, blames blonde wig-wearing, recently evicted haters for telling lies about her in the media. 


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